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Cockburn, Tina, Carver, Tracey L., & Matthew, Anne F. (2014) Lexis Nexis Questions and Answers : Equity and Trusts [4th Ed.]. Lexis Nexis Questions and Answers. Lexis Nexis Butterworths, Australia.

Journal Article

Carver, Tracey L. (2014) Planes, trains, automobiles and the action per quod servitium amisit. Precedent, 120, pp. 46-49.
Number of full-text downloads 21

Carver, Tracey L. & Stickley, Amanda P. (2012) Teamwork in first year law units : can it work? Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, 9(2).
Number of full-text downloads 71

Carver, Tracey L. (2011) Insurance and the law of negligence : an influential or irrelevant persuader? Insurance Law Journal, 22(1), pp. 51-80.
Number of full-text downloads 1,198

Carver, Tracey Leigh (2011) Peer assisted learning, skills development and Generation Y : a case study of a first year undergraduate law unit. Monash University Law Review, 37(3), pp. 203-230.
Number of full-text downloads 134

Carver, Tracey (2010) Mental harm, rescuers and the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW). Torts in Focus, 85, pp. 1-5.
Number of full-text downloads 598

Carver, Tracey L. (2009) Vulnerability, insurance and policy: The learner driver's standard of care. eLaw : Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law, 16(1), pp. 6-31.

Carver, Tracey & Cockburn, Tina (2008) Managing conflict in online teams: A case study of online team letter writing in equity. Waikato Law Review, 16, pp. 209-228.

Shirley, Melinda J., Davies, Iyla T., Cockburn, Tina L., & Carver, Tracey L. (2007) The Challenge of Providing Work-Integrated Learning for Law Students - the QUT Experience. International Journal of Clinical Legal Education, December, pp. 134-148.

Carver, Tracey L. (2007) Obviously Obvious: Obvious Risks, Policy and Claimant Inadvertence. eLaw Journal, 14(1), pp. 66-99.
Number of full-text downloads 3,183

Carver, Tracey L. & Cockburn, Tina (2007) Online skill development for Generation Y students : a case study of an online negotiation model for external law students. The International Journal of Learning, 13(12), pp. 81-90.
Number of full-text downloads 442

Cockburn, Tina L., Carver, Tracey L., Shirley, Melinda J., & Davies, Iyla T. (2007) Using E-Portfolio to Enable Equity Students to Reflect On and Document Their Skill Development. Waikato Law Review, 15, pp. 64-77.
Number of full-text downloads 160

Carver, Tracey L. (2005) Beyond Bryan: Builders' liability and pure economic loss. Melbourne University Law Review, 29(1), pp. 270-297.

Carver, Tracey L. (2005) Through the looking glass : wrongful death, remarriage and Australian law reform. Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice Journal, 5(1), pp. 1-27.

Conference Paper

Carver, Tracy & Cockburn, Tina (2006) Making Trusts More Accessible: An Interactive Learning Programme. In Adams, M, Barker, D, & McGolrick, S (Eds.) Proceedings of the 2006 ALTA Conference: Legal Knowledge: Learning, Communicating and Doing, 4-7 July 2006, Australia, Victoria, Melbourne.
Number of full-text downloads 69

Carver, Tracey L. & Cockburn, Tina L. (2006) Making law more accessible: Designing collaborative learning environments for physically remote Generation Y students. In OLT 2006 Conference: Learning on the Move, 26 September 2006, Brisbane, Australia.
Number of full-text downloads 278

Conference Item

Smith, Malcolm K. & Carver, Tracey (2013) Liability in negligence and the failure to disclose multiple risks in surgery : I would have been willing to run the risk. In Australasian Association of Bioethics and Health Law Conference 2013, 11-14 July 2013, Sydney University Law School, Sydney, Australia. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 12

Carver, Tracey L. & Cuffe, Natalie (2012) Skill development and social inclusion via peer assisted learning in first-year higher education : an evaluation of student experiences across two law units. In 15th International First Year in Higher Education Conference 2012: New Horizons, 26 - 29 June 2012, Brisbane. (Unpublished)

Carver, Tracey & Cuffe, Natalie (2011) Skill development in first year law students : an evaluation of peer assisted learning across two law units. In 7th National PASS Forum 2011, 28-29 September 2011, The Grace Hotel, Sydney. (Unpublished)

Carver, Tracey (2010) Peer assisted learning and generation Y : a case study. In 2010 ALTA : Australasian Law Teachers Association Conference 2010 : ' Power, Regulation and Responsibility : Lawyers in Times of Transition', 4-7 July 2010, The University of Auckland, New Zealand. (Unpublished)


Carver, Tracey Leigh (2012) Liability of public authorities. 111 Precedent 2.
Number of full-text downloads 120

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