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Hutchings, Kate & Mohannak, Kavoos (Eds.) (2007) Knowledge Management in Developing Economies: A Cross-Cultural and Institutional Approach. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.

Book Chapter

Mohannak, Kavoos (2013) Knowledge Management Strategies in Technopreneurial Firms. In Kar, Jalil Khavand (Ed.) Intellectual Capital Management : Global Perspectives on Higher Education, Science and Technology. International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management (IICM), Iran, pp. 139-158.

Hutchings, Kate, Mohannak, Kavoos, & Sendjaya, Sen (2011) Business leadership development in Iran. In Metcalfe, Beverly & Mimouni, Fouad (Eds.) Leadership Development in the Middle East. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 228-253.
Number of citations in Scopus 2

Mohannak, Kavoos & Keast, Robyn L. (2008) Cooperative Networks and Clustering of High-technology SMEs: The Case of Brisbane Technology Park. In Laperche, Blandine, Uzunidis, Dimitri, & von Tunzelmann, Nick (Eds.) The Genesis of Innovation: Systemic Linkages Between Knowledge and the Market. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 229-250.

Mohannak, Kavoos & Hutchings, Kate (2007) Knowledge management : towards a cross cultural and institutional framework. In Stary, Christine, Barachini, Franz, & Hawamdeh, Suliman (Eds.) Knowledge Management: Innovation, Technology and Cultures: Proceedings of the 2007 International Conference on Knowledge Management. World Scientific Publishing, pp. 37-53.
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Journal Article

Mohannak, Kavoos & Matthews, Judy (2015) Knowledge integration within innovation process : a technopreneurial perspective. International Journal of Technoentrepreneurship, 3(1), pp. 17-36.

Javanmardi Kashan, Alireza & Mohannak, Kavoos (2015) An empirical study of capability development within product innovation projects. Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, 10(1), pp. 70-82.
Number of full-text downloads 13

Mohannak, Kavoos (2014) Challenges of knowledge integration in small and medium enterprises. Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal, 6(1), pp. 66-82.
Number of full-text downloads 48

Javanmardi Kashan, Alireza & Mohannak, Kavoos (2014) A conceptual analysis of strategic capability development within product innovation projects. Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation, 32(2), pp. 161-180.

Mohannak, Kavoos (2011) Knowledge integration within Japanese firms : the Fujitsu way. Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, 12(2), pp. 1-15.

Mohannak, Kavoos & Matthews, Judy H. (2011) Managing specialised knowledge in technopreneurial firms : evidence from Australian SMEs. Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, 12(4), pp. 1-10.

Mohannak, Kavoos (2009) A review of models of spatial innovation infrastructures in support of high growth SMEs. International Journal of Business Strategy, 9(1), pp. 51-73.

Mohannak, Kavoos (2007) Innovative Networks and Capability Building in the Australian High-Technology SMEs. European Journal of Innovation Management, 10(2), pp. 236-2501.
Number of citations in Scopus 41

Hebbert, William P., Keast, Robyn L., & Mohannak, Kavoos (2006) The strategic value of oscillating tie strength in technology clusters. Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice, 8(4-5).
Number of full-text downloads 180

Mohannak, Kavoos (2004) Innovation and Clustering among Information Technology Firms in Melbourne. Prometheus, 22(1), pp. 83-98.
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Conference Paper

Mohannak, Kavoos & Javanmardi Kashan, Alireza (2015) The role of knowledge integration in innovation and capability development. In Spender, JC, Schiuma, Giovanni, & Albino, Vito (Eds.) Proceedings of the 10th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics: Culture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Connecting the Knowledge Dots, Bari, Italy, pp. 2319-2329.
Number of full-text downloads 4

Javanmardi Kashan, Alireza & Mohannak, Kavoos (2014) Dynamics of industry architecture and firm’s capability development : role of knowledge integration within product innovation. In Strategic Management Society (SMS) Special Conference : Strategic Management in the Asian Century : Dealing with Dynamism, Diversity and Development, Sydney, NSW, 6 – 8 December 2014.
Number of full-text downloads 26

Javanmardi Kashan, Alireza & Mohannak, Kavoos (2014) Micro foundations of strategic capability development : a case study within the auto industry. In Strategic Management Society (SMS) Special Conference: Strategic Management in the Asian Century : Dealing with Dynamism, Diversity and Development, 6 – 8 December 2014, Sydney, NSW.
Number of full-text downloads 30

Mohannak, Kavoos & Samtani, Laxman A. (2014) A criteria based approach for evaluating innovation commercialisation. In DRUID Society 2014 Conference on Entrepreneurship – Organization - Innovation, , 16 – 18 June 2014, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
Number of full-text downloads 25

Mohannak, Kavoos & Matthews, Judy H. (2013) Integrating specialised knowledge for innovation in small technology firms. In ISPIM 2013 Conference, ISPIM, Helsinki, Finland.
Number of full-text downloads 242

Javanmardi Kashan, Alireza & Mohannak, Kavoos (2013) A micro perspective analysis of capability renewal through knowledge integration within product innovation projects. In Strategic Management Society 33rd Annual International Conference: Strategy and Sustainability, 28th September – 1st October 2013, Atlanta, United States of America.
Number of full-text downloads 105

Mohannak, Kavoos (2012) Organisational knowledge integration: towards a conceptual framework. In Uden, Lorna, Herrera, Francisco, Perez, Javier, & Rodriguez, Juan (Eds.) 7th International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations: Service and Cloud Computing,, Springer-Verlag, Salamanca, Spain, pp. 81-92.
Number of full-text downloads 168

Alfawaz, Salahuddin, Nelson, Karen, & Mohannak, Kavoos (2010) Information security culture : a behaviour compliance conceptual framework. In Information Security 2010: AISC '10 Proceedings of the Eighth Australasian Conference on Information Security [Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology, Volume 105], Australian Computer Society, Brisbane, Australia, pp. 51-60.
Number of full-text downloads 1,012

Mohannak, Kavoos (2010) The role of culture in knowledge management : the case of developing economies. In Uden, Lorna, Szabo, Lajos, & Obermayer-Kovacs, Nora (Eds.) Conference Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations : Role and Challenges of Knowledge Management in Innovation for Services and Products, Veszprem, Hungary, pp. 335-345.

Mohannak, Kavoos (2008) Role of the techno parks in clustering of high technology SMEs. In EuroMOT : the 3rd European Conference on Technology Management, 17–19 September 2008, Nice, France.
Number of full-text downloads 440

Alfawaz, Salahuddin, May, Lauren J., & Mohannak, Kavoos (2008) E-government security in developing countries : a managerial conceptual framework. In International Research Society for Public Management Conference, 26-28 March 2008, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.
Number of full-text downloads 1,058

Senyard, Julienne M., Pickernell, David, Keast, Robyn L., & Mohannak, Kavoos (2008) Government policy, HEI's and entrepreneurship in industry development : an example from Queensland, Australia. In Gillin, L. Murray (Ed.) 5th AGSE International Entrepreneurship Research Exchange, 5 – 8 February, 2008, Melbourne, Australia.
Number of full-text downloads 428

Samtani, Laxman A., Hughes, Stephen W., & Mohannak, Kavoos (2008) An Innovative Technique for Water Leak Detection Stemming from Radio Astronomy: A Potential University Technology Transfer. In Building networks for a brighter future : NGInfra conference 2008, 10 - 12 November 2008, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Number of full-text downloads 213

Samtani, Laxman A., Mohannak, Kavoos, & Hughes, Stephen W. (2008) Technology transfer evaluation in the high technology industry : an interdisciplinary perspectives. In Jinji, Goa, Lee, Jay, Ni, Jun, Ma, Lin, & Mathew, Joseph (Eds.) 3rd World Congress on Engineering Asset Management and Intelligent Maintenance Systems Conference (WCEAM-IMS 2008): Engineering Asset Management – A Foundation for Sustainable Development, 27–30 October, Beijing, China.
Number of full-text downloads 378

Mohannak, Kavoos (2005) Capability Building and Learning Through Networking: Some Evidence from Australian Hi-Tech industry. In Prats, J & Velamuri, R (Eds.) 35th EISB Conference: Sustaining the Entrepreneurial Spirit Over Time: Implications for Young Companies, Family Businesses, and Established Companies, 12 - 14 September 2005, Spain, Bacelona.

Bernstein, Boaz, Mohannak, Kavoos, & Singh, Prakash (2004) Crossing the chasm : the technology adoption model as a guide to innovation in Australian biotechnology. In Elkin, G (Ed.) Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM 2004). People First Serving Our Stakeholders, University of Otago, Dunedin, N. Z., pp. 1-16.
Number of full-text downloads 154

Bernstein, Boaz, Mohannak, Kavoos, & Stoianoff, Natalie (2004) Institutional Linkages and Commercialisation in Australian Biotechnology Industry: A Case Study of NSW Cluster. In Elkin, G (Ed.) The 18th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM 2004). People First Serving Our Stakeholders:, 8-11 December 2004, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Number of full-text downloads 80

Mohannak, Kavoos (2003) Knowledge Management in Small-and Medium-Sized Enterprises: A Conceptual Framework for Research. In Sun Yat-sen University, National (Ed.) Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Comparative Management: New Perspective on Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance, December 4-6, 2003 Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Conference Item

Mohannak, Kavoos (2014) Knowledge management challenges in small-and medium-sized enterprises. In IFSAM 12th World Congress : Management in Crisis, 2 – 4 September 2014, Meiji University, Tokyo. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 22

Mohannak, Kavoos & Matthews, Judy H. (2011) Managing specialised knowledge in technopreneurial firms : the Australian experience. In Huizingh, K, Conn, S, Torkkeli, M, & Bitran, I (Eds.) XXII ISPIM Conference : Organizational Future Orientation, 12 – 15 June, 2011, Hamburg, Germany.
Number of full-text downloads 98


Javanmardi Kashan, Alireza & Mohannak, Kavoos (2014) ACE research vignette 034: Building a capability development framework through innovation. Queensland University of Technology.
Number of full-text downloads 20

Working Paper

Mohannak, Kavoos (2011) Diversity in Knowledge Management : A Cultural Approach. Economic Research Center, Graduate School of Economics, Nagoya University, Japan. [Working Paper]
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