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Maguire, Rowena (2013) Global forest governance. Edward Elgar Publishing, United Kingdon, London.
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Francis, Angus J. & Maguire, Rowena (Eds.) (2013) Protection of Refugees and Displaced Persons in the Asia Pacific Region. Law, Ethics and Governance. Ashgate, Farnham.

Maguire, Rowena, Lewis, Bridget, & Sampford, Charles (2013) Shifting global powers and international law : challenges and opportunities [Challenges of Globalisation series]. Routledge, United Kingdom.

Book Chapter

Francis, Angus & Maguire, Rowena (2013) Shifting Powers : Protection of Refugees and Displaced Persons in the Asia Pacific Region. In Francis, Angus & Maguire, Rowena (Eds.) Protection of Refugees and Displaced Persons in the Asia Pacific Region. Ashgate Publishing, Farnham, Surrey, pp. 1-11.

Maguire, Rowena (2013) Deforestation, REDD and international law. In Alam, Shawkat, Bhuiyan, Jahid Hossain, & Chowdhury, Erika J. Techera (Eds.) Routledge Handbook of International Environmental Law. Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), pp. 697-716.

Maguire, Rowena (2013) Foundations of International Climate Law : Objectives, principles and methods. In Hollo, Erkki J., Kulovesi, Kati, & Mehling, Michael (Eds.) Climate Change and the Law. Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht, NL, pp. 83-110.

Lewis, Bridget, Maguire, Rowena, & Sampford, Charles (2013) Introduction. In Maguire, R., Lewis, B., & Sampford, C. (Eds.) Shifting Global Powers and International Law. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, Abingdon, Oxon, pp. 3-11.

Maguire, Rowena (2013) The Rise of the BASIC Group Within the International Climate Regime : The Challenge of Ensuring Equitable Mitigation Obligations. In Maguire, Rowena, Lewis, Bridget, & Sampford, Charles (Eds.) Shifting Global Powers and International Law : Challenges and Opportunities. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, United Kingdom, pp. 116-131.

Maguire, Rowena & Kruger, Louise (2013) The international regulation of persons displaced by climate change. In Francis, Angus & Maguire, Rowena (Eds.) Protection of Refugees and Displaced Persons in the Asia Pacific Region. Ashgate Publishing, Farnham, Surrey, pp. 201-224.

Journal Article

Maguire, Rowena, Shearer, Gail, & Field, Rachael (2014) Reconsidering pro bono : a comparative analysis of protocols in Australia, the united states, the United Kingdom and Singapore. University of New South Wales Law Journal, 37(3), pp. 1164-1197.
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Maguire, Rowena (2014) Designing REDD+ to be just : considerations for a legally binding instrument. Asian Journal of International Law.
Number of full-text downloads 70

Hamman, Evan, Maguire, Rowena, & McNamara, Judith (2014) Pro bono partnerships in environmental law : enhancing outcomes for universities and CLCs. Alternative Law Journal, 39(2), pp. 115-119.
Number of full-text downloads 27

Maguire, Rowena (2014) The role of common but differentiated responsibility in the 2020 climate regime. Carbon and Climate Law Review, 2013(4), pp. 1-10.

Maguire, Rowena & Lewis, Bridget (2012) The influence of justice theories on international climate policies and measures. Macquarie Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Law, 8(1), pp. 16-35.
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Maguire, Rowena (2012) Incorporating international environmental legal principles into future climate change instruments. Carbon and Climate Law Review, pp. 101-113.

Maguire, Rowena & Phillips, Angela (2011) The role of property law in environmental management. Environmental and Planning Law Journal, 28(4), pp. 215-242.
Number of full-text downloads 391
Number of citations in Scopus 2

Maguire, Rowena (2011) Opportunities for forest finance: Compliance and voluntary markets. Carbon and Climate Law Review, 2011(1), pp. 100-112.

Maguire, Rowena (2009) Implementing the Clean Development Mechanism in Fiji : opportunities and barriers in the energy sector. Queensland Environmental Practice Reporter, 14(65), pp. 127-130.
Number of full-text downloads 36

Maguire, Rowena (2009) Legal issues in the design and implementation of environmental offset and environmental trading frameworks. Queensland Environmental Practice Reporter, 14(64), pp. 91-100.
Number of full-text downloads 196

Maguire, Rowena (2009) The compatibility of leasehold and freehold tenure arrangements with environmental offset and trading initiatives. Queensland Environmental Practice Reporter, 14(63), pp. 27-38.

Maguire, Rowena (2008) Environmental offsets : new mechanisms for managing natural resources. Queensland Environmental Practice Reporter, 13(61), p. 160.
Number of full-text downloads 374

Durrant, Nicola & Maguire, Rowena (2006) An integrated legal approach to global environmental governance: combating climate change, drought and deforestation. Canberra Law Review, 9, pp. 65-100.
Number of full-text downloads 202

Conference Paper

McNamara, Judith, Maguire, Rowena, & Hamman, Evan (2013) Pro Bono partnerships : community lawyering to promote environmental justice. In 2nd Southeast Asia/Asia Pro Bono Conference & Workshop, 11 - 12 October 2013, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 125

Lewis, Bridget, Maguire, Rowena, & Stringer, Helen (2013) Addressing vulnerability and human rights in disaster response mechanisms in Oceania. In Richards, Kelly & Tauri, Juan (Eds.) Crime, Justice and Social Democracy Conference, 8-11 July, 2013, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, QLD.
Number of full-text downloads 458

Maguire, Rowena & Johnson, Hope (2013) Justice for pollution-victims in China and Australia. In Carrington, Kerry & Walters, Reece (Eds.) Crime, Justice, and Social Democracy : Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, QLD. (In Press)
Number of full-text downloads 157

Maguire, R. (2010) Opportunities for forest finance under the International climate change regime. In Proceedings of the 18th Commonwealth Forestry Conference, In Conference Ltd. , Edinburgh, Scotland, pp. 1-13.
Number of full-text downloads 343

Maguire, Rowena (2009) The function of property in creating an effective legal regime for trade in environmental offsets. In New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law Conference 2009, 16-18 April 2009, University of Auckland.
Number of full-text downloads 984

Conference Item

Maguire, Rowena (2012) Australia and Forest Carbon Partnerships : Indigenous Land Rights. In Beyond Carbon : Ensuring Justice And Equity In Redd+ Across Levels Of Governance, 23-24 March 2012, Oxford, St.anne’s College. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 64

Maguire, Rowena (2012) Theories of justice : application within the International climate regime. In Environmental Justice Symposium, 23 November 2012, Queensland University of Technology. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 56

Maguire, Rowena & Chapman, Sophie (2012) The legal nature of justice in REDD+. In Rethinking International Law and Justice, 24- 25th September, 2012, Istanbul, Turkey. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 41

Maguire, Rowena (2011) Climate Change and Human Displacement. In IUCN Environmental Law Conference, 2011, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 55

Maguire, R. & Kruger, L. (2011) The International regulation of persons displaced by climate change. In Drowning Island Nations: Legal Implications and Remedies, 23-26 May 2011, New York. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 15

Maguire, Rowena (2011) The Role of the Judiciary in Earth Jurisprudence : An Analysis of Judicial Approaches to Standing in Climate Change and Environmental Justice Litigation. In Wild Law Conference, 16-18 September 2011, Griffith University. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 53

Maguire, Rowena (2011) Shifting powers and International climate norms. In Shifting Global Powers: Challenges and Opportunities for International Law, 24-25 November 2011, Queensland University of Technology. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 5


Wilder, Martijin, Chapman, Sophie, Maguire, Rowena, Gichu, Alfred, Doshi, Mona, Dooley, Elizabeth, et al. (2014) Creating an enabling legal framework fro REDD+ investments in Kenya. Ministry of the Environment, Sweden.
Number of full-text downloads 92

Maguire, Rowena (2014) Public Finance for REDD+ in Kenya. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 25

QUT Thesis


Maguire, Rowena (2013) The Future of the World's Forests. Elgarblog.
Number of full-text downloads 49

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