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Buys, Laurie, Mengersen, Kerrie, Johnson, Sandra, van Buuren, Neil, & Miller, Evonne (2014) A Triple Bottom Line Planning Tool for Measuring Sustainability : A Systems Approach to Sustainability Using the Australian Dairy Industry as a Case Study. Chartridge Books Oxford.

Book Chapter

Waterhouse, Mary & Johnson, Sandra (2013) Tangled Webs : Using Bayesian Networks in the Fight Against Infection. In Alston, Clair L., Mengersen, Kerrie L., & Pettitt, Anthony N. (Eds.) Case Studies in Bayesian Statistical Modelling and Analysis. John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, West Sussex, England, pp. 348-360.

Journal Article

Caley, M. Julian, O'Leary, Rebecca A., Fisher, Rebecca, Low-Choy, Samantha, Johnson, Sandra, & Mengersen, Kerrie (2014) What is an expert? A systems perspective on expertise. Ecology and Evolution, 4(3), pp. 231-242.
Number of citations in Web of Science® 1

Farr, Anna Charisse, Kleinschmidt, Tristan, Johnson, Sandra, Yarlagadda, Prasad K.D.V., & Mengersen, Kerrie L. (2014) Investigating effective wayfinding in airports : a Bayesian network approach. Transport, 29(1), pp. 90-99.
Number of full-text downloads 285

Buys, Laurie, Mengersen, Kerrie, Johnson, Sandra, van Buuren, Neil, & Chauvin, Anita (2014) Creating a Sustainability Scorecard as a predictive tool for measuring the complex social, economic and environmental impacts of industries, a case study : assessing the viability and sustainability of the dairy industry. Journal of Environmental Management, 133, pp. 184-192.
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Johnson, Sandra, Marker, Laurie, Mengersen, Kerrie, Gordon, Chris H., Melzheimer, Jörg, Schmidt-Küntzel, Anne, et al. (2013) Modeling the viability of the free-ranging cheetah population in Namibia : an object-oriented Bayesian network approach. Ecosphere, 4(7).
Number of full-text downloads 124
Number of citations in Web of Science® 1

Johnson, Sandra, Abal, Eva, Ahern, Kathleen, & Hamilton, Grant (2013) From science to management : using Bayesian networks to learn about Lyngbya. Statistical Science, 29(1), pp. 36-41.
Number of full-text downloads 22

Barton, David N., Kuikka, Sakari, Varis, Olli, Uusitalo, Laura, Henriksen, Hans Jørgen, Borsuk, Mark, et al. (2012) Bayesian networks in environmental and resource management. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, 8(3), pp. 418-429.
Number of citations in Scopus 16

Mengersen, Kerrie, Quinlan, M. M., Whittle, P. J. L., Knight, J. D., Mumford, J. D., Wan Ismail, W. N., et al. (2012) Beyond compliance : project on an integrated systems approach for pest risk management in South East Asia. EPPO Bulletin, 42(1), pp. 109-116.
Number of full-text downloads 138
Number of citations in Scopus 2

Johnson, Sandra & Mengersen, Kerrie (2011) Integrated Bayesian network framework for modeling complex ecological issues. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, Online(Online), pp. 1-11.
Number of citations in Scopus 8

Johnson, Sandra, Low-Choy, Samantha, & Mengersen, Kerrie (2011) Integrating Bayesian networks and geographic information systems: Good practice examples. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, Online(Online), pp. 1-7.
Number of citations in Scopus 9

Johnson, Sandra, Fielding, Fiona, Hamilton, Grant, & Mengersen, Kerrie (2010) An Integrated Bayesian Network approach to Lyngbya majuscula bloom initiation. Marine Environmental Research, 69(1), pp. 27-37.
Number of citations in Scopus 23
Number of citations in Web of Science® 14

Johnson, Sandra, Mengersen, Kerrie, de Waal, Alta, Marnewick, Kelly, Cilliers, Deon, Houser, Ann Marie, et al. (2010) Modelling cheetah relocation success in southern Africa using an Iterative Bayesian Network Development Cycle. Ecological Modelling, 221(4), pp. 641-651.
Number of citations in Scopus 18
Number of citations in Web of Science® 16

Conference Paper

Williams, Brendan P., Clothier, Reece, Fulton, Neale, Lin, Xunguo, Johnson, Sandra, & Cox, Kelly (2014) Building the safety case for UAS operations in support of natural disaster response. In Proceedings of the 14th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations Conference (AIAA Aviation 2014), American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, The United States of America, pp. 1-14.

Johnson, Sandra & Mengersen, Kerrie (2009) A Bayesian network approach to modelling temporal behaviour of Lyngbya majuscula bloom initiation. In Anderssen, R.S., Braddock, R.D., & Newham, L.T.H (Eds.) Proceedings of the 18th World IMACS Congress and MODSIM09 International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand and International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, Cairns, QLD, pp. 4255-4261.
Number of full-text downloads 15

Johnson, Sandra, Mengersen, Kerrie, Ahern, Col, Pointon, Shane, Vowles, Chris, & Ahern, Kathleen (2009) Integrating Bayesian Networks and a GIS-based Nutrient Hazard map of Lyngbya majuscula. In Queensland Coastal Conference 2009 : Waves of Change, 12-15 May 2009, Sea World Resort, Gold Coast, Australia.
Number of full-text downloads 29

QUT Thesis

Johnson, Sandra (2009) Integrated Bayesian network frameworks for modelling complex ecological issues. PhD by Publication, Queensland University of Technology.
Number of full-text downloads 1,068

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