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Book Chapter

McAuliffe, Marisha B. (2014) The Wuzhen Theatre, Zhejiang, China: An architectural review. In (Ed.) Architecture Design Yearbook 2014 [2014中国建筑设计年鉴]. Liaoning Science and Technology Press [辽宁科学技术出版社], China, pp. 85-92.

Hedley, Peter W. & McAuliffe, Marisha B. (2005) The social responsibility of designers. In D : -for design : -for derelique. QUT Publications, Australia, Queensland, Brisbane, pp. 10-14.

Journal Article

McAuliffe, Marisha B. & Winter, Abigail J. (2014) Using academagogy to meet the needs of millennial learners: A comparative case study. European Scientific Journal, Special(1), pp. 165-174.
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McAuliffe, Marisha B. & Winter, Abigail J. (2013) Distance education and the application of academagogy : a case study. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, 1(2).

Cokley, J., Rankin, W., Heinrich, P., & McAuliffe, Marisha B. (2013) Comparison of historic exploration with contemporary space policy suggests a retheorisation of settings. British Interplanetary Society Journal, 66(7-8), pp. 233-241.
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Cokley, John & McAuliffe, Marisha (2011) Unexpected issues and solutions: Emerge from environmental manipulation strategy. Journal of Futures Studies, 15(4), pp. 159-180.

McAuliffe, Marisha B., Hargreaves, Douglas, Winter, Abigail J., & Chadwick, Gary (2009) Does pedagogy still rule? Australasian Journal of Engineering Education, 15(1).

Conference Paper

McAuliffe, Marisha B. & Martin, Penelope (2015) Transforming pedagogy: Building the new ‘old school’. In MOOCS E-Learning and Beyond, The Bartlett, University College London, London. (In Press)

McAuliffe, Marisha & Winter, Abigail (2014) Applying academagogy : the transference of an organised heuristic teaching approach to the digital realm. In EDULEARN14 Proceedings, IATED, Barcelona, Spain, pp. 316-324.
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McAuliffe, Marisha B. & Martin, Penelope (2013) Teaching colour theory online : challenges, opportunities and experiences [Abstract]. In MacDonald, Lindsay, Westland, Stephen, & Wuerger, Sophie (Eds.) AIC Colour 2013 : 12th Congress of the International Colour Association : Book of Abstracts, The Colour Group (Great Britain), Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, p. 241.

Winter, Abigail J., McAuliffe, Marisha B., Chadwick, Gary, & Hargreaves, Douglas (2009) Implementing academagogy : the first case study. In 20th Annual Conference of Australasian Association of Engineering Educators, 07-09 December 2009, Adelaide, SA.
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Winter, Abigail J., McAuliffe, Marisha B., Hargreaves, Douglas J., & Chadwick, Gary (2009) The transition to academagogy. In Proceedings of Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA) Conference 2008, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland, pp. 1-6.
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Gard, Stephan & McAuliffe, Marisha B. (2009) Real Design of a Virtual Landscape : Designing and building a landscape in Second Life. In 2009 15th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, pp. 73-79.

Franz, Jill & McAuliffe, Marisha (2008) Shifting the focus: The role of presence in reconceptualising the design process. In Durling, D, Rust, C, Chen, L, Ashton, P, & Friedman, K (Eds.) Proceedings of the Design Research Society Conference 2008, 16 - 19 July 2008, United Kingdom, Sheffield.

Conference Item

McAuliffe, Marisha B., Hargreaves, Douglas J., Winter, Abigail J., & Chadwick, Gary (2008) Does pedagogy still rule? In 19th Annual Conference of Australasian Association for Engineer Education, 7-10 December 2008, Central Queensland University, Yeppoon.
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Creative Work

McAuliffe, Marisha B. (2004) Flux. [Design/Architectural Work]
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McAuliffe, Marisha B. (2003) Light-n:doubt. [Design/Architectural Work]
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McAuliffe, Marisha B. (2003) quinessence. [Exhibition/Event]
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McAuliffe, Marisha B., Boyd, Andrea, Lesage, Anna-Lea, Sharma, Ashish, Lindenberger, Benjamin, McCann, Hugh, et al. (2007) Space Station Design Report 2007. University of Stuttgart.

McAuliffe, Marisha B. (2004) 'The Shed': Kyabra Community Design Project. Kyabra Community Association. (Unpublished)
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QUT Thesis

McAuliffe, Marisha Berenice (2013) Imagining in the spatial design process. PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology.


McAuliffe, Marisha B. & Waterson, Christina (2012) Design process. Why we Create 01: Design Process.
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