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Book Chapter

Beamish, Wendi & Saggers, Beth (2014) Strengthening Social and Emotional Learning in Children with Special Needs. In Garvis, Susanne & Pendergast, Donna (Eds.) Health & Wellbeing in Childhood. Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, pp. 303-315.

Beamish, Wendi & Saggers, Beth (2013) Diversity and Differentiation. In Pendergast, Donna & Garvis, Susanne (Eds.) Teaching Early Years : Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment. Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest, NSW, Australia, pp. 244-258.

Saggers, Beth, Macartney, Bernadette, & Guerin, Annie (2012) Developing relationships that support learning and participation. In Teaching in inclusive school communities. John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd, pp. 209-236.

Journal Article

Shochet, Ian M., Saggers, Beth R., Carrington, Suzanne B., Orr, Jayne A., Wurfl, Astrid M., Duncan, Bonnie, et al. (2016) The Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism (Autism CRC) conceptual model to promote mental health for adolescents with ASD. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 19(2), pp. 94-116.

Choy, Sarojni, Delahaye, Brian L., & Saggers, Beth (2015) Developing learning cohorts for postgraduate research degrees. The Australian Educational Researcher, 42(1), pp. 19-34.
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Carrington, Suzanne B., Saggers, Beth, Adie, Lenore E., Zhu, Nan, Gu, Dingqian, Hu, Xiaoyi, et al. (2015) International representations of inclusive education: How is inclusive practice reflected in the professional teaching standards of China and Australia? International Journal of Disability, Development and Education, 62(6), pp. 556-570.

Hwang, Yoon-Suk, Klieve, Helen, Kearney, Patrick, & Saggers, Beth (2013) Experience, recursive awareness and understanding in autism spectrum disorders : insights of parents and teachers in Singapore. Asia Pacific Journal of Education.
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Saggers, Beth & Beamish, Wendi (2013) Supporting young children on the autism spectrum. Early Edition Magazine : Childcare Queensland News, p. 7.
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Beamish, Wendi & Saggers, Beth (2013) Creating a warm and supportive learning environment for young children. Early Edition Magazine : Childcare Queensland News, p. 20.
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Beamish, Wendi & Saggers, Beth (2013) Supporting cooperation and caring through large group experiences. Early Edition Magazine : Childcare Queensland News, p. 13.
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Saggers, Beth & Beamish, Wendi (2013) Worrying and anxiety are some of the biggest mental health problems facing children today. Early Edition : Childcare Queensland News - Summer 2013, p. 21.
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Saggers, Beth, Hwang, Yoon-Suk, & Mercer, Louise (2011) Your voice counts : Listening to the voice of high school students with autism spectrum disorder. Australasian Journal of Special Education, 35(2), pp. 173-190.
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Carrington, Suzanne B. & Saggers, Beth (2008) Service-learning informing the development of an inclusive ethical framework for beginning teachers. Teaching and Teacher Education, 24(3), pp. 795-806.
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Saggers, Beth R. & Carrington, Suzanne B. (2008) Outcomes of a service-learning program for pre-service teachers: links to Butin's conceptual model. Teaching Education, 19(1), pp. 57-71.
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Sigafoos, Jeff & Saggers, Beth (1996) Functional communication training for the treatment of multiply determined behaviour in two boys with autism. Behavior Modification, 20(1), pp. 60-84.
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Sigafoos, Jeff & Saggers, Beth (1995) A comparison of two procedures for increasing spontaneous requests in children with autism. European Journal on Mental Disability, 2(6), pp. 11-24.
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Sigafoos, Jeff & Saggers, Beth (1995) A discrete-trial approach to the functional analysis of aggressive behaviour in two boys with autism. Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability, 20(4), pp. 287-297.
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Conference Paper

Delahaye, Brian L., Choy, Sarojni C., & Saggers, Beth (2010) Developing managers as researchers using a learning cohort approach. In Proceedings of : 24th Annual Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference : Managing for Unknowable Futures, Adelaide, S. Aust..
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Saggers, Beth, Klug, David, Harper-Hill, Keely, Ashburner, Jill, Costley, Debra, Clark, Trevor, et al. (2016) Australian Autism Educational Needs Analysis - What are the needs of schools, parents and students on the autism spectrum? Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism, Brisbane, QLD.

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