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Tully, Stephen, Lewis, Bridget, & Quirico, Ottavio (2015) LexisNexis Study Guide: International Law. LexisNexis Australia, Chatswood, NSW.

Maguire, Rowena, Lewis, Bridget, & Sampford, Charles (2013) Shifting global powers and international law : challenges and opportunities [Challenges of Globalisation series]. Routledge, United Kingdom.

Book Chapter

Lewis, Bridget (2017) Enhancing Good Governance Within the International Climate Regime Through Human Rights Principles. In Cadman, Tim, Maguire, Rowena, & Sampford, Charles (Eds.) Governing the Climate Change Regime: Institutional Integrity and Integrity Systems. Routledge, New York, NY, pp. 177-196.

Johnson, Hope, Lewis, Bridget, & Maguire, Rowena (2017) Whaling in the Antarctic (Australia v Japan: New Zealand intervening). In Rogers, Nicole & Maloney, Michelle (Eds.) Law as if Earth Really Mattered: The Wild Law Judgment Project. Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group).

Lewis, Bridget (2015) The Contribution of Human Rights to the Effectiveness and Integrity of the Global Carbon Regime. In Breakey, Hugh, Popovski, Vesselin, & Maguire, Rowena (Eds.) Ethical Values and the Integrity of the Climate Change Regime. Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey, UK, pp. 179-188.

Lewis, Bridget (2015) Balancing Human Rights in Climate Policies. In Quirico, Ottavio & Boumghar, Mouloud (Eds.) Climate Change and Human Rights: An International and Comparative Law Perspective. Taylor & Francis (Routledge), New York, pp. 39-52.

Lewis, Bridget (2013) Environmental constitutional reform in the developing world : shifting the perspective of international law? In Maguire, Rowena, Lewis, Bridget, & Sampford, Charles (Eds.) Shifting Global Powers and International Law : Challenges and Opportunities. Routledge, London, New York, pp. 193-206.

Lewis, Bridget, Maguire, Rowena, & Sampford, Charles (2013) Introduction. In Maguire, R., Lewis, B., & Sampford, C. (Eds.) Shifting Global Powers and International Law. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, Abingdon, Oxon, pp. 3-11.

Lewis, Bridget (2010) The role of human rights in environmental governance : the challenge of climate change. In Techera, Erika (Ed.) Environmental Law, Ethics and Governance. Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford.

Lewis, Bridget (2009) Environmental rights, justice and climate change. In Weber, Estelle (Ed.) Environmental Ethics: Sustainability and Education. Inter-Disciplinary Press, Freeland, Oxfordshire UK, pp. 63-79.

Journal Article

Lewis, Bridget (2016) Human rights duties towards future generations and the potential for achieving climate justice. Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, 34(3), pp. 206-226.
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Lewis, Bridget (2016) Quality control for new rights in international human rights law: A case study of the right to a good environment. Australian Yearbook of International Law, 33, pp. 55-80.

Hamman, Evan, Woolaston, Katie, & Lewis, Bridget (2016) Legal responses to human-wildlife conflict: The precautionary principle, risk analysis and the ‘lethal management’ of endangered species. IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, 7, pp. 57-83.
Number of full-text downloads 108

Lewis, Bridget & Maguire, Rowena (2016) A human rights-based approach to disaster displacement in the Asia-Pacific. Asian Journal of International Law, 6(2), pp. 326-352.
Number of full-text downloads 33

Lewis, Bridget (2012) Human rights and environmental wrongs : achieving environmental justice through human rights law. International Journal for Crime and Justice, 1(1), pp. 65-73.
Number of full-text downloads 214

Lewis, Bridget (2012) Environmental rights or a right to the environment? Exploring the nexus between human rights and environmental protection. Macquarie Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Law, 8(1), pp. 36-47.
Number of full-text downloads 325
Number of citations in Scopus 4

Maguire, Rowena & Lewis, Bridget (2012) The influence of justice theories on international climate policies and measures. Macquarie Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Law, 8(1), pp. 16-35.
Number of citations in Scopus 3

Dwyer, Angela E., Lewis, Bridget, McDonald, Fiona, & Burns, Marcelle J. (2012) It’s always a pleasure : exploring productivity and pleasure in a writing group for early career academics. Studies in Continuing Education, 34(2), pp. 129-144.
Number of full-text downloads 226
Number of citations in Scopus 8
Number of citations in Web of Science® 5

Lewis, Bridget (2009) Human rights and climate change. Queensland Environmental Practice Reporter, 14(66), pp. 185-188.
Number of full-text downloads 501

Lewis, Bridget M. (2008) Indigenous Human Rights and Climate Change. Indigenous Law Bulletin, 7(8).
Number of full-text downloads 310

Lewis, Bridget (2008) Climate change and human rights : perspectives of environmental and indigenous rights. Journal of Australasian Law Teachers Association.
Number of full-text downloads 205

Conference Paper

Lewis, Bridget, Maguire, Rowena, & Stringer, Helen (2013) Addressing vulnerability and human rights in disaster response mechanisms in Oceania. In Richards, Kelly & Tauri, Juan (Eds.) Crime, Justice and Social Democracy Conference, 8-11 July, 2013, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, QLD.
Number of full-text downloads 1,156

McDonald, Fiona, Howell, Jennifer, & Lewis, Bridget (2013) A little learning is a dangerous thing? The ethics of teaching accidental tourists in higher education. In AARE 2013 Conference Proceedings, AARE, Adelaide, SA.
Number of full-text downloads 96

Lewis, Bridget (2011) Human rights and environmental wrongs : achieving environmental justice through human rights law. In Carrington, Kerry (Ed.) Proceedings of Crime, Justice and Social Democracy : An International Conference, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, QLD, pp. 265-279.
Number of full-text downloads 130

Conference Item

Lewis, Bridget (2011) The right to be green: using human rights law to achieve environmental protection. In Earth Jurisprudence : Building Theory and Practice : Australia’s Third Wild Law Conference , 16-18 September, 2011, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. (Unpublished)

Duncan-Howell, Jennifer A., McDonald, Fiona, & Lewis, Bridget (2009) Identity and disciplinarity : Multi-disciplinary student cohorts in Higher Education [Abstract]. In European Conference on Educational Research, 28-30 September 2009, University of Vienna, Vienna.
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Hamman, Evan, Woolaston, Katie, Koroglu, Rana, Johnson, Hope, & Lewis, Bridget (2015) Managing the impacts of sugarcane farming on the Great Barrier Reef: An evaluation of the implementation of the Polluter Pays Principle. IUCN Environmental Law Centre.
Number of full-text downloads 423

Hamman, Evan, Woolaston, Katie, Koroglu, Rana, Johnson, Hope, Lewis, Bridget, Evans, Brodie, et al. (2015) The effectiveness of the Precautionary Principle in protecting Australia's endangered species. International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Brisbane, Qld.


Purser, Kelly, Lewis, Bridget, Mackie, Kirsty, & Sullivan, Karen A. (2017) Submission Responding to ALRC Discussion Paper 83, Elder Abuse. (Unpublished)
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