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Hall, Tony, Lau, Esther, & Nissen, Lisa (2017) Preventing another Codeine debacle? Pharmacist management of analgesia. Australian Pharmacist, pp. 66-68.

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Nissen, Lisa & Lau, Esther (2016) Antihistamine for the pain in your stomach? Australian Pharmacist, 36, p. 32.
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Nissen, Lisa & Lau, Esther (2016) Beta-blocker for ovarian cancer? Australian Pharmacist, 35(8), pp. 32-33.

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Nissen, Lisa & Lau, Esther (2015) Rituximab for chronic fatigue syndrome? Australian Pharmacist, December, pp. 36-37.
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Nissen, Lisa & Lau, Esther (2017) Would you like some tomatoes with that? Australian Pharmacist, February, pp. 23-25.
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Nissen, Lisa & Lau, Esther (2015) A mood stabiliser and antiepileptic for preventing head and neck cancers? Australian Pharmacist, p. 36.
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Nissen, Lisa & Lau, Esther (2014) A puff of fluticasone for eosinophilic oesophagitis. Australian Pharmacist, pp. 40-41.

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Singleton, Judith (2015) Good for the environment good for health. Australian Pharmacist, 34(7), pp. 12-13.
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Singleton, Judith (2015) The trials and tribulations of a chronic sinus sufferer. Australian Pharmacist, November, p. 27.
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