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Journal Article

Cooper, Donna M. (2016) Pro bono mediation and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia in Brisbane: Lessons learned. Family Law Review, 6(3), pp. 230-237.
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Backstrom, Michelle & Cooper, Donna Maree (2014) ‘Hiring a Nashville sensation’ : using narrative learning to develop the problem solving skills of contract law students. Journal of the Australasian Law Teachers Association, 7(1&2), pp. 51-61.
Number of full-text downloads 1,612

Cooper, Donna (2014) Lawyers behaving badly in mediations : lessons for legal educators. Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal, 25(4), pp. 204-211.
Number of full-text downloads 136

Cooper, Donna M. (2013) Assisting future lawyers to conceptualise their dispute resolution advocacy role. Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal, 24(4), pp. 242-250.

Backstrom, Michelle & Cooper, Donna (2013) "Ruby's Music Festival" : developing problem solving skills using online scenarios and creating opportunities to feed forward. The Law Teacher : The International Journal of Legal Education, 47(3), pp. 300-318.
Number of full-text downloads 123

Cooper, Donna M. (2013) The "new advocacy" and the ermergence of lawyer representatives in ADR. Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal, 24, pp. 178-186.
Number of full-text downloads 733

Cooper, Donna Maree, Perkins, Kylie, & Couper, Gary (2012) Family law issues and schools : guidance for Australian educators. International Journal of Law and Education, 17(1), pp. 23-38.
Number of full-text downloads 522

Cooper, Donna M., Jackson, Sheryl, Mason, Rosalind F., & Toohey, Mary (2011) The emergence of JD in the Australian Legal Education marketplace and its impact on academic standards. Legal Education Review, 21(2), pp. 23-48.
Number of full-text downloads 638

Cooper, Donna M. (2011) Continuing the critical analysis of 'meaningful relationships' in the context of the 'twin pillars'. Australian Journal of Family Law, 25(1), pp. 33-53.
Number of full-text downloads 2,252

Cooper, Donna & Brandon, Mieke (2011) Lawyers' role options in family dispute resolution. Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal, 22(3), pp. 198-206.
Number of full-text downloads 581

Cooper, Donna M. (2011) Parental responsibility and removal of life sustaining treatment : Re Baby D. Queensland Lawyer, 31, pp. 162-164.
Number of full-text downloads 774

Cooper, Donna, O'Neill, Lisa, Bint, Kate, Awiyzio, Deborah, & Field, Sally (2010) Dispute resolution advocacy in context of conciliation conferences in financial matters. Australian Journal of Family Law, 24(1), pp. 72-96.

Cooper, Donna & Brandon, Mieke (2009) Navigating the complexities of the family law dispute resolution system in parenting cases. Australian Journal of Family Law, 23(1), pp. 30-47.

Cooper, Donna Maree & Brandon, Mieke (2008) Non-adversarial advocates and gatekeepers : lawyers, FDR practitioners and co-operative post-separation parenting. Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal, 19, pp. 104-113.
Number of full-text downloads 565

Cooper, Donna M. & Field, Rachael M. (2008) The family dispute resolution of parenting matters in Australia : an analysis of the notion of an ‘independent’ practitioner. QUT Law and Justice Journal, 8(1), pp. 158-175.
Number of full-text downloads 1

Cooper, Donna & Brandon, Mieke (2007) How can family lawyers effectively represent their clients in mediation and conciliation processes? Australian Journal of Family Law, 21(3), pp. 288-308.

Cooper, Donna M. (2007) The family law dispute resolution spectrum. Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal, 18(4), pp. 234-244.
Number of full-text downloads 644

Cooper, Donna M. (2006) The Lockhart Review: Where now for Australia? Journal of Law and Medicine, 14(1), pp. 27-44.
Number of citations in Scopus 2

Willmott, Lindy, White, Benjamin P., & Cooper, Donna M. (2006) The Schiavo decision: emotional, but legally controversial? Bond Law Review, 18(1), pp. 132-159.
Number of full-text downloads 239

Cooper, Donna M. (2005) For richer for poorer, in sickness and in health: Should Australia embrace same-sex marriage? Australian Journal of Family Law, 19(2), pp. 153-174.
Number of full-text downloads 2,993

Willmott, Lindy, White, Benjamin P., & Cooper, Donna M. (2005) Interveners or interferers: Intervention in decisions to withhold and withdraw life-sustaining medical treatment. The Sydney Law Review, 27(4), pp. 597-621.
Number of full-text downloads 275

Cooper, Donna M. (2004) The proprietary consequences of loving and living together. University of Tasmania Law Review, 23(1), pp. 45-67.

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