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Book Chapter

McLaughlin, Juliana M. & Whatman, Susan L. (2015) Beyond social justice agendas: Indigenous knowledges in pre-service teacher education and practice in Australia. In Napier, Diane Brook (Ed.) International Perspectives on Race (and Racism): Historical and Contemporary Considerations in Education and Society. NOVA Science Publishers, New York, pp. 1-19.

Doherty, Catherine A. & McLaughlin, Juliana M. (2015) Internationalizing school curriculum in Australasia: As niche, by test, or at heart? In Hayden, Mary, Levy, Jack, & Thompson, Jeff (Eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Research in International Education [2nd. Ed.]. SAGE, Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, pp. 555-568.

McLaughlin, Juliana (2014) Contesting spaces for Indigenous knowledge in university teaching and learning. In Alvares, Claude (Ed.) Multicultural knowledge and the university. Multiversity & Citizens International, Belgaum, Karnataka, India, pp. 164-173.

McLaughlin, Juliana M., Whatman, Susan, Ross, Ruth, & Katona, Mai (2012) Indigenous knowledge and effective parent–school partnerships : issues and insights. In Phillips, Jean & Lampert, Jo (Eds.) Introductory Indigenous Studies in Education : Reflection and the Importance of Knowing (2nd ed). Pearson Education Australia, French's Forest, N.S.W., pp. 178-195.

McLaughlin, Juliana M. & Whatman, Susan L. (2008) Embedding university perspectives in university teaching and learning : lessons learnt and possibilities for reforming/decolonising curriculum. In Heber, Robert Wesley (Ed.) Indigenous education : Asia/Pacific. Indigenous Studies Research Centre, First Nations University of Canada, Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan , pp. 123-146.
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McLaughlin, Juliana (2001) The search for authenticity in methodology : accommodating perceptions in a study of foreign aid to postcolonial education. In Singh, P & McWilliam, E (Eds.) Designing Educational Research:theories, Methods And Practices. Post Pressed, Flaxton, Queensland, pp. 263-274.

Journal Article

McLaughlin, Juliana M. & Whatman, Susan L. (2015) Recognising change and seeking affirmation: Themes for embeddding Indigenous knowledges on teaching practicum. International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives, 14(2), pp. 113-124.
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Barth, Sharine, Barraket, Jo, Luke, Belinda G., & McLaughlin, Juliana M. (2015) Acquaintance or partner? Social economy organisations, institutional logics and regional development in Australia. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 27(3-4), pp. 219-254.

McLaughlin, Juliana M. (2013) ‘Crack in the pavement’ : pedagogy as political and moral practice for educating culturally competent professionals. International Education Journal : Comparative Perspectives, 12(1), pp. 249-265.
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McLaughlin, Juliana M. & Ma Rhea, Zane (2013) Editorial : Global 21st century professionals : developing capability to work with Indigenous and other traditionally-oriented peoples. International Education Journal : Comparative Perspectives, 12(1), pp. 1-7.
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Hart, Victor G., Whatman, Susan L., McLaughlin, Juliana M., & Sharma-Brymer, Vinathe (2012) Pre-service teachers' pedagogical relationships and experiences of embedding Indigenous Australian knowledge in teaching practicum. Compare, 42(5), pp. 703-723.
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McLaughlin, Juliana M. (2011) Lost in translation : partnerships for authentic education in Papua New Guinea. International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives, 10(2), pp. 86-98.
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Number of citations in Scopus 1

McLaughlin, Juliana M. & Whatman, Susan L. (2011) The potential of critical race theory in decolonizing university curricula. Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 31(4), pp. 365-377.
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Number of citations in Scopus 5
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Whatman, Sue, McLaughlin, Julie, Willsteed, Susan, Tyhuis, Annie, & Beetson, Susan (2008) Quality and efficacy of the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS) for university students. The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 37(Sup1), pp. 118-130.

Phillips, Sandra R., Phillips, Jean, Whatman, Susan L., & McLaughlin, Juliana M. (2007) Introduction : issues in (re)contesting Indigenous knowledges and Indigenous studies. The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 36S(Sup 1), pp. 1-6.
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Mohok-McLaughlin, Juliana & Hickling-Hudson, Anne R. (2005) Beyond dependency theory : a postcolonial analysis of educating Papua New Guinean high school students in Australian schools. Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 25(2), pp. 193-208.
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Conference Paper

Hart, Victor G., Whatman, Susan L., Sharma-Brymer, Vinathe, McLaughlin, Juliana M., & Dreise, Mayrah (2011) Exploring the experiences of embedding Indigenous knowledge and perspectives on teaching practicum through interpretive phenomenology. In Australian Association for Educational Research 2011, 27 November-1 December 2011, Hobart, TAS. (Unpublished)
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Syron, Melanie & McLaughlin, Juliana M. (2010) Indigenous knowledges : informing and supporting Indigenous students during their first year at university. In Proceedings of the 13th Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference 2010, QUT Publications, Adelaide, South Australia, pp. 1-11.
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McLaughlin, Juliana M., Whatman, Susan L., Katona, Mai, & Ross, Ruth (2008) Indigenous knowledge and effective parent / school partnerships : insights and issues from 4 school case studies. In Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Knowledge Conference, 2-4 July 2008, University of Tasmania, Hobart. (Unpublished)
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McLaughlin, Juliana M. & Whatman, Susan L. (2007) Embedding indigenous perspectives in university teaching and learning: lessons learnt and possibilities of reforming / decolonising curriculum. In 4th International Conference on Indigenous Education: Asia/ Pacific, 19-22 July, Vancouver, Canada. (Unpublished)
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Hickling-Hudson, Anne R. & McLaughlin, Juliana M. (2005) HIV/Aids discourse: challenges for teachers, students and pilicy makers in Papua New Guinea. In United Kingdom Forum for International Education and Training Oxford Conference, September 2005, Oxford University, Oxford. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 396

McLaughlin, Juliana M. (2002) Seeking hybrid identities through ambivalence : a postcolonial interpretation of the experiences of an international (Australian and Papua New Guinean) secondary education project. In Australian and New Zealand Comparative and International Education Society, December 2002, Armidale.
Number of full-text downloads 634

McLaughlin, Juliana M. (2001) Accommodating Perceptions, Searching for Authenticity and Decolonising Methodology: The Case of the Australia / Papua New Guinea Secondary School Students’ Project. In Australian and New Zealand Comparative and International Education Society, December, Curtin University, Perth.
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Conference Item

McLaughlin, Juliana M. & Whatman, Susan L. (2010) Decolonising curricula in an Australian university : re-imagining curriculum through critical race theory. In World Congress in Comparative Education Conference, 14-18 June 2010, Istanbul, Turkey. (Unpublished)
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McLaughlin, Julie, Whatman, Susan L., & Nielson, Camille (2013) Supporting future curriculum leaders in embedding Indigenous knowledge on teaching practicum. Office for Learning and Teaching, Sydney, NSW.
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QUT Thesis

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