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Book Chapter

Miller, Melinda G. (2017) Reconceptualist work in a colonising context: Challenges for Australian early childhood education. In Li, Minyi, Fox, Jillian L., & Grieshaber, Susan J. (Eds.) Contemporary Issues and Challenge in Early Childhood Education in the Asia-Pacific Region. Springer, Singapore, pp. 33-50.

Miller, Melinda G. & Mascadri, Julia (2016) Cross-cultural Challenges and Possibilities in Early Childhood Education. In Scarlett, Red Ruby (Ed.) The Anti-bias Approach in Early Childhood [3rd ed.]. Multiverse Publishing, Erskineville, NSW, pp. 113-125.

Miller, Melinda G. (2016) Diversity and Inclusion in Early Childhood Education and Care. In Ailwood, Joanne, Boyd, Wendy, & Theobald, Maryanne (Eds.) Understanding Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia: Practices and Perspectives. Allen and Unwin, Crows Nest, NSW, pp. 164-186.

Miller, Melinda G. (2015) Reconciliation and Early Childhood Education for Sustainability : Broadening the Environmental Paradigm. In Davis, Julie M. (Ed.) Young Children and Environment : Early Education for Sustainability [2nd ed.]. Cambridge University Press, Port Melbourne, Victoria, pp. 124-144.

Miller, Melinda G. (2014) Intercultural Dialogues in Early Childhood Education for Sustainability : Embedding Indigenous Perspectives. In Davis, Julie & Elliott, Sue (Eds.) Research in early childhood education for sustainability : International perspectives and provocations. Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), Oxon, UK, pp. 63-78.

Grieshaber, Susan J. & Miller, Melinda G. (2010) Migrant and refugee children, their families, and early childhood education. In Saracho, Olivia & Spodek, Bernard (Eds.) Contemporary Perspectives on Language and Cultural Diversity in Early Childhood Education. Information Age Publishing Inc., Charlotte, NC., pp. 167-190.
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Miller, Melinda G. (2010) Repositioning an ethic of sustainability in early childhood education, with Reconciliation as central. In Davis, Julie M. (Ed.) Young Children and the Environment : Early Education for Sustainability. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge , pp. 185-211.

Cobb-Moore, Charlotte & Miller , Melinda (2007) Contemporary research in early childhood education. In Aliwood, Jo (Ed.) Early Childhood in Australia : Historical and Comparative Contexts. Pearson Education Australia Pty Ltd, Frenchs Forest, New South Wales, pp. 94-110.

Journal Article

Amorsen, Adele & Miller, Melinda G. (2017) Children's oral language development and early literacy practices. Educating Young Children: Learning and Teaching in the Early Childhood Years, 23(1), pp. 24-27.
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Hatzigianni, Maria, Miller, Melinda G., & Quiñones, Gloria (2016) Karagiozis in Australia: Exploring principles of social justice in the arts for young children. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 17(25), pp. 1-20.
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Miller, Melinda, McFadden, Amanda, & Heirdsfield, Ann (2016) Preparing culturally and linguistically diverse preservice early childhood teachers for field experience. Student Success, 7(2), pp. 33-42.
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Miller, Melinda G. & Evans, Alison (2016) Understanding racism as part of Reconciliation work. In the Loop, Winter, pp. 10-12.

Miller, Melinda G. (2016) Reconciliation in early childhood settings: A whole-team approach. Every Child, 22(4), pp. 4-5.

Miller, Melinda G., Proud, Denise, & Evans, Alison (2016) Reflecting on Reconciliation. Every Child, 22(3), pp. 34-35.

Miller, Melinda (2016) Whiteness scholarship in early childhood education. NZRECE Journal, 19, pp. 49-61.
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Miller, Melinda G. (2015) Consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in early childhood education: The impact of colonial discourses. The Australian Educational Researcher, 42(5), pp. 549-565.
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Miller, Melinda (2015) How children learn to talk and how parents can help them. Families Magazine, 12, pp. 10-11.

Miller, Melinda G. (2015) The fluid nature of action research. Cascades: C&K Building Waterfalls Quarterly Magazine, 1, pp. 25-26.

Miller, Melinda G. (2015) Critical reflection: Part of everyday practices. In the Loop Magazine, Spring, pp. 19-21.

Miller, Melinda G., Davis, Julie M., Boyd, Wendy, & Danby, Susan (2014) Learning about and taking action for the environment : child and teacher experiences in a preschool water education program. Children, Youth and Environments, 24(3), pp. 43-57.

Miller, Melinda G. (2014) Productive and inclusive? How documentation concealed racialising practices in a diversity project. Early Years: An International Research Journal, 34(2), pp. 146-160.
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Miller, Melinda G. & Petriwskyj, Anne (2013) New directions in intercultural early education in Australia. International Journal of Early Childhood, 45(2), pp. 251-266.
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Miller, Melinda (2012) Sustainability initiatives in early years settings. Educating Young Children : Learning and Teaching in the Early Childhood Years, 18(1), pp. 39-41.

Miller , Melinda (2011) Critical reflection. Reflections Magazine, Summer(45), pp. 4-6.
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Miller, Melinda G., Knowles, Meg, & Grieshaber, Susan J. (2011) Cultural support workers and long day care services. Australian Educational Researcher, 38(3), pp. 275-291.
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Miller, Melinda G., Nicholas, Ellen L., & Lambeth, Meaghan L. (2008) Pre-service teachers' critical reflections of arts and education discourse: Reconstructions of experiences in early childhood and higher education. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 9(4), pp. 354-364.
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QUT Thesis

Miller, Melinda G. (2013) Action for change? Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in early childhood education curricula. PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology.
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