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Book Chapter

Gibb, Michelle (2012) Skin integrity and wound care. In Crisp, Jackie, Taylor, Catherine, Douglas, Clint, & Rebeiro, Geraldine (Eds.) Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing - 4th ANZ edition. Elsevier Australia, Chatswood, NSW, pp. 756-814.

Gibb, Michelle (2007) An educational journey. In Lindsay, Ellie & White, Richard (Eds.) Leg Ulcers and Problems of the Lower Limb : An Holistic Approach. HealthComm UK Limited , Aberdeen.

Journal Article

Edwards, Helen E., Chang, Anne M., Gibb, Michelle, Finlayson, Kathleen J., Parker, Christina, O'Reilly, Maria, et al. (2017) Reduced prevalence and severity of wounds following implementation of the Champions for Skin Integrity model to facilitate uptake of evidence-based practice in aged care. Journal of Clinical Nursing. (In Press)

Norman, Rosana E., Gibb, Michelle, Dyer, Anthony, Prentice, Jennifer, Yelland, Stephen, Cheng, Qinglu, et al. (2016) Improved wound management at lower costs: A sensible goal for Australia. International Wound Journal, 13(3), pp. 303-316.
Number of citations in Scopus 1
Number of citations in Web of Science® 1

Cheng, Qinglu, Lazzarini, Peter A., Gibb, Michelle, Derhy, Patrick H., Kinnear, Ewan M., Burn, Edward, et al. (2016) A cost-effectiveness analysis of optimal care for diabetic foot ulcers in Australia. International Wound Journal. (In Press)

Gibb, Michelle A., Edwards, Helen E., & Gardner, Glenn E. (2015) Scoping study into wound management nurse practitioner models of practice. Australian Health Review, 39(2), pp. 220-227.
Number of citations in Scopus 2
Number of citations in Web of Science® 2

Edwards, Helen, Finlayson, Kathleen, Skerman, Helen, Alexander, Kimberly, Miaskowski, Christine, Aouizerat, Bradley, et al. (2014) Identification of symptom clusters in patients with chronic venous leg ulcers. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 47(5), pp. 867-875.
Number of full-text downloads 215
Number of citations in Scopus 9
Number of citations in Web of Science® 12

Harding, Keith, Aldons, Pat, Edwards, Helen, Stacey, Michael, Finlayson, Kathleen, Gibb, Michelle, et al. (2014) Effectiveness of an acellular synthetic matrix in the treatment of hard-to-heal leg ulcers. International Wound Journal, 11(2), pp. 129-137.
Number of full-text downloads 30
Number of citations in Scopus 2
Number of citations in Web of Science® 2

Graves, Nicholas, Finlayson, Kathleen J., Gibb, Michelle, O'Reilly, Maria T., & Edwards, Helen E. (2014) Modelling the economic benefits of gold standard care for chronic wounds in a community setting. Wound Practice and Research, 22(3), pp. 163-168.

Finlayson, Kathleen, Courtney, Mary D., Gibb, Michelle, O'Brien, Jane Alison, Parker, Christina, & Edwards, Helen E. (2014) The effectiveness of a four layer compression bandage system in comparison to Class 3 compression hosiery on healing and quality of life for patients with venous leg ulcers : a randomised controlled trial. International Wound Journal, 11(1), pp. 21-27.
Number of full-text downloads 89
Number of citations in Scopus 8
Number of citations in Web of Science® 8

Edwards, Helen, Finlayson, Kathleen J., Maresco-Pennisi, Diane, Gibb, Michelle, Parker, Christina, & Graves, Nicholas (2014) The long and winding road : health services for clients with chronic leg ulcers in the community. Wound Practice and Research, 22(4), pp. 226-233.
Number of full-text downloads 37

Edwards, Helen E., Finlayson, Kathleen J., Courtney, Mary D., Graves, Nicholas, Gibb, Michelle, & Parker, Christina (2013) Health service pathways for patients with chronic leg ulcers : identifying effective pathways for facilitation of evidence based wound care. BMC Health Services Research, 13(86).
Number of full-text downloads 180
Number of citations in Scopus 17
Number of citations in Web of Science® 13

Gibb, Michelle, Finlayson, Kathleen J., & Edwards, Helen E. (2011) The benefits of a nurse practitioner wound outreach service. Australian Nursing Journal, 19(2), p. 37.

Gardner, Glenn E., Gardner, Anne, Middleton, Sandy, Gibb, Michelle, Della, Phillip, & Duffield, Christine (2010) Development and validation of a novel approach to work sampling : a study of nurse practitioner work patterns. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, 27(4), pp. 4-12.
Number of full-text downloads 406
Number of citations in Scopus 10
Number of citations in Web of Science® 7

Middleton, Sandy, Gardner, Glenn E., Gardner, Anne, Della, Phillip, Gibb, Michelle, & Millar, Lynne (2010) The first Australian nurse practitioner census : a protocol to guide standardized collection of information about an emergent professional group. International Journal Of Nursing Practice, 16(5), pp. 517-524.
Number of full-text downloads 86
Number of citations in Scopus 6
Number of citations in Web of Science® 3

Gibb, Michelle (2007) The Leg Club model in the Australian context. British Journal of Community Nursing, 12(Sup1), S14-S18.

Conference Item

Gibb, Michelle, Edwards, Helen E., & Finlayson, Kathleen J. (2008) An innovative healing community outreach service. In Australian Wound Management Association Conference, May 7-10, Darwin, NT.
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QUT Thesis

Gibb, Michelle A. (2016) Wound management nurse practitioner service: Parameters of practice and patient outcomes. PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology.
Number of full-text downloads 50

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