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McLachlan, Claire, Nicholson, Tom, Fielding-Barnsley, Ruth, Mercer, Louise, & Ohi, Sarah (2013) Literacy in Early Childhood and Primary Education : Issues, Challenges and Solutions. Cambridge University Press, New York.

Book Chapter

Carrington, Suzanne B., MacArthur, Jude, Kearney, Alison, Kimber, Megan, Mercer, Louise, Morton, Missy, et al. (2012) Towards an inclusive education for all. In Carrington, Suzanne B. & MacArthur, Jude (Eds.) Teaching in Inclusive School Communities. John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd, Milton, Qld, pp. 3-38.

Morton, Missy, Duke, Jennifer, Todd, Nicole Ann, Higgins, Nancy, Mercer, Louise, & Kimber, Megan (2012) The social and political underpinnings of the inclusive education movement. In Teaching in inclusive school communities. John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd, pp. 39-64.

Kimber, Megan, Carrington, Suzanne B., Mercer, Louise, & Bland, Derek C. (2011) Enhancing professional ethics : service-learning in teacher education. In Millwater, Jan, Ehrich, Lisa C., & Beutel, Denise A. (Eds.) Practical Experiences in Professional Education : A Transdisciplinary Approach. Post Pressed, Mt Gravatt, Qld, pp. 115-134.

Carrington, Suzanne B., Mercer, Louise, & Kimber, Megan (2010) Service learning in teacher education. In Toomey, Ron, Lovat, Terry, Clement, Neville, & Dally, Kerry (Eds.) Teacher Education and Values Pedagogy : A Student Wellbeing Approach. David Barlow Publishing, Terrigal, NSW, Australia, pp. 75-95.

Mercer, Louise (2009) Addressing the needs of struggling literacy learners. In Millwater, Jan & Beutel, Denise (Eds.) Stepping Out into the Real World of Education. Pearson Australia, Frenchs Forest, New South Wales, pp. 69-91.

Mercer, Louise (2008) Supporting students with learning difficulties. In Tangen, Donna J., Bland, Derek C., Spooner-Lane, Rebecca S., Sedgley, Teresa L., Mergler, Amanda G., Mercer, Louise, et al. (Eds.) Engaging diverse learners. Pearson Education Australia, Australia, pp. 116-142.

McDougall, Patricia, Hymel, Shelley, Vaillancourt, Tracy, & Mercer, Louise (2001) The Consequences of Childhood Peer Rejection. In Leary, Mark R. (Ed.) Interpersonal Rejection. Oxford University Press, New York, pp. 213-247.

Journal Article

Spooner-Lane, Rebecca S., Tangen, Donna J., Mercer, Louise, Hepple, Erika, & Carrington, Suzanne B. (2013) Building intercultural competence one “Patch” at a time. Education Research International, 2013, pp. 1-9.
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Tangen, Donna J., Mercer, Louise, Spooner-Lane, Rebecca S., & Hepple, Erika (2011) Exploring intercultural competence : a service-learning approach. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 36(11), pp. 62-72.
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Number of citations in Scopus 1

Saggers, Beth, Hwang, Yoon-Suk, & Mercer, Louise (2011) Your voice counts : Listening to the voice of high school students with autism spectrum disorder. Australasian Journal of Special Education, 35(2), pp. 173-190.
Number of full-text downloads 667
Number of citations in Scopus 7

Mercer, Louise (2009) Understanding the literacy difficulties of students with Asperger's syndrome in middle years' classrooms. Literacy Learning : the Middle Years, 17(2), pp. 11-21.
Number of full-text downloads 766

Mercer, Louise (2008) Treatment resistors. SPELD News, 40(3), pp. 21-22.
Number of full-text downloads 56

Perry, Nancy E., Vandekamp, Karen O., Mercer, Louise, & Nordby, Carla J. (2002) Investigating Teacher-Student Interactions That Foster Self-Regulated Learning. Educational Psychologist, 37(1), pp. 5-15.
Number of citations in Scopus 135
Number of citations in Web of Science® 72

Perry, Nancy E., McNamara, John K., & Mercer, Louise (2001) Principles, Policies, and Practices in Special Education in British Columbia. Exceptionality Education Canada, 11(1), pp. 63-89.

Conference Paper

Diezmann, C.M., Stevenson, M., & Mercer, K.L. (2012) Mathematics learning difficulties : An Australasian perspective. In 2nd International STEM in Education Conference, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China.

Tangen, Donna J., Mercer, Louise, Hepple, Erika, & Spooner-Lane, Rebecca S. (2010) Developing academic and intercultural competence : the impact of a Patches program. In AARE 2010 International Education Research Conference, 28 November - 2 December 2010, University of Melbourne, Melbourne. (Unpublished)

Creative Work

Hepple, Erika, Mercer, K. Louise, Tangen, Donna J., & Spooner-Lane, Rebecca S. (2010) The Patches program : supporting the development of Malaysian pre-service teachers' academic literacy. [Film/Video]
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