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Burton, Kelley J., Crofts, Thomas, & Tarrant, Stella (2011) Principles of Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia. Lawbook Co, Pyrmont, N.S.W.

Burton, Kelley & Crofts, Thomas (2009) The Criminal Codes : Commentary and Materials. Thomson Reuters.

Burton, Kelley J. & Mackenzie, Geraldine Isabel (2006) Butterworths Questions and Answers : Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia. Butterworths Questions and Answers. LexisNexis, Australia.

Book Chapter

Burton, Kelley J. (2011) Sexual offences. In Queensland Law Handbook. Caxton Legal Centre Inc, Brisbane, QLD, pp. 560-569.

Burton, Kelley J. (2009) Sexual offences. In The Queensland Law Handbook : Your Practical Guide to the Law [9th edition]. Caxton Legal Centre Inc, Brisbane, pp. 594-605.

Burton, Kelley J. (2006) The Trial of an Audience Response System to Facilitate Problem-Based Learning in Legal Education. In Banks, David (Ed.) Audience response systems in higher education : applications and cases. Information Science Pub. (IGI Global), Hershey, Pennsylvania, pp. 265-275.
Number of citations in Scopus 10

Journal Article

Burton, Kelley J. (2011) A framework for determining the authenticity of assessment tasks : applied to an example in law. Journal of Learning Design, 4(2), pp. 20-28.
Number of full-text downloads 3

Burton, Kelley J. (2010) Andrew Palmer, Proof: How to analyse evidence in preparation for trial (Lawbook Co, 2nd ed, 210, 248) pp. Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice Journal, pp. 135-139.

Burton, Kelley J. & McNamara, Judith (2009) Assessing reflection skills in law using criterion-referenced assessment. Legal Education Review, 19(1-2), pp. 171-188.
Number of full-text downloads 1,785

McNamara, Judith & Burton, Kelley J. (2009) Assessment of online discussion forums for law students. Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, 6(2).
Number of full-text downloads 87

Burton, Kelley J. (2008) Double jeopardy : The Queensland reform. Proctor, pp. 21-22.

Burton, Kelley J. (2007) Skills and Criterion Referenced Assessment: Turning LWB236 Real Property A Law into a Subject for the Real World. Journal of South Pacific Law, 11(1), pp. 56-63.
Number of full-text downloads 133

Burton, Kelley J. (2006) Designing criterion-reference assessment. Journal of Learning Design, 1(2), pp. 73-82.
Number of full-text downloads 1

Burton, Kelley J. (2006) Designing criterion-referenced assessment. Journal of Learning Design, 1(2), pp. 73-82.
Number of full-text downloads 847

Burton, Kelley J. (2006) Erosion at the Beach: Privacy Rights not just Sand. Privacy Law and Policy Reporter, 11(8), p. 216.
Number of full-text downloads 938

Burton, Kelley J. (2006) New visual recording offences. Queensland Lawyer, 26(4), p. 188.
Number of full-text downloads 2,967

Burton, Kelley J. (2005) Why Voyeurs can get away with it. The Proctor : newsletter of the Queensland Law Society, 25(10), p. 19.

Burton, Kelley J. & Cuffe, Natalie A. (2005) The Design and Implementation of Criterion-referenced Assessment in a First Year Undergraduate Core Law Unit. Legal Education Review, 15(1 - 2), p. 159.
Number of full-text downloads 448

Burton, Kelley J. (2003) Assessing Teamwork Skills in Law School: A Window of Opportunity. eLaw Journal, 10(2).

Burton, Kelley J. (2002) Alienation of personal services income (PSI) through a structure. Australian Business Law Review, 30(4), pp. 258-272.

Conference Paper

Burton, Kelley J. (2009) Contemporary examples where doctors are not immune from non-fatal offences against a person. In Australasian Law Teachers Association 64th Annual Conference 2009, 5-8 July, Parramatta.

Burton, Kelley J. (2009) Does the summative assessment of real world learning using criterion-referenced assessment need to be discipline specific? In Milton, John, Hall, Cathy, Lang, Josephine, Allan, Garry, & Milton, Nomikoudis (Eds.) Proceedings of ATN Assessment Conference 2009 : Assessment in Different Dimensions, Learning and Teaching Unit, RMIT University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, pp. 94-103.
Number of full-text downloads 281

Burton, Kelley J. (2008) Developing a contextual approach to implied consent in a visual recording environment : Climate for changing the criminal law. In 2008 ALTA Conference, James Cook University, Cairns Campus, Cairns.

Burton, Kelley J. (2008) Taming the Unruly Criminal Law: Where do yo Draw the Boundaries of Criminal Conduct? In 62nd Australasian Law Teachers Association Conference, 23rd- 26th September 2007, Perth.
Number of full-text downloads 1,616

Burton, Kelley J. (2005) Voyage forward for Queensland: Unauthorised taking of photographs and making of film and its subsequent publication on the internet. In University of Queensland TC Bernie School of Law Postgraduate Law Research Colloquium, 4 December 2005, Brisbane. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 1,845


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