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Poynting, S (2012) Counter-Terrorism and State Political Violence. Routledge, Abingdon.

Poynting, S (2010) Contemporary State Terrorism: Theory and Practice. Routledge, Abingdon.

Poynting, S (2007) Outrageous! Moral Panics in Austalia. ACYS Press, Hobart.

Poynting, S (2007) Ruling Class Men: Money, Sex, Power. Peter Lang, Bern.

Poynting, S (2004) Bin Laden in the Suburbs: Criminalising the Arab Other. Institute of Criminology, Sydney.

Poynting, S (2000) The Other Sydney: Communities, Identities and Inequalities in Western Sydney. Common Ground, Melbourne and New York.

Book Chapter

Poynting, S & Whyte, D (2012) Introduction: Counter-Terrorism and the Terrorist State. In Whyte, D. & Poynting, S (Eds.) Counter-Terrorism and State Politicla Violence. Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 1-11.

Poynting, S & Morgan, Geoff (2012) Introduction: The Transnational Fok Devil. In Morgan, G. & Poynting, S (Eds.) Global Islamophobia: Muslims and Moral Panic in the West. Ashgate, Farnham, pp. 1-14.

Poynting, S (2011) Anti-Cosmopolitanism and Ethnic Cleansing at Cronulla. In Asquith, N. (co-author). Jacobs & Malpas, J. (eds) (Eds.) Ocean to Outback: Cosmopolitanism in Contemporary Australia. University of Western Austalia Publications, Perth, pp. 96-122.

Poynting, S (2010) We are all in Guantanamo: State Terror and the Case of Mamdouh Habib. In Jackson, R., Murphy, E., & Poynting, S. (eds) (Eds.) Contemporary State Terrorism: Theory and Practice. Routledge, London, pp. 181-195.
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Poynting, S (2009) Youth Work: Challenging the Soft Cop Syndrome. In White, R (co-author & ed) (Ed.) Concepts and Methods of Youth Work. Australian Clearing House for Youth Studies, Hobart, pp. 439-454.

Poynting, S (2008) Ethnic Minority Immigrants, Crime and the State. In Anthony, T. & Cunneen, C. (eds) (Eds.) The Critical Criminology Companion. Hawkins Press, Sydney, pp. 118-128.

Poynting, S (2007) Male Youth Cultures. In Flood, M., Gardiner, J.K., Pease, B., & Pringle, K. (eds) (Eds.) International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities. Routledge, London and New York, pp. 378-380.

Poynting, S (2006) The Daily Frustrations You have to Live With: Everyday Racism and the Social Exclusion of Arab and Muslim Australians Since September 11. In Noble, G., Poynting, S., & Pludowski, T. (ed) (Eds.) Terrorism, Media and Society. Collegium Civitas, Torun, pp. 251-262.

Poynting, S (2005) Representations of Youth in Sydney: A Critique of Liberal Rhetoric About Young Lebanese Immigrants. In Tabar, P., Noble, G., & Tabar, P. (ed) (Eds.) Lebanese Diaspora: History, Racism and Belonging. Lebanese American University Press, Beirut, pp. 213-247.

Poynting, S (2004) Middle Eastern Appearances: Ethnic Gangs, Moral Panic and Media Framing. In Noble, G., Tabar, P. Tilly, & Schneider, J. (eds) (Eds.) Gangs. Ashgate, Aldershot, pp. 171-196.

Poynting, S (2003) Protest Masculinity and Lebanese-Australian Youth in Western Sydney: An Ethnographic Study. In Poynting, S., Noble Tabar, P., G., Donaldson, M., & Tomsen, S. (eds) (Eds.) Male Trouble: Looking at Australian Masculinities. Pluto Press, Sydney, pp. 132-155.

Poynting, S (2002) Street Arabs' and 'Mug Liars': Racism, Class Relations and Moral Panic About Lebanese Australian Youth. In Hage, G. (ed) (Ed.) Arab Australians Today. Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, pp. 145-160.

Poynting, S (2001) Street Arabs and 'Mug Liars': Moral Panic about 'Ethnic' Youth in Western Sydney. In Castillo, A. & Hirst, M. (eds) (Eds.) Journalism: Look Both Ways. Western Sydney and the Media. Fairfield Community Resource Centre/Community Relations Commission for a Multicultual NSW, Sydney, pp. 80-92.

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Poynting, S (1999) Lebanese Youth and Social Identity. In Noble, G., Poynting, S., Tabar, P., & White, E. (ed) (Eds.) Australian Youth Subcultures: On the Margins and in the Mainstream. Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies, Hobart, pp. 130-137.

Poynting, S (1992) Australie: Youth Movements in Australia. In Irving, T. & Maunders Sherrington, G., Fauvel-Rouif (ed), D. (Eds.) La Jeunesse et ses Mouvements. Editions du CNRS, Paris, pp. 381-400.

Journal Article

Tufail, Waqas & Poynting, Scott (2013) A common ‘outlawness’ : criminalisation of Muslim minorities in the UK and Australia. International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 2(3), pp. 43-54.
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Poynting, S (2010) White Lines: The Intercultural Politics of Everyday Movement in Local Spaces. Journal of Intercultural Studies, 31(5), pp. 489-505.
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Poynting, S (2009) The Lost Girls: Muslim Young Women in Australia. Journal of Intercultural Studies, 30(4), pp. 373-386.
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Poynting, S (2007) Climates of Hate: Media and State Inspired Victimisation of Muslims in Canada and Australia since 9/11. Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 19(2), pp. 151-171.

Poynting, S (2005) Snakes and Leaders: Hegemonic Masculinity in Ruling-Class Boys' Boarding Schools. Men and Masculinities, 7(4), pp. 325-346.
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Poynting, S (2004) Advance Australia Fear: A Review Essay. Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 16(2), pp. 241-252.

Poynting, S (2003) Acts of War: Military Metaphors in the Representation of Lebanese Youth Gangs. Media International Australia: Culture and Politics, 106(Feb), pp. 110-123.

Poynting, S (2002) Racism and Community Safety. Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 13(3), pp. 328-332.

Poynting, S (2001) Appearances and Ethnic Crime. Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 13(1), pp. 110-112.

Poynting, S (2000) Accounting for Cultural Diversity?: The Recent Record of the NSW Police Service. Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 12(2), pp. 223-226.

Poynting, S (1999) When Zero Tolerance Looks Like Racial Intolerance: Lebanese Youth Gangs, Discrimination and Resistance. Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 11(1), pp. 74-78.

Poynting, S (1998) Rekindling the Spark: Teachers' Experiences of Accelerative Learning. The Australian Journal of Education, 42(1), pp. 32-48.
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