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Gunn, Wendy & Donovan, Jared (Eds.) (2012) Design and Anthropology. Anthropological Studies of Creativity and Perception, 5. Ashgate Publishing Ltd, Farnham.

Book Chapter

Gunn, Wendy & Donovan, Jared (2012) Design anthropology : an introduction. In Gunn, Wendy & Donovan, Jared (Eds.) Design and Anthropology. Ashgate Publishing Ltd, Farnham, pp. 1-16.

Donovan, Jared & Gunn, Wendy (2012) Moving from objects to possibilities. In Gunn, Wendy & Donovan, Jared (Eds.) Design and Anthropology. Ashgate Publishing Limited, Farnham, pp. 121-134.

Journal Article

Boer, Laurens, Donovan, Jared, & Buur, Jacob (2013) Challenging industry conceptions with provotypes. CoDesign, 9(2), pp. 73-89.

Donovan, Jared, Sade, Gavin J., & Seevinck, Jennifer (2013) Gestural, emergent and expressive : three research themes for haptic interaction. Lecture Notes in Computer Science : Design, User Experience, and Usability. User Experience in Novel Technological Environments, 8014, pp. 352-361.

Donovan, Jared, Heinemann, Trine, Matthews, Ben, & Buur, Jacob (2011) Getting the point : the role of gesture in managing intersubjectivity in a design activity. Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing, 25(03), pp. 221-235.
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Varan, Duan, Turk, Andrew, Bucolo, Salvatore, Polson, Debra, Brereton, Margot, Donovan, Jared, et al. (2005) Interactive lounge : an interdisciplinary approach to the design of a gestural interaction device. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 10(2-3), pp. 166-169.

Conference Paper

Rittenbruch, Markus, Sorensen, Andrew, Donovan, Jared, Polson, Debra, Docherty, Michael, & Jones, Jeff (2013) The Cube : a very large-scale interactive engagement space. In Quigley, Aaron & Jacucci, Giulio (Eds.) Proceedings of the 2013 ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS'13), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), St Andrews, UK, pp. 1-10.
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Mirisaee, Seyed Hadi, Donovan, Jared, Brereton, Margot, & Roe, Paul (2012) Participatory analysis of mobile diaries to inform the design of ridesharing systems. In Participatory Innovation Conference 2012, 12-14 January 2012, Swinburne Lilydale Conference Centre, Melbourne, VIC.
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Donovan, Jared, Brereton, Margot, Howard, Steve, Satchell, Christine, Vetere, Frank, & Robertson, Toni (2012) Designerly analysis of a socio-physical design activity. In Tunstall, Elizabeth & Clausen, Mads (Eds.) 2012 Participatory Innovation Conference Digital Proceedings, Swinburne University, Swinburne Lilydale Conference Centre, Melbourne, VIC, pp. 1-8.
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Boer, Laurens & Donovan, Jared (2012) Provotypes for participatory innovation. In Proceedings of the 8th ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Newcastle University, Newcastle, pp. 388-397.

Donovan, Jared & Brereton, Margot (2011) Engaging bodily with video in design. In Loke, Lian & Robertson, Toni (Eds.) OzChi 2011 Workshop Proceedings The Body in Design, University of Technology, Sydney, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, pp. 5-8.
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Donovan, Jared & Brereton, Margot (2005) Movements in gesture interfaces. In Larssen, Astrid, Robertson, Toni, Brereton, Margot, Loke, Lian, & Edwards, Jenny (Eds.) Critical Computing 2005 - Between Sense and Sensibility, the Fourth Decennial Aarhus Conference. Proceedings of the Worskshop : Approaches to Movement- Based Interaction, 21 August 2005, Denmark, Aarhus.

Donovan, Jared & Brereton, Margot (2004) Meaning in movement : a gestural design game. In Bond, Adrian (Ed.) Proceeding of the 8th Participatory Design Conference : Artful Integration : Interweaving Media, Materials and Practices, 27-31 July 2004, Toronto.

Campbell, Brett, Cederman-Haysom, Tim, Donovan, Jared, & Brereton, Margot (2003) Springboards into design : exploring multiple representations of interaction in a dental surgery. In Viller, Stephen & Wyeth, Peta (Eds.) 2003 Australasian Computer Human Interaction Conference, 26 - 28 November 2003, Brisbane, Queensland,.
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Brereton, Margot, Donovan, Jared, & Viller, Stephen (2003) Talking about watching : using the video card game and wiki-web technology to engage IT students in developing observational skills. In Greening, Tony & Lister, Raymond (Eds.) Fifth Australasian Computing Education Conference, Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology, 4 - 7 February 2003, Adelaide, South Australia,.

Brereton, Margot, Bidwell, Nicola, Donovan, Jared, Campbell, Brett, & Buur, Jacob (2003) Work at hand : an exploration of gesture in the context of work and everyday life to inform the design of gestural input devices. In Biddle, Robert & Thomas, Bruce (Eds.) Australian User Interface Conference, Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology, 4 - 7 February 2003, Adelaide, South Australia.

Conference Item

Donovan, Jared & Mitchell, Robb (2010) Social contraptions and embodied interaction. In Proceedings of the 12th ACM international conference adjunct papers on Ubiquitous computing, 26-29th September, 2010. , Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Donovan, Jared & Stienstra, Marcelle (2010) Staying in touch and crafting mementoes. In Designing and evaluating affective aspects of sociable media to support social connectedness, 10-15th April, 2010., Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Mathew, Anijo Punnen, MacTavish, Tom, Donovan, Jared, & Boer, Laurens (2010) Materialities influencing the design process. In Proceedings of the 8th ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, August 17, 2010, Aarhus, Denmark.
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Sitorus, Larisa, Donovan, Jared, & Jensen, Mads Vedel (2008) Excavating parameters. In Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference (EPIC), 15-18 October, 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sitorus, Larisa, Donovan, Jared, & Jensen, Mads Vedel (2007) Video Action Wall: A Computer Supported Cooperative Design Tool for analysing actions in pervasive computing environment. In Third Annual Conference on Collaboration Technologies, 12-13 July, 2007, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Donovan, Jared, Shan, Ting, Brereton, Margot, & Lovell, Brian (2005) Gesture Designer Wanted: Immediate Start. In NICTA Gestural Interaction Workshop, 27-28 April, 2005, Sydney, Australia.

Donovan, Jared, Pedersen, Jesper, Vedel Jensen, Mads, Sperschneider, Werner, & Lorenzen, Jens (2003) Exploratypes: expressing and provoking actions. In 3rd Danish HCI Research Symposium, 27 November, 2003, Roskilde University.
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Donovan, Jared, Brereton, Margot, & Bidwell, Nicola (2002) Understanding Gestures at Work. In Look Mama, with Hands! Research Workshop on Tangible Interaction, Gestures and Learning, 25 June 2002, London. (Unpublished)
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Donovan, Jared William Awarua (2011) Framing Movements for Gesture Interface Design. PhD thesis, The University of Queensland.
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