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Davis, Lloyd E. & Bunker, Jonathan M. (2008) Suspension testing of 3 heavy vehicles – methodology and preliminary frequency analysis. Report. State of Queensland (Department of Main Roads) & Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland.
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Journal Article

Bodisco, Timothy A., Low Choy, Samantha, & Brown, Richard J. (2013) A Bayesian approach to the determination of ignition delay. Applied Thermal Engineering, 60(1-2), pp. 79-87.

Chen, Yikai, He, Jie, King, Mark J., Chen, Wu-wei, & Zhang, Wei-hua (2014) Stiffness-damping matching method of an ECAS system based on LQG control. Journal of Central South University, 21, pp. 439-446. (In Press)

Chi, Seokho & Caldas, Carlos H. (2012) Design of a preliminary error impact analysis model for spatial safety assessment of earthmoving operations. Automation in Construction, 22, pp. 212-222.
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Dhanasekar, Manicka, Cole, Colin, & Handoko, Yunendar (2007) Experimental evaluation of the effect of braking torque on bogie dynamics. International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems, 14(3), pp. 308-330.

Hu, Y.Q., Yan, Cheng, Zhang, H.F., Ye, Lin, & Hu, Z.Q. (2004) Preparation and hydrogenation characteristics of Mg–30 wt.% Ti37.5V25Cr37.5 composite. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 375(1-2), pp. 265-269.
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Number of citations in Scopus 17
Number of citations in Web of Science® 17

Jahirul, Mohammed I., Brown, Richard J., Senadeera, Wijitha, O'Hara, Ian M., & Ristovski, Zoran (2013) The use of artificial neural networks for identifying sustainable biodiesel feedstocks. Energies, 6(8), pp. 3764-3806.
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Larue, Gregoire S., Rakotonirainy, Andry, & Pettitt, Anthony N. (2011) Driving performance impairments due to hypovigilance on monotonous roads. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 43(6), pp. 2037-2046.
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Number of citations in Scopus 11
Number of citations in Web of Science® 6

Pham, Phuong X., Bodisco, Timothy A., Ristovski, Zoran D., Brown, Richard J., & Masri, Assaad R. (2014) The influence of fatty acid methyl ester profiles on inter-cycle variability in a heavy duty compression ignition engine. Fuel, 116, pp. 140-150.

Tay, Richard S. (2002) The prisoner's dilemma and vehicle safety: Some policy implications. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 36(3), pp. 491-495.
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Thiyahuddin, Izzat, Gu, YuanTong, Gover, Rory, & Thambiratnam, David (2013) Fluid-structure interaction analysis of full scale vehicle-barrier impact using coupled SPH-FEA. Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements. (In Press)

Webb, Robert M., White, Ryan, & Young, Lachlan (2011) Industrial JIG measurements : survey measurements assisting QUT motorsport. Spatial Science Queensland E-Magazine, pp. 29-35.
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Wu, Chengtie, Zhang, Yufeng, Zhu, Yufang, Friis, Thor, & Xiao, Yin (2010) Structure–property relationships of silk-modified mesoporous bioglass scaffolds. Biomaterials, 31(13), pp. 3429-3438.
Number of citations in Scopus 42
Number of citations in Web of Science® 38

Yan, Cheng, Mai, Yiu-Wing, & Ye, Lin (2001) Effect of bond thickness on fracture behaviour in adhesive joints. Journal of Adhesion, 75(1), pp. 27-44.
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Number of citations in Scopus 17
Number of citations in Web of Science® 16

Zhang, Zuoyan & Dhanasekar, Manicka (2009) Dynamics of railway wagons subjected to braking/traction torque. Vehicle System Dynamics, 47(3), pp. 285-307.
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Number of citations in Web of Science® 2

Conference Paper

Ahmed, S., Rasul, M.G., Martens, W., & Brown, R.J. (2009) Sustainable reuse of storm/waste-water resources : a review on solar photocatalytic purification processes. In The Central Region Engineering Conference (CREC 2009), 14-15 August 2009, Central Queensland Univeristy, Rockhampton, QLD.

Bodisco, Timothy A. & Brown, Richard J. (2011) Ignition delay in an ethanol fumigated common rail diesel engine. In Proceedings of the Australian Combustion Symposium, The University of Newcastle, NSW.
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Bodisco, Timothy A., Pham, Phuong X., Islam, Aminul, Brown, Richard J., Masri, Assaad R., & Bockhorn, Henning (2013) Ignition delay of bio-fuels in a common-rail compression ignition engine. In Proceedings of the Australian Combustion Symposium, Perth, Western Australia.
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Cox, Francis, Bodisco, Timothy A., & Peeler, David (2014) Continuous remote emissions monitoring – the lynchpin for air quality management. In Proceedings of the 12th AusIMM Underground Operators' Conference, The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, AusIMM , Adelaide, South Australia, pp. 137-142.
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Gruyer, Dominique, Rakotonirainy, Andry, & Vrignon, Jeremy (2005) Advancement in Advanced Driving Assistance Systems tools: Integrating vehicle dynamics, environmental perception and drivers' behaviours to assess vigilance. In Intelligent Vehicles and Road Infrastructure Conference, 16-17 February 2005, Melbourne, Victoria.

Henderson, Michael S. & Goldberg, Fred (1999) A systematic approach to the control of persistent and recidivist drinking drivers. In McClure, Roderick (Ed.) Third National Conference on Injury Prevention and Control, 9-12 May 1999, Brisbane, Queensland.
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Jahirul, Mohammed I., Senadeera, Wijitha, Brooks, Peter, Brown, Richard J., Situ, Rong, Pham, Phuong X., et al. (2013) An Artificial Neutral Network (ANN) model for predicting biodiesel kinetic viscosity as a function of temperature and chemical compositions. In Piantadosi, J., Anderssen, R.S., & Boland, J. (Eds.) MODSIM2013, 20th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand, Adelaide Convention Centre, SA, Australia, pp. 1561-1567.
Number of full-text downloads 16

Kulkarni, Ambarish, Kosse, Vladis, Kapoor, Ajay, & Iyer, Mahalinga (2009) Virtual design process : design validation tool schematic approach in car carrier. In Conference Proceedings IAEng Journal, International Association of Engineers , San Fransisco. (In Press)

Lin, Tian Ran, Tan, Andy C. C., Ma, Lin, & Mathew, Joseph (2011) Estimating the loading condition of a diesel engine using instantaneous angular speed analysis. In Lee, Jay (Ed.) Proceedings of the 6th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management, Springer, Duke Energy Center, Cincinatti, Ohio. (In Press)

Lin, Tian Ran, Tan, Andy C. C., Ma, Lin, & Mathew, Joseph (2013) Estimating the loading condition of a diesel engine using instantaneous angular speed analysis. In Lee, Jay (Ed.) Engineering Asset Management 2011: Proceedings of the Sixth Annual World Congress on Engineering Asset Management [Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering], Springer, Duke Energy Center, Cincinatti, Ohio, pp. 259-272.
Number of full-text downloads 351

Lin, Tian Ran, Tan, Andy C. C., & Mathew, Joseph (2011) Condition monitoring and diagnosis of injector faults in a diesel engine using in-cylinder pressure and acoustic emission techniques. In Law, S.S., Cheng, Li, Xia, Yong, & Su, Zhongqing (Eds.) Dyanmics for Sustainable Engineering, The HongKong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, pp. 454-463.
Number of full-text downloads 234

Lowe, David, Wu, Weiliang, & Tan, Andy (2011) Experimentally induced diesel engine injector faults and some preliminary acoustic emission signal observations. In World Congress on Engineering Asset Management, 3-5 October 2011, Cincinnati, USA. (In Press)
Number of full-text downloads 693

Malik, Husnain, Rakotonirainy, Andry, & Maire, Frederic D. (2009) Correlating eye gaze direction, depth and vehicle information on an interactive map for driver training. In Proceedings of the 2009 Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference : Smarter, Safer Directions, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney, New South Wales.
Number of full-text downloads 190

Malik, Husnain, Rakotonirainy, Andry, Maire, Frederic D., & Larue, Gregoire (2009) Fusion of in-vehicle sensor data to develop Intelligent Driver Training System (IDTS). In Proceedings of the 21st International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles, June 15-18 ,2009, International Congress Center, Stuttgart.
Number of full-text downloads 155

Phang, Sammy S., Iskander, D. Robert, & Collins, Michael J. (2003) High Speed Pupillometry. In The 8th Australian and New Zealand Intelligent Information Systems Conference, 10-12 December 2003, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.
Number of full-text downloads 435

Rakotonirainy, Andry (2006) Emotional design for in-vehicle technology: A conceptual framework. In 13th World Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems and Services, 8-12 October 2006, London, UK.

Rakotonirainy, Andry (2004) Sustainable context-aware programming for automative applications. In IWSP'04 incorporated in the 2nd International Conference on Pervasive Computing, 18-23 April 2004, Linz / Vienna, Austria.
Number of full-text downloads 167

Rakotonirainy, Andry & Haworth, Narelle L. (2006) Institutional challenges to ITS deployment and adoption. In 29th Australasian Transport Research Forum, 27-29 September 2006, Gold Coast, Queensland.

Rakotonirainy, Andry & Tay, Richard S. (2004) In-vehicle ambient intelligence transport systems: Towards an integrated research. In 7th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 3-6 October 2004, Washingon DC, USA.
Number of full-text downloads 110

Situ, Rong, Brown, Richard J., Ristovski, Zoran, Kruger, Uli, & Hargreaves, Douglas J. (2008) Analysis of dual fuel compression ignition (diesel) engine. In Masataka, Arai & Daisho, Yasuhiro (Eds.) The Seventh International Conference on Modeling and Diagnostics for Advanced Engine Systems, 28-31 July 2008, Sapporo, Japan.
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