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Stock, Cheryl F., Phillips, Maggi, & Vincs, Kim (2009) Dancing between diversity and consistency : refining assessment in postgraduate degrees in dance. West Australian Academy of the Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley, Western Australia.
Number of full-text downloads 503

Stock, Cheryl F. (Ed.) (2008) Dance dialogues : conversations across cultures, artforms and practices. The Australian Dance Council and Queensland University of Technology, Canberra, ACT.

Book Chapter

Stock, Cheryl F. (2015) From Urban Cities and the Tropics to Site-Dance in the World Heritage Setting of Melaka: An Australian Practitioner’s Journey. In Hunter, Victoria (Ed.) Moving Sites: Investigating Site-Specific Dance Performance. Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), London & New York, pp. 385-404.

Stock, Cheryl F. (2014) Writing embodied practice from the inside : outside the exegesis. In Ravelli, Louise, Paltridge, Brian, & Starfield, Sue (Eds.) Doctoral Writing in the Creative and Performing Arts. Libri Publishing Ltd., Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, pp. 297-318.
Number of full-text downloads 23

Stock, Cheryl F. & Page , Stephen (2012) Awakening the spirit : telling the stories. In Burridge, Stephanie & Dyson, Julie (Eds.) Shaping the Landscape : Celebrating Dance in Australia. Routledge (Taylor & Francis), New Delhi, pp. 52-68.

Stock, Cheryl F. (2012) Different inflections. In Burridge, Stephanie & Dyson , Julie (Eds.) Shaping the Landscape : Celebrating Dance in Australia. Routledge, New Delhi, pp. 84-103.

Phillips, Maggi, Stock, Cheryl F., & Vincs, Kim (2009) Dancing doctorates down-under? Defining and assessing ‘doctorateness’ when embodiment enters the thesis. In Stock, Cheryl (Ed.) Dance Dialogues: Conversations Across Cultures, Artforms and Practices. Refereed Proceedings of the World Dance Alliance Global Summit, Brisbane, Australia, 13 – 18 July 2008. Australian Dance Council—Ausdance Inc. & Queensland University of Technology, Canberra ACT.
Number of full-text downloads 264

Stock, Cheryl F. (2009) Beyond the intercultural to the accented body : an Australian perspective. In Butterworth, Jo & Wildschut, Liesbeth (Eds.) Contemporary Choreography : A Critical Reader. Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), Abingdon, Oxon & New Yiork, pp. 281-298.

Stock, Cheryl F. (2008) Connectivity : dancing bodies linking culture, site and technology. In Sarkar Munsi, Urmimala (Ed.) Dance : Transcending Borders. Tulika Books, New Delhi, India, pp. 58-77.

Stock, Cheryl F. & Dyson, Julie (2006) Looking out from Down Under – Australian dance today. In Burridge, Stephanie (Ed.) Shifting sands : dance in Asia and the Pacific. Australian Dance Council, Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Braddon, pp. 15-23.
Number of full-text downloads 1,323

Stock, Cheryl F. (2005) The Cocacolonisation of difference: homogenised diversity in 21st century cultural practice. In Nor, Mohd Anis Md & Revathi, Murugappan (Eds.) Global and local dance in performance. Cultural Centre, University of Malaya and Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Malaysia, pp. 15-27.
Number of full-text downloads 542

Stock, Cheryl F. (2005) The Interval Between…The Space Between…: Concepts of Time and Space in Asian Art and Performance. In Sarkar Munsi, Urmimala (Ed.) Time and Space in Asian context: Contemporary Dance in Asia. World Dance Alliance, pp. 17-38.
Number of full-text downloads 1,491

Stock, Cheryl F. (2003) Doi Moi and the crisis in Vietnamese dance. In Drummond, Lisa B. W. & Thomas, Mandy (Eds.) Consuming Urban Culture in Contemporary Vietnam. RoutledgeCurzon, London; New York, pp. 219-241.
Number of citations in Scopus 2

Stock, Cheryl F. (2003) Intercultural dance. In Whiteoak, John & Scott-Maxwell, Aline (Eds.) Currency companion to music and dance in Australia. Currency House in association with Currency Press, Sydney, N.S.W, pp. 354-356.

Stock, Cheryl F. (1997) Three Views of an Intercultural Dance and Music Journey. In Batchelor, Don (Ed.) Two WayTraffic: Aspects of Australian/Asian interculturalism in theatre and dance. Centre for Innovation in the Arts, QUT, Brisbane, QLD, pp. 58-65.
Number of full-text downloads 644

Journal Article

Stock, Cheryl (2013) Acquiring ‘doctorateness’ in the creative industries : an Australian perspective on professional research doctorates. Text: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses : Special Issue No 22 Examination of doctoral degrees in creative arts : process, practice and standards, pp. 1-17.
Number of full-text downloads 56

Stock, Cheryl F. (2012) Adaptation and empathy : intercultural communication in a choreographic project. Journal of Intercultural Studies, 33(4), pp. 445-462.
Number of full-text downloads 13

Stock, Cheryl F. (2010) Aesthetic tensions : evaluating outcomes for practice-led research and industry. TEXT Journal, Special Issue, 8.
Number of full-text downloads 128

Stock, Cheryl F. (2010) Adapting, renewing, subverting : what place the performing arts in the creative industries? Tirai Panggung : Performing Arts Journal, 10, pp. 20-45.
Number of full-text downloads 158

Stock, Cheryl F. (2009) Choreographing research : supervising the dancing thesis. TEXT Special Issue Website Series No. 6 Supervising the Creative Arts Research Higher Degree: Towards Best Practice, 13 (Special Issue Number 6), pp. 1-15.
Number of full-text downloads 153

Stock, Cheryl F. (2008) Different inflections : intercultural dance in Australia. The Korean Journal of Dance, 57(30 Dec), pp. 289-310.
Number of full-text downloads 606

Stock, Cheryl F. (1996) Robert Helpmann - Master Showman. Brolga, 5, pp. 35-45.
Number of full-text downloads 893

Conference Paper

Stock, Cheryl F. (2011) Approaches to acquiring ‘doctorateness’ in the creative industries : an Australian perspective. In Justice, Lorraine & Friedman, Ken (Eds.) Pre-Conference Proceedings, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong .
Number of full-text downloads 208

Stock, Cheryl F. (2011) Creating new narratives through shared time and space : the performer/audience connection in multi-site dance events. In Caldwell, Linda (Ed.) In Time Together : Viewing and Reviewing Contemporary Dance Practice : Refereed Proceedings of the World Dance Alliance Global Summit 2010, World Dance Alliance-Americas under the auspices of the Texas Woman’s University Website, New York University, New York.
Number of full-text downloads 959

Stock, Cheryl F., Phillips, Maggi, & Vincs, Kim (2009) Dancing the Thesis : Potentials and Pitfalls in Practice-led Research. In Re-searching Dance: International Conference on Dance Research, Jawaharalal Nehru University, Dance Alliance-India, India International Centre, New Delhi, pp. 53-59.
Number of full-text downloads 237

Stock, Cheryl F. (2007) Accented Body and Beyond: a Model for Practice-Led Research with Multiple Theory/Practice Outcomes. In Re-thinking Theory and Practice/Repenser pratique et théorie, 21-24 June, 2007, Le Centre National de la Danse, Paris, France.
Number of full-text downloads 464

Stock, Cheryl F. (2006) A Legacy of Innovation: Contextualising an International Creative Practice Project. Kolkata, West Bengal. 2004. In Vella, Richard (Ed.) SPIN SPeculation and INnovation: Applying Practice Led Research in the Creative Industries, 2005, Creative Industries Faculty, QUT, Brisbane.
Number of full-text downloads 496

Stock, Cheryl F. (2005) here/there/then/now: site, collaboration, interdisciplinary performance. In Dance Rebooted- Initializing the Grid Australian National Dance Research Conference, 1-4 July, 2005, Deakin University, Melbourne.
Number of full-text downloads 278

Stock, Cheryl F. (2004) Training the Thinking Dancer: creating careers in dance in the 21st Century. In Beijing Forum on International Dance Education and Development, 23-27 September, 2004, Beijing.
Number of full-text downloads 1,019

Stock, Cheryl F. (2001) The Myth of an International Dance Language: Tensions between Internationalisation and Cultural Difference. In Burridge, Stephanie (Ed.) Asia Pacific Dance Bridge: Academic Conference, 2001, Singapore.
Number of full-text downloads 971

Stock, Cheryl F. (2000) Reflective Practitioner: choreography as research in an intercultural context. In Onuki, Hideaki (Ed.) World Dance 2000 - A Celebration of the Millennium: Choreography Today, Tokyo, Japan.
Number of full-text downloads 1,724

Stock, Cheryl F. (1999) Moving Bodies Across Cultures: an analysis of a Vietnamese/Australian dance and theatre project. In Australasian Drama Studies, Hamilton, New Zealand.
Number of full-text downloads 1,365

Creative Work

Stock, Cheryl F. (2013) Naik Naik. [Performance]
Number of full-text downloads 10

Stock, Cheryl F. (2006) Accented Body : the body as site and in site. [Live Performance (Dance)]
Number of full-text downloads 1,015

Stock, Cheryl F. (2002) here/there/then/now. [Live Performance (Dance)]
Number of full-text downloads 404

QUT Thesis

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