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Gattenhof, Sandra J. (2006) Drivers of change : contemporary Australian theatre for young people. Drama Australia, 5. Drama Australia, Australia, Queensland, Brisbane.

Book Chapter

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2012) Destination know-where : a road map of a PhD journey in theatre for young people. In Forrest, David & , (Eds.) The Doctoral Journey in Dance Education and Drama Education: Reflections on Doctoral Studies by Australian and New Zealand Art Educators. Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty Ltd., North Melbourne, Australia, pp. 95-110.

Journal Article

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2013) Looking yonder : a model of arts engagement with teacher artists and professional artists in Queensland Schools. The Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia (DaTEAsia), 4(1), pp. 83-106.
Number of full-text downloads 22

Vogelpoel, Nicholas, Gattenhof, Sandra Jane, & Shakespeare-Finch, Jane E. (2013) Communicating personal amnesty : a model for health promotion in an Australian disability context. Health Promotion International. (In Press)

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane & Vogelpoel, Nicholas (2013) Arts-health intersections : a model of practice for consistency in the arts-health sector. Journal of Applied Arts and Health, 3(3), pp. 259-274.
Number of full-text downloads 55

Hadley, Bree J. & Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2012) Brokering evaluations of partnerships in Australian community arts : responding to entrepreneurial tendencies. Journal of Arts and Communities (JAAC), 4(3), pp. 231-249.
Number of full-text downloads 27

Gattenhof, Sandra J. & Hadley, Bree J. (2011) Measurable progress? Teaching artsworkers to assess and articulate the impact of their work. M/C Journal, 14(6).
Number of full-text downloads 42

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2009) Drama, the arts and the Australian National Curriculum. NJ Drama Australia Journal, 33(1), pp. 83-94.

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2009) Positioning the Arts in the Australian National Curriculum. Lowdown Magazine : Youth Performing Arts in Australia, 31(4), pp. 6-9.
Number of full-text downloads 291

Gattenhof, Sandra J. (2008) YAQ: Twenty years of supporting Queensland's young people and their creative practice. YAQ Papers - 10th Anniversary Edition, pp. 11-13.
Number of full-text downloads 272

Gattenhof, Sandra J. (2008) Bound to Honour: the detention of David Hicks as Performance. Culture, Language and Representation - Intermediality Special Edition, 6(1), pp. 151-157.
Number of full-text downloads 361

Gattenhof, Sandra J. & Sallis, Richard (2007) Reaping the Seeds: a garden of thoughts from the 6th World Congress of International Drama and Education Congress. Lowdown, 29(5), pp. 14-16.
Number of full-text downloads 292

Gattenhof, Sandra J. (2006) Tapping into Creative Practice. Lowdown Magazine, 28(5), pp. 22-23.
Number of full-text downloads 206

Gattenhof, Sandra J. (2006) Working (LATT)erally: one experience of Arts Education in South Korea. NJ Drama Australia Journal, 30(1), pp. 69-78.
Number of full-text downloads 401

Gattenhof, Sandra J. (2005) Arts Works: re-engaging with learning, training or work. Lowdown Magazine, 27(5), pp. 25-27.
Number of full-text downloads 584

Gattenhof, Sandra J. (2005) One and the Same: Theatre in Education for Reconciliation. Lowdown Youth Performing Arts Australia, 27(2), pp. 18-19.
Number of full-text downloads 393

Gattenhof, Sandra J. (2004) The Poetics of Deterritorialization: a Motivating Force in Contemporary Youth Performance. Youth Theatre Journal, 18, pp. 122-137.
Number of full-text downloads 352

Conference Paper

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2014) Thinking as if you are another : drama, persuasive language and pretexts. In Australian Curriculum : Aligning Learning Areas Queensland Studies Authority, 22 March 2014, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, QLD. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 6

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2011) More than just audiences. In Herd, Nick (Ed.) Engaging Young Audiences Research Colloquium, 17 November 2011, Sydney, Australia. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 136

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2011) The art of careful listening : children as co-artists in the making of live performance. In Adams, Christine (Ed.) Spaces of Performance Drama Australia National Conference, 31 March to 2 April 2011, State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, Perth, WA.
Number of full-text downloads 116

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2008) In the mouth of the imagination : positioning children as co-researchers and co-artists to create a professional children’s theatre production. In gener8 - Drama Australia National Conference, 9-11 May 2008, Adelaide.
Number of full-text downloads 279

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2008) Theatrical risking : performance innovation in Australian theatre for young people. In International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network, Friday 9 May 2008, Adelaide.
Number of full-text downloads 469

Gattenhof, Sandra J. (2007) Not Second Class Theatre: why Australian Theatre for Young People is at the vanguard of performance-making. In Keynote, Drama Tasmania Conference, 20 April, 20 April, Hobart, Tasmania. (In Press)
Number of full-text downloads 327

Gattenhof, Sandra J. (2006) Traces: Viewing and Responding to Contemporary Performance. In Drama Australia National Conference - Turning the Tides, September 29 October 1, Sydney. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 1,314

Conference Item

Gattenhof, Sandra (2009) A Position for the Arts in the Australian National Curriculum. In Drama New South Wales State Conference : DramALIVE, 20 May 2009, Sydney. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 148

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2009) The Arts and the National Curriculum for Australian Schools. In Queensland Independent Schools Curriculum Forum, 25 May 2009, Brisbane. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 94

Creative Work

Makeham, Paul B., Portmann, Geoffrey T., Comans, Christine A., & Gattenhof, Sandra J. (2008) Queensland Health Prophetical: Energising Through Conflict. [Film/Video]

Makeham, Paul B., Gattenhof, Sandra J., & Haseman, Bradley C. (2008) TAFE Governance Transitions Prophetical. [Live Performance (Play)]


Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2012) Looking Yonder : Longitudinal Research and Evaluation of the Yonder Participative Arts-based Learning Model Report 2010-2012. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane , QLD.
Number of full-text downloads 107

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane & Hadley, Bree J. (2011) Creating Queensland, creative communities partnership - major Brisbane festival & Australia Council for the Arts. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane , QLD.
Number of full-text downloads 50


Gattenhof, Sandra J. (2010) Review of Engine. Lowdown.

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2008) Beckett : a guide for the perplexed. Routledge ABES.
Number of full-text downloads 19

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2008) Physical theatres : a critical introduction. Routledge ABES.
Number of full-text downloads 20

QUT Thesis

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2004) Young people and performance : the impact of deterritorialisation on contemporary theatre for young people. PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology.
Number of full-text downloads 1,054

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane (2000) 'Artnerships : effective models of arts and education partnerships. Masters by Research thesis, Queensland University of Technology.


Gattenhof, Sandra Jane, Boyd, Amanda, & Franklin, Jill (2009) L'Oratorio d'Aurélia: 2009 Brisbane Festival teacher resource.
Number of full-text downloads 212

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane, Brown, Brent, & Hewitt, Rebecca (2009) The trial of the Catonville Nine : 2009 Brisbane Festival teacher resource.
Number of full-text downloads 325

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane, Ennis, Amara, & Klaricich, Jenna (2009) Miracle in Brisbane : 2009 Brisbane Festival teacher resource.
Number of full-text downloads 742

Gattenhof, Sandra Jane, Hollins, Katie, & Shenfield, Robyn (2009) Moon water : 2009 Brisbane Festival teacher resource.
Number of full-text downloads 276

Gattenhof, Sandra J., Short, Karlee J., & Young, Kate L. (2008) 2008 Brisbane Festival The Kingdom of Desire Teacher Resource Materials. (Unpublished)

Gattenhof, Sandra J., Saunders, John N., & Hughes, Kelty (2008) 2008 Brisbane Festival The Three Sisters Teacher Resource Materials. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 360

Gattenhof, Sandra J., Winn, Kelisha E., & Tester, Nikia M. (2008) 2008 Brisbane Festival bODY_rEMIX/gOLDBERG_vARIATIONS Teacher Resource Materials. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 278

Gattenhof, Sandra J., Last, Daniel W., & Brown, Hannah F. 2008 Brisbane Festival The Grand Inquisitor Teacher Resource Materials. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 380

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