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Stickley, Amanda P. (2013) Australian Torts Law. LexisNexis Butterworths, Chatswood, New South Wales.

McGlone, Frances & Stickley, Amanda (2008) Australian torts laws. LexisNexis Butterworths, Melbourne, VIC.

McGlone, Frances & Stickley, Amanda P. (2005) Australian torts law. LexisNexis Butterworths, Chatswood, N.S.W..

Journal Article

Stickley, Amanda (2013) Amendments to Queensland’s workers compensation restrict access to damages by injured workers. Australian Civil Liability, 10(7), pp. 110-112.

Stickley, Amanda (2013) Case note — Hoffmann v Boland. Australian Civil Liability, 10(2), pp. 28-31.

Stickley, Amanda P. (2013) Failure to administer a drug and causation. Queensland Lawyer, 33(3), pp. 193-198.
Number of full-text downloads 29

Stickley, Amanda P. (2013) The landlord's duty and unsafe premises. Queensland Lawyer, 33, pp. 128-130.
Number of full-text downloads 27

Stickley, Amanda P. (2012) Compensation for lost services of an employee : pure economic loss and per quod action. Queensland Lawyer, 32(4), pp. 196-200.
Number of full-text downloads 1,077

Stickley, Amanda P. (2012) Difficulties of future loss : high income earners' probability of loss assessed at 10%. Queensland Lawyer, 32(3), pp. 132-134.
Number of full-text downloads 28

Stickley, Amanda P. (2012) High court determines that it cannot be assumed that hot chips are only eaten at lunch. Queensland Lawyer, 32(2), pp. 77-79.
Number of full-text downloads 289

Stickley, Amanda P. (2012) Long term exposure to asbestos satisfies test for causation. Queensland Lawyer.
Number of full-text downloads 151

Carver, Tracey L. & Stickley, Amanda P. (2012) Teamwork in first year law units : can it work? Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, 9(2).
Number of full-text downloads 69

Stickley, Amanda P. (2011) Providing a law degree for the “real world” : perspective of an Australian law school. The Law Teacher, 45(1), pp. 63-86.
Number of full-text downloads 52
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Stickley, Amanda P. (2011) Uncetainty in claiming damages for defects in property. Queensland Lawyer.
Number of full-text downloads 309

Stickley, Amanda P. (2011) The defence of joint illegal activity must be looked at in context. Queensland Lawyer, 31(2), pp. 78-81.
Number of full-text downloads 286

Stickley, Amanda P. (2010) Intent behind payments determines impact on assessment of damages. Queensland Lawyer, 30(3), p. 121.
Number of full-text downloads 105

Stickley, Amanda P. (2010) Assessment of damages for property damage. Queensland Lawyer, 30(2), p. 68.
Number of full-text downloads 452

Stickley, Amanda P. (2010) Civil Liability and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2010 (Qld). Queensland Lawyer, 30(3), pp. 119-122.
Number of full-text downloads 272

Stickley, Amanda P. (2010) High Court decision on duty owed by licensee to patron. Queensland Lawyer.
Number of full-text downloads 137

Stickley, Amanda P. (2010) Loss of chance in medical negligence claims now a lost cause? Queensland Lawyer, 31(1), pp. 21-23.
Number of full-text downloads 200

Christensen, Sharon A., Duncan, William D., & Stickley, Amanda P. (2009) Behavioural biases and information disclosure laws relating to residential property sales : narrowing the gap between existing laws and calls for future reforms. Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice Journal, 9(2), pp. 251-279.
Number of full-text downloads 530

Stickley, Amanda P. (2009) Foreseeability of pure economic loss and causation. Queensland Lawyer, 29(4), pp. 190-191.
Number of full-text downloads 339

Stickley, Amanda P. (2009) Golf can be dangerous : be forewarned! Queensland Lawyer, 190(4), pp. 192-193.
Number of full-text downloads 359

Stickley, Amanda P. (2009) Liability of principal contractor for independent subcontractor considered by the High Court. Queensland Lawyer, 29(6), pp. 298-300.
Number of full-text downloads 814

Christensen, Sharon A., Duncan, William D., & Stickley, Amanda P. (2008) Shifting Paradigms of Government Liability for Inaccurate Information. eLaw Journal, 15(2), pp. 185-211.
Number of full-text downloads 1,232

Christensen, Sharon A., Duncan, William D., & Stickley, Amanda P. (2008) Avoiding responsibility for misleading brochures – Is it simply a matter of disclaimer? Australian Property Law Journal, 16(1), pp. 24-50.
Number of full-text downloads 4,792

Stickley, Amanda P. (2008) Causation in the High Court. Queensland Lawyer, 29(1), pp. 21-23.
Number of full-text downloads 1,539

Stickley, Amanda P. (2008) Apportionment under the Civil Liability Act. The Queensland Lawyer, 28(6), pp. 292-294.
Number of full-text downloads 2,294

Stickley, Amanda P. (2008) No Tortious Duty of Good Faith. The Queensland Lawyer, 28(4), pp. 182-183.
Number of full-text downloads 487

Stickley, Amanda P. (2008) Police Service not Liable for Officer's Disappointment. The Queensland Lawyer, 28(4), pp. 183-185.
Number of full-text downloads 72

Stickley, Amanda P. (2008) High Court changes position on standard of care of learner drivers. Queensland Lawyer, 29(2), pp. 88-91.
Number of full-text downloads 964

Stickley, Amanda P. (2008) Recent cases on intoxication. Queensland Lawyer, 29(3), pp. 134-138.
Number of full-text downloads 676

Stickley, Amanda P. (2007) Police not Liable for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Queensland Lawyer, 28(1), pp. 21-23.
Number of full-text downloads 567

Stickley, Amanda P. (2007) Amendment to section 5 of the Civil Liability Act 2003 (Qld). The Queensland Lawyer, 27(6), pp. 305-306.
Number of full-text downloads 477

Stickley, Amanda P. (2007) High Court Refuses to Extend Non-Delegable Duties to include Road Authorities and the Public. The Queensland Lawyer, 27(6), pp. 303-305.
Number of full-text downloads 1,845

Stickley, Amanda P. (2007) Nuisance and Trespass - Still life in the oldest of torts. The Queensland lawyer, 27(5), pp. 246-249.
Number of full-text downloads 3,410

Stickley, Amanda P. (2007) 15 year old volens to BMX riding risks. Queensland Lawyer, 28(1), pp. 21-24.
Number of full-text downloads 149

Christensen, Sharon A., Duncan, William D., & Stickley, Amanda P. (2007) Evaluating information disclosure to buyers of real estate - Useful or merely adding to the confusion and expense? QUT Law and Justice Journal, 7(2), pp. 148-177.
Number of full-text downloads 3,094

Stickley, Amanda P. (2006) Contributory negligence under the TPA – Will the High Court be able to continue its protection of the careless consumer? Competition and Consumer Law Journal, 14(1), pp. 39-52.
Number of full-text downloads 1,600

Christensen, Sharon A. & Stickley, Amanda P. (2006) Will apportionment of responsibility for misleading conduct erode the consumer protection potency of the Trade Practices Act 1974? Australian Business Law Review, 34(2), pp. 119-138.
Number of full-text downloads 1,449

Christensen, Sharon A. & Stickley, Amanda P. (2000) Electronic Title in the New Millennium. The Flinders Journal of Law Reform, 4(2), pp. 209-234.
Number of full-text downloads 2,181

Stickley, Amanda P. (1998) Competition Between Mortgagees and Grantees to Fixtures. Australian Property Law Journal, 6(1), pp. 21-40.
Number of full-text downloads 3,167

Stickley, Amanda P. (1998) When Dr Jekyll Turns out to be Mr Hyde – The Undisclosed Principal to a Land Contract and Section 52. Trade Practices Law Journal, 6(1), pp. 19-32.
Number of full-text downloads 7,357

Stickley, Amanda P. (1998) The covenant for quiet enjoyment : a potential nuisance to lessors. National Law Review, 8, p. 74.
Number of full-text downloads 54

Conference Paper

Stickley, Amanda P. (2011) A transition program in first year law : adopting the First Year Curriculum Principles. In First Year Experience in Higher Education : Design for Student Success, 28 June - 1 July 2011, Fremantle, WA.
Number of full-text downloads 30

Stickley, Amanda P. (2010) Providing a law degree for the 'real world' : perspective of an Australian law school. In Conference papers and presentations from the 45th Annual Conference of the Association of Law Teachers, Clare College, Cambridge.
Number of full-text downloads 56

Stickley, Amanda P. (2010) Providing a law degree for the real world : perspective of an Australian law school. In 45th Annual Law Teachers Association Conference : Legal Education Making a Difference, 29-31 March 2010, University of Cambridge, Cambridge. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 131

Miller, Evonne, Duncan, William D., Christensen, Sharon A., Corones, Stephen G., Round, David, Burdon, Mark, et al. (2006) Is mandatory disclosure an effective consumer protection mechanism in Australian real estate markets? The perspective of Queensland industry experts. In Social Change in the 21st Century Conference, 2006, Brisbane.
Number of full-text downloads 6,546

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