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Carlen, P (2004) Analyzing Women's Imprisonment. Willan, Cullompton.

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Carlen, P (1998) Sledgehamer: Women's Imprisonment at the Millennium. Macmillan, London.

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Book Chapter

Carlen, Pat (2013) Against Rehabilitation; For Reparitive Justice. In Carrington, Kerry, Ball, Matthew, O'Brien, Erin, & Tauri, Juan (Eds.) Crime, Justice and Social Democracy : International Perspectives. Palgrave MacMillan, United Kingdom, pp. 89-104.
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Carlen, P (2010) Against Evangelism in Academic Criminology: For Criminology as a Scientific Art. In Bosworth, M. & Hoyle, C. (Eds.) What is Criminology? Oxford University Press, Oxford.
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Carlen, P (2008) Imaginary Penalities and Risk-Crazed Governance. In Carlen, P. (Ed.) Imaginary Penalities. Wilan, pp. 1-25.

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Carlen, P (1994) Gender, Class, Racism and Criminal Justice: Against Global and Gender-Centric Theories; for Post-structural Perspectives. In Bridges, G.S. & Myers, M.A. (Eds.) Inequality, Crime and Social Control. Westview Press, Colorado, pp. 134-146.
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Carlen, P (1992) Women's Criminal Careers. In Downes, D. (Ed.) Crime in Britain. Macmillan, London.

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Carlen, P (1991) Women, Crime, Feminism and Realism. In Matthews, R. (Ed.) Realist Criminology. Sage, London, pp. 51-69.
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Journal Article

Carlen, P (2006) Reconfigurations of Penality: The Ongoing Case of Women's Imprisonment. Theoretical Criminology: an international journal, 10(3), pp. 337-360.
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Carlen, P (2005) In Praise of Critical Criminology. Outlines: Critical Social Studies, 7(2), pp. 83-90.

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Carlen, P (2001) Death and the Triumph of Governance: Lessons from the Scottish Women's Prison. Punishment and Society, 34(4), pp. 459-471.
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Carlen, P (1994) The Governance of Homlessness. Critical Social Policy, Issue 41, pp. 18-35.

Carlen, P (1994) Why Study Women's Imprisonment? Or Anyone Else's. British Journal of Criminology, 34(Specia), pp. 131-140.

Carlen, P (1992) Pindown: A Study in Theoretical Analysis, Social Policy, Social Worker-bashing...and hypocrisy. British Journal of Law and Society, 19(2), pp. 251-270.

Carlen, P (1990) Crime, Feminism, Realism. Social Justice, 7(4), pp. 106-123.
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