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Pennings, Mark W. (2012) Origins of Australian Football: Victoria's Early History. Volume 1 Amateur Heroes and the Rise of the Clubs, 1858 to 1876. Origins of Australian Football: Victoria's Eraly History, 1. Connor Court, Ballan.

Stevens, Grant William, Pennings, Mark W., & Kraus, Chris (2011) Grant Stevens : Are You Upset with Me? Institute of Modern Art and Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Brisbane , Qld, and Sydney, NSW.
Number of full-text downloads 163

Book Chapter

Pennings, Mark W. (2015) Fragmented utopias. In Modell, Stephen M. (Ed.) Philosophical Studies in Medicine and Health Monograph. University of Toronto Press, Journals Division, Toronto, Canada, pp. 242-255.

Wilson, Andrew, McNamara, Andrew E., & Pennings, Mark W. (2011) Brisbane ~ Tokyo : subtropical lifestyle research. In McNamara, Andrew E. (Ed.) Sweat : the Subtropical Imaginary. Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, QLD, pp. 106-127.

Pennings, Mark W. (2011) Clichés, communication and the meaning of existence. In Grant Stevens, Are You Upset With Me? Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.
Number of full-text downloads 137

Pennings, Mark W. (2006) Modernism and ceramics. In Clark, Garth (Ed.) Ceramic Millennium : Critical Writings on Ceramic History, Theory, and Art. Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design , Canada, Nova Scotia, pp. 115-128.

Pennings, Mark William (2004) Anne Wallace. In Kindle and Swag : The Samstag Effect. University of South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia, pp. 40-44.
Number of full-text downloads 420

Pennings, Mark (2003) ’Hard as Nails’: Jack Conway and the Early Days of Football. In Holt, Stephanie & Hutchinson, Garrie (Eds.) Footy’s Greatest Players. Coulomb Communications, Melbourne, Victoria, pp. 3-9.
Number of full-text downloads 463

Journal Article

Pennings, Mark (2015) Art museums and the global tourist: Experience centers in experiencescapes. Athens Journal of Tourism, 2(4), pp. 209-221.

Pennings, Mark W. (2013) Fuschias, pivots, same olds, and gorillas. From Tablet to Scoreboard, 1(1), N/A.
Number of full-text downloads 270

Pennings, Mark W. & Webb, Mark (2012) Confronting consensus : the art and politics of Christopher Howlett. Eyeline, pp. 38-47.
Number of full-text downloads 129

Pennings, Mark W. & Pascoe, Robert (2012) The Corio Oval Tribe : a prosopographical perspective of the Geelong Football Club in the nineteenth century. Sporting Traditions, 29(1), pp. 77-94.
Number of full-text downloads 741

Pennings, Mark W. & Pascoe, Robert (2011) Watching football in marvellous Melbourne : spectators, barrackers and working class rituals. Sporting Traditions. Journal of the Australian Society for Sports History, 28(1), pp. 1-20.
Number of full-text downloads 407

Pennings, Mark W. (2010) Gemma Smith and the intuitive abstract. Eyeline Magazine, pp. 36-43.
Number of full-text downloads 249

Pennings, Mark W. (2009) The same river twice. Eyeline, 2009(69), pp. 63-67.

Pennings, Mark W. & Pascoe, Robert (2009) The culture of Australian football at the East Melbourne Cricket Ground, 1878-1921. Sporting Traditions, 26(1), pp. 71-86.
Number of full-text downloads 721

Pennings, Mark W. (2009) American realism, New York, circa 1900. Artlines, 2009(2), pp. 20-27.
Number of full-text downloads 247

Pennings, Mark W. & Ruddell, Trevor (2008) 'Anyone But Barwon': The Bitter Rivalry Between the Geelong and Barwon Football Clubs in the Late 1870s. Sporting Traditions. Journal of the Australian Society for Sports History, 25(1), pp. 41-55.

Pennings, Mark W. (2008) "Craig Easton". Eyeline, p. 59.
Number of full-text downloads 113

Pennings, Mark W. (2008) Mariko Mori: Tom Na H-iu. Eyeline - Contemporary Visual Arts, p. 66.
Number of full-text downloads 191

Pennings, Mark W. (2008) Wilkins Hill and the Art of Hermeneutical Uncertainty. Eyeline - Contemporary Visual Arts, pp. 30-34.
Number of full-text downloads 188

Pennings, Mark W. (2007) Zidane, A 21st century portrait. The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, 8(1), pp. 145-147.
Number of full-text downloads 229

Pennings, Mark W. (2006) Fragmented Utopias: Some Counter-Cultural and Poststructuralist Notions of Ultimate Reality and Meaning. Journal of Ultimate Reality and Meaning, 29(1-2), pp. 97-109.

Pennings, Mark W. (2006) Biennale of Sydney 2006. Eyeline, pp. 31-34.
Number of full-text downloads 362

Pennings, Mark W. (2006) Drawing Restraint 9 – Matthew Barney. Machine, 1(6), pp. 4-6.
Number of full-text downloads 283

Pennings, Mark W. (2006) Gross Out; Day is Done: Mike Kelley. Eyeline, p. 52.
Number of full-text downloads 417

Pennings, Mark W. (2006) Peter Alwast and the Aesthetics of Disinclination. Eyeline, pp. 32-35.
Number of full-text downloads 291

Pennings, Mark W. (2005) Charles Robb: Crop. Eyeline, p. 47.

Pennings, Mark W. (2005) Out of place, out of time, out of mind. Eyeline, pp. 16-18.

Pennings, Mark W. (2005) The Kingpins. un Magazine, pp. 50-51.
Number of full-text downloads 394

Pennings, Mark (2005) Video Installation Networks. Photofile, 74, pp. 54-55.

Pennings, Mark William & Zuvela, Danni (2004) Grant Stevens : questioning the return. Eyeline Magazine, pp. 15-18.
Number of full-text downloads 164

Conference Paper

Pennings, Mark W. (2015) Art museums and the global tourist: Experience centres in experience-scapes. In 11th Annual International Conference on Tourism, Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER), 8-11 June 8-11 2015, Athens, Greece. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 102

Pennings, Mark W. & Carson, Susan J. (2014) The cultures of Restaurant Australia: epicurean food experiences for tourists in south east Queensland. In 3rd International Conference UNESCO Chair / UNITWIN-UNESCO Network “Culture, Tourism, Development“ Tourism and Gastronomy heritage: Foodscapes, Cuisine and Gastronomy Tourism Destinations, 16-19 June 2014, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona. (Unpublished)

Pennings, Mark W. & Carson, Susan (2013) Medieval knights amid the gum-trees : the experience of European heritage tourism in south-east Queensland, Australia. In Robinson, Mike (Ed.) Tourism and the Shifting Values of Cultural Heritage : Visiting Pasts, Developing Futures, Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage, Taipei, Taiwan.
Number of full-text downloads 224

Pennings, Mark W. & Pascoe, Robert (2011) The Corio Oval tribe: Geelong Football Club in colonial times. In Hess, Robert & Klugman, Matthew (Eds.) Imperialism & Colonialism, Mantra on Salt Beach, Kingscliff, NSW.
Number of full-text downloads 349

Pennings, Mark W. (2005) Relational Aesthetics and Critical Culture. In Transforming Aesthetics, July 8, 2005, Art Gallery of New South Wales. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 4,584

Creative Work

Pennings, Mark W. & Rubel, Casey (2015) Suspension points. [Textual Work]
Number of full-text downloads 33

Pennings, Mark W. (2012) 18th Biennale of Sydney. [Textual Work]
Number of full-text downloads 35


Pennings, Mark W. (2014) Jeff Wall photographs. Eyeline, 81, pp. 46-50.
Number of full-text downloads 65

Pennings, Mark W. (2013) Marcel Cousins : every little thing. Eyeline, 77, p. 85.
Number of full-text downloads 68

Pennings, Mark W. (2012) All our relations. At Forum, 50(9), p. 170.
Number of full-text downloads 51

Pennings, Mark W. (2011) Andrzej Zielinski : pulp digital fictions. Art Monthly Australia, pp. 42-43.

Pennings, Mark W. (2009) Chris Howlett - "Flashbacks". Eyeline, 70, p. 83.
Number of full-text downloads 49


Pennings, Mark W. (2011) Psychedelic Culture. New Psychedelia.

Pennings, Mark W. (2010) Putting on a show : the theatricality of sport. Basil Sellars Art Prize.

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