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Baratloo, Mojdeh, Holt-Damant, Kathi, Wigley, Mark, Frampton, Kenneth, Wright, Gwendolyn, Grava, Sigurd, et al. (2009) Emerging urban futures in land water infrastructure, new model cities South East Queensland. Emerging Urban Futures : New Model Cities, 1 (19). Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University & the University of Queensland, New York.

Holt-Damant, Kathi & Sanders, Paul S. (Eds.) (2005) Proceedings from the Third International Conference of the Association of Architecture Schools of Australia. University of Queensland & Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Qld.
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Holt-Damant, Kathi & O'Neill, Hugh (Eds.) (1996) Measured drawings : Beijing courtyard houses. Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning Publications Unit, University of Melbourne, Melbourne.
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Book Chapter

Holt-Damant, Kathi (2009) Emerging urban futures : land, water, infrastructure. In Baratloo, Mojdeh & Holt-Damant, Kathi (Eds.) Emerging Urban Futures in Land Water Infrastructure, New Model Cities 01 South East Queensland. Columbia University Press, New York, pp. 8-13.
Number of full-text downloads 634

Holt-Damant, Kathi (2008) The threat from within : protecting the indefensible from the indeterminate. In Sorkin, Michael (Ed.) Indefensible Space : the Architecture of the Insecurity State. Routledge/Taylor and Francis, New York, pp. 163-175.

Holt-Damant, Kathi & Wyeld, Theodor G. (2005) Constructs of space : new ways of seeing co-mediated urban environments. In Holt-Damant, Kathi & Sanders, Paul (Eds.) Proceeding of the AASA Conference : Drawing Together : Convergent Practises in Architectural Education. University of Queensland, Brisbane.
Number of full-text downloads 910

Holt-Damant, Kathi (2005) Celebration : architectonic constructs of space in the 1920s. In Leach, Andrew & Matthewson, Gill (Eds.) The 22th Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand. Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand, Napier, pp. 173-178.
Number of full-text downloads 1,320

Holt-Damant, Kathi (2005) Emerging futures : rethinking the railway station for transit-oriented development. In Renne, John (Ed.) Transit Oriented Development : Making It Happen. Patrec, Curtin Unviersity/Murdoch/UWA/ECU, Fremantle, Western Australia, pp. 1-9.

Holt-Damant, Kathi (2003) Emerging futures : Brisbane’s railway explored studio based design and technology. In Newton, Claire (Ed.) AASA Design Research and Practice in Architectural Education. University of Melbourne, Melbourne and Sydney.
Number of full-text downloads 70

Holt-Damant, Kathi (2001) Bits in pieces : the half life of data. In Nogrady, Rebecca (Ed.) Metis 2001 : Wasted : Exhibitions of Science and Art, National Science Week. CSIRO National Awareness, Dickson, A.C.T, pp. 50-55.

Holt-Damant, Kathi (2001) Coexisting realities : spatial practices. In Cooper, Jackie (Ed.) The Architecture of Navigation. RMIT Publishing, Melbourne ; Sydney, pp. 42-48.
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Holt-Damant, Kathi (1998) Space and time in the architecture and theory of Bernard Tschumi. In Cooper, Jackie & Beck, Haig (Eds.) UME Magazine. University of Melbourne, Melbourne and Sydney, pp. 48-51.
Number of full-text downloads 715

Journal Article

Holt-Damant, Kathi (2000) Elastic Urbanism. Transition, 61/62(The Right to Form), pp. 130-135.
Number of full-text downloads 100

Conference Paper

Holt-Damant, Kathi & Drogemuller, Robin (2015) Creating regional resilience in Australia. In Barnes, Paul H. & Goonetilleke, Ashantha (Eds.) The Proceedings of the 9th Annual International Conference of the International Institute for Infrastructure Renewal and Reconstruction. (8-10 July 2013), Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, pp. 28-35.
Number of full-text downloads 131

Holt-Damant, Kathi, Guaralda, Mirko, Taylor Gomez, Miriam, & Nicollet, Cindy (2013) Urban jungle : making cities healthy places for Australians with neurodiversity. In Conference Proceedings of the 6th Making Cities Liveable Conference, in Conjunction with the Sustainable Transformation Conference, AST Management Pty Ltd, Novotel Melbourne, St Kilda, VIC, pp. 116-132.
Number of full-text downloads 256

Mcgowan, Nick & Holt-Damant, Kathi (2011) Heterotopias of production conceptualising productive spaces in post-modern cities. In Gee, C (Ed.) Resilience in Urban Design: Proceedings of the 4th International Urban Design Conference 2011, 22 - 23 September, 2011, Australia.

Holt-Damant, Kathi (2009) Emerging urban futures, land, water, infrastructure. In Smitheram, Jan & Wood, Peter (Eds.) The Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference of the Association of Architecture Schools in Australasia, The Association of Architecture Schools in Australasia , Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand, pp. 1-12.
Number of full-text downloads 231

Holt-Damant, Kathi (2003) Constructs of space : German expressionism, Mies van der Rohe and Yasujiro Ozu. In Gusheh, Mayam & Stead, Naomi (Eds.) Proceeding of 20th Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand., Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand, University of Sydney, Sydney, pp. 152-157.
Number of full-text downloads 1,741

Holt-Damant, Kathi (1995) Space and culture: Tradition verses culture. In Deobhakta, Meera (Ed.) Synthesis of Tradition & Modernity for a Sustainable Society , 23 - 30 September 1995 , India, Sri Lanka & The Maldives .
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Creative Work

Sanders, Paul S., Garcia-Hansen, Veronica Ruth, Richards, Peter W., O'Neil, Justin, Adsett, Joseph, Neville, Tanya, et al. (2010) Subtropical towers typology design : RNA showground case study. [Exhibition/Event]
Number of full-text downloads 273

Holt-Damant, Kathi, Damant, Mark, & Castro Santos, Bruno (2009) Bio-diverse-city: Elastic Urbanism. [Design/Architectural Work]

Holt-Damant, Kathi, Frazer, John H., & Damant, Mark (2009) The exchange: an experiment in environmentally sustainable urban practice for a subtropical climate. [Design/Architectural Work]

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