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Ahmed, Warish, Neller, Ron, & Katouli, Mohammad (2005) Faecal source tracking in surface waters: A review of faecal indicator microorganisms and current methods. Environmental Health, 5(4), pp. 51-68.

Barnett, Adrian G., Plonka, Kathryn, Seow, W. Kim, Wilson, Lee-Ann M., & Hansen, Craig A. (2011) Increased traffic exposure and negative birth outcomes : a prospective cohort in Australia. Environmental Health, 10(1), p. 26.
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Number of citations in Scopus 11
Number of citations in Web of Science® 12

Battistutta, Diana, Earl, Cameron, Stewart, Donald, & Stoneham, Melissa (2001) A Shady Profile: A Community Perspective. Environmental Health, pp. 123-129.

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Earl, Cameron P. & Tenkate, Thomas D. (2006) Sun protection policies and practices of sporting and recreation organizations. Environmental Health, 6(1), pp. 43-51.

Gerber, Rod, Howie, Jessica, Tong, Shilu, Verrall, Kenneth, & Wolff, Rodney (2005) Air Pollution and Cardiopilmonary Diseases in Australia: A Review of Epidemiological Evidence. Environmental Health, 5(1), pp. 23-36.

Gerber, Rod, Tong, Shilu, Verrall, Kenneth, Watt, Alison, & Wolff, Rodney (2003) Towards Environmental Health Indicators for Sustainable Development: An Inductive Qualitative Perspective. Environmental Health, 3(3), pp. 26-36.

Guo, Yuming, Tong, Shilu, Li, Shanshan, Barnett, Adrian G., Yu, Weiwei, Zhang, Yanshen, et al. (2010) Gaseous air pollution and emergency hospital visits for hypertension in Beijing, China : a time-stratified case-crossover study. Environmental Health, 9(1), pp. 57-63.
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Hu, Wenbiao & Tong, Shilu (2001) Effects of Climate Variation on the Transmission of Ross River Virus in Queensland, Australia. Environmental Health, pp. 45-53.

Morawska, Lidia (2007) Air quality and its impact on health: focus on particulate matter. Environmental Health, 7(3), pp. 52-57.

Ren, Cizao & Tong, Shilu (2008) Health effects of ambient air pollution : recent research development and contemporary methodological challenges. Environmental Health, 7(1), pp. 56-66.
Number of citations in Scopus 41
Number of citations in Web of Science® 35

Song, Qiru & Tong, Shilu (2008) Suppressive effects of ultraviolet radiation on the immune system. Environmental Health, 8(2), pp. 42-57.

Stoneham, Melissa (2003) Developing an Environmental Health Research Framework. Environmental Health, 3(3), pp. 37-41.

Toloo, Ghasem (Sam), FitzGerald, Gerard, Aitken, Peter, Verrall, Kenneth, & Tong, Shilu (2013) Are heat warning systems effective? Environmental Health, 12(27).
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Wang, Xiao Yu, Verrall, Kenneth, Gerber, Rod, Wolff, Rodney, & Tong, Shilu (2007) Spatial Patterns of So2 and Cardiorespiratory Mortality in Brisbane, Australia, 1999-2001. Environmental Health, 7(3), pp. 64-74.

Xu, Zhiwei, Hu, Wenbiao, & Tong, Shilu (2014) Temperature variability and childhood pneumonia : an ecological study. Environmental Health, 13(51).
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Number of citations in Scopus 11
Number of citations in Web of Science® 8

Zhang, Yanshen, Li, Shanshan, Pan, Xiaochuan, Tong, Shilu, Jaakkola, Jouni J.K., Gasparrini, Antonio, et al. (2014) The effects of ambient temperature on cerebrovascular mortality: An epidemiologic study in four climatic zones in China. Environmental Health, 13(24).
Number of full-text downloads 14
Number of citations in Scopus 11
Number of citations in Web of Science® 18

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