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Holt-Damant, Kathi & Sanders, Paul S. (Eds.) (2005) Proceedings from the Third International Conference of the Association of Architecture Schools of Australia. University of Queensland & Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Qld.
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Chamorro-Koc, Marianella, Gislason, Kari, Kumarasuriyar, Anoma C., & Pedersen, Courtney Brook (2016) The Art of Studio Teaching. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Qld. (In Press)

Irons, Calvin J., Burnett, James, & Turton, Allan (2010) Stepping stones : teacher lesson plans : year 1. Stepping Stones. ORIGO Education, Narangba, Qld.

Book Chapter

Dooley, Karen T., Hamlin, Michelle, King, Nicole, O'Brien, Therese, & Powell, Kerry (2006) Integrated content area units for ESL students in an Australian primary school. In Penny, McKay (Ed.) Planning and teaching creatively within a required curriculum for school-age learners. TESOL Inc., Alexandria, Virginia, pp. 125-147.

Hickling-Hudson, Anne R. (2004) Educating Teachers For Cultural Diversity and Social Justice. In Hernes, Gudmund & Martin, Michaela (Eds.) Planning For Diversity: Education in Multi-Ethnic and Multicultural Societies. International Institute for Education Planning (UNESCO), Paris, pp. 270-307.
Number of full-text downloads 5,961

Iyer, Radha & Luke, Carmen (2009) Multimodal, multiliteracies : Texts and literacies for the 21st century. In Pullen, Darren L. & Cole, David R. (Eds.) Multiliteracies and Technology Enhanced Education: Social Practice and the Global Classroom. Hershey, New York, pp. 18-34.
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Kift, Sally M. (2011) Integrating a sustainable academic career around scholarly learning and teaching activities. In Hay, Iain (Ed.) Inspiring Academics : Learning with the World's Great University Teachers. Open University Press (McGraw-Hill), Berkshire, England, pp. 172-190.
Number of full-text downloads 160

Kimber, Megan, Carrington, Suzanne B., Mercer, Louise, & Bland, Derek C. (2011) Enhancing professional ethics : service-learning in teacher education. In Millwater, Jan, Ehrich, Lisa C., & Beutel, Denise A. (Eds.) Practical Experiences in Professional Education : A Transdisciplinary Approach. Post Pressed, Mt Gravatt, Qld, pp. 115-134.

Klenowski, Valentina (2010) Curriculum evaluation : approaches and methodologies. In Peterson, Penelope, Baker, Eva, & McGaw, Barry (Eds.) International Enclyclopedia of Education. Elsevier, Oxford, pp. 335-341.
Number of citations in Scopus 2

Klenowski, Valentina & Carter, Merilyn Gladys (2015) Curriculum reform in testing and accountability contexts. In Wyse, Dominic, Hayward, Louise, & Pandya, Jessica (Eds.) SAGE Handbook of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment. SAGE Publications Ltd., Los Angeles, pp. 790-804.

Luke, Allan & Ismail, Masturah (2007) Urban Education in Asia Pacific: Section Editors' Introduction. In Pink, William T. & Noblit, George W. (Eds.) International handbook of urban education. Springer, Dordrecht, pp. 221-230.

O'Gorman, Lyndal M., Farrell, Ann, & Walsh, Kerryann M. (2004) An even better start? Generating parent views of the Preparatory Year using a phenomenographic approach. In McWilliam, Erica, Danby, Susan, & Knight, John (Eds.) Performing educational research : theories, methods and practices. Post Pressed, Flaxton, Queensland, pp. 409-423.
Number of full-text downloads 958

Rossi, Tony & Ryan, Mary E. (2006) Literacy Issues and HPE. In Tinning, Richard, McCuaig, Louise, & Hunter, Lisa (Eds.) Teaching Health and Physical Education in Australian Schools. Pearson Press, Frenchs Forest, N.S.W.

Ryan, Mary E. & Rossi, Tony (2008) The Transdisciplinary Potential of Multiliteracies: Bodily Performances and Meaning-Making in Health and Physical Education. In Healy, Annah (Ed.) Multiliteracies and Diversity in Education: New Pedagogies for Expanding Landscapes. Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, pp. 30-57.

Singh, Parlo & Harris, Jessica (2010) Pedagogic translations : dominant pedagogic modes and teacher professional identity. In Singh, Parlo, Sadovnik, Alan, & Semel, Susan (Eds.) Toolkits, Translation Devices and Conceptual Accounts : Essays on Basil Bernstein's Sociology of Knowledge. Peter Lang Publishing, New York, pp. 249-265.

Smith, Judith E., Shaw, Natasha, & Tredinnick, Jennifer (2015) Practice-based learning in community contexts: A collaborative exploration of pedagogical principles. In Kennedy, M, Billett, S, Gherardi, S, & Grealish, L (Eds.) Practice-based Learning in Higher Education: Jostling Cultures. Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht, The Netherlands., pp. 141-157.

Journal Article

Bellocchi, Alberto (2012) Practical considerations for integrating alternate reality gaming into science education. Teaching Science, 58(4), p. 43.
Number of full-text downloads 67

Bellocchi, Alberto, Ritchie, Stephen M., Tobin, Kenneth, Sandhu, Maryam, & Sandhu, Satwant (2013) Exploring emotional climate in preservice science teacher education. Cultural Studies of Science Education, 8(3), pp. 529-552.
Number of full-text downloads 50
Number of citations in Scopus 6

Bridge, Pete, Dempsey, Shane, Giles, Eileen, Maresse, Sharon, McCorkell, Giulia, Opie, Craig, et al. (2015) Practice patterns of radiation therapy technology in Australia: Results of a national audit. Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences, 62(4), pp. 253-260.
Number of full-text downloads 14

Bruce, Christine S. & McMahon, Camille A. (2002) Contemporary developments in teaching and learning introductory programming: Towards a research proposal. Faculty of Information Technology, QUT Teaching & Learning Report.
Number of full-text downloads 1,325

Bruce, Christine S. & Middleton, Michael R. (1996) Teaching and learning information organisation: the Queensland University of Technology experience. Cataloguing Australia, 22(1/2), pp. 34-47.
Number of full-text downloads 442

Chandra, Vinesh & Briskey, Jo (2012) ICT driven pedagogies and its impact on learning outcomes in high school mathematics. International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning, 7(1), pp. 73-83.
Number of full-text downloads 273
Number of citations in Scopus 2

Davis, Julie M. & Elliott, Sue (2009) Exploring the resistance : an Australian perspective on educating for sustainability in early childhood. International Journal of Early Childhood, 41(2), pp. 65-77.
Number of full-text downloads 1,437
Number of citations in Scopus 35

Dunn, Timothy, Stewart, Glenn, & Taylor, David (2006) The Design of Reusable Learning Objects to Teach Database Concepts. International Journal of Learning, 12(8), pp. 129-142.

English, Rebecca (2015) Use your freedom of choice : reasons for choosing homeschool in Australia. Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, 9(17).
Number of full-text downloads 141

Hard, Louise M. & O'Gorman, Lyndal M. (2007) 'Push-Me' or 'pull-You'? An opportunity for early childhood leadership in the implementation of Queensland's early years curriculum. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 8(1), pp. 50-60.
Number of full-text downloads 2,289

Hayes, Sharon L. & Ball, Matthew J. (2009) Sexuality in a criminal justice curriculum : a study of student conceptualisations of gay identity. Journal of Australian Studies, 33(3), pp. 273-287.
Number of full-text downloads 283
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Hutchinson, Marion R. (2009) Governance issues in accounting. Accounting Research Journal, 22(2), pp. 89-92.
Number of full-text downloads 886
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Kapitzke, Cushla (2003) Information literacy : a review and poststructural critique. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 26(1), pp. 53-66.
Number of full-text downloads 1,601
Number of citations in Scopus 2

Kelegai, Limbie K. & Middleton, Michael R. (2002) Information technology education in Papua New Guinea: cultural, economic and political influences. Journal of Information Technology Education, 1(1), pp. 11-23.
Number of full-text downloads 404

Kift, Sally M., Nelson, Karen J., & Clarke, John A. (2010) Transition pedagogy : a third generation approach to FYE : a case study of policy and practice for the higher education sector. The International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education, 1(1), pp. 1-20.
Number of full-text downloads 1,905

Klenowski, Valentina (2012) The Australian curriculum : implications for teaching and assessment. Primary English Teaching Association Australia, 186, pp. 1-8.
Number of full-text downloads 757

Miller, Melinda G., Nicholas, Ellen L., & Lambeth, Meaghan L. (2008) Pre-service teachers' critical reflections of arts and education discourse: Reconstructions of experiences in early childhood and higher education. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 9(4), pp. 354-364.
Number of full-text downloads 321
Number of citations in Scopus 3

Nelson, Karen J., Quinn, Carole, Marrington, Andrew, & Clarke, John A. (2012) Good practice for enhancing the engagement and success of commencing students. Higher Education, 63(1), pp. 83-96.
Number of full-text downloads 772
Number of citations in Scopus 14
Number of citations in Web of Science® 10

Nelson, Karen J., Smith, Judith E., & Clarke, John A. (2012) Enhancing the transition of commencing students into university : an institution-wide approach. Higher Education Research and Development, 31(2), pp. 185-199.
Number of full-text downloads 523
Number of citations in Scopus 3
Number of citations in Web of Science® 2

Oliver, Judith-Ann (2006) Developing the human service curriculum using graduate and employer feedback. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 1(1), pp. 35-44.

Page, James S. (2007) Teaching peace to the military. Peace Review: a journal of social justice, 19(4), pp. 571-577.
Number of full-text downloads 438
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Peach, Deborah & Allen, Jeanne Maree (2011) Assessing for work integrated learning experiences : a pre-service teacher perspective. Asia Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education, 12(1), pp. 1-17.
Number of full-text downloads 205

Petriwskyj, Anne, O'Gorman, Lyndal May, & Turunen, Tuija (2013) The interface of the national Australian curriculum and the pre-Year 1 class in school : exploring tensions. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 13(1), pp. 16-22.
Number of full-text downloads 483
Number of citations in Scopus 4
Number of citations in Web of Science® 1

Power, Bernadette M. (2012) Enriching students’ intellectual diet through inquiry based learning. LIBRI - International Journal of Libraries and Information Services, 62(4), pp. 305-325.
Number of full-text downloads 118

Smeed, Judy L. & Bourke, Theresa (2010) Curriculum change in testing times. Teacher : The National Education Magazine, 2010(216), pp. 22-25.

Theobald, Maryanne Agnes & Kultti, Anne (2012) Investigating child participation in the everyday talk of teacher and children in a preparatory year. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 13(3), pp. 210-225.
Number of full-text downloads 657
Number of citations in Scopus 4

Watters, James Joseph (2010) Career decision making among gifted students : the mediation of teachers. Gifted Child Quarterly, 54(3), pp. 222-238.
Number of full-text downloads 244
Number of citations in Scopus 7
Number of citations in Web of Science® 3

Conference Paper

Adams, Michael, Clarke, Sally, & Thomas, Richard (2005) Developing Case Studies to Enhance Student Learning. In Young, A & Tolhurst, D (Eds.) Australasian Computing Education: Proceedings of the Seventh Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2005), January 2005, Australia, New South Wales, Newcastle.

Bruce, Christine S. & Middleton, Michael R. (1999) Implementing Assessment By Portfolio In A Professional Practice Unit. In 1999 Higher Education Research and Development Annual Conference, 12-15 July 1999, Melbourne, Australia.
Number of full-text downloads 288

Buday, Csaba & Jones, Evan (2015) Self and peer review in dance classes using personal video feedback. In World Dance Alliance Global Summit : Contemporising the Past: Envisaging the Future, 6–11 July 2014, Angers, France.

Dalglish, Carol L. (2000) Customer Service, what does it mean for the provision of post graduate business education? In Institute of Public Administration Australia conference, 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2000. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 288

Dalglish, Carol L. (2002) Promoting Effective Learning in a Multicultural Classroom. In EDINEB, June, Mexico. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 7,238

Davis, Leigh M. & Cordiner, Moira (2008) “Not another essay!” Transforming assessment in an evidence-based practice nursing unit. In ATN Assessment Conference 2008 : Engaging Students in Assessment, 19-21 November 2008, University of South Australia, Adelaide.

Docherty, Michael, Sutton, Peter, Brereton, Margot, & Kaplan, Simon (2001) An innovative design and studio-based CS degree. In SIGCSE ’01 : Proceedings of the thirty-second SIGCSE technical symposium on Computer Science Education, ACM, Charlotte, North Carolina, pp. 233-237.
Number of full-text downloads 147
Number of citations in Scopus 20
Number of citations in Web of Science® 16

Ginns, Ian & Norton, Stephen (2005) Exploring the Impact of Pedagogic Approaches in Technology Practice Upon the Construction of Feminine Identity. In Norman, E, Spendlove, D, & Grover, P (Eds.) Inspire and Educate - DATA International Research Conference 2005, 7-9 July 2005, United Kingdom, Sheffield.

Hogan, James, Marrington, Andrew, & Thomas, Richard (2005) Quality Assurance in a Student-Based Agile Software Engineering Process. In Stropper, P (Ed.) Proceedings of the 2005 Australian Software Engineering Conference: ASWEC 2005, 29 March - 1 April 2005, Australia, Queensland, Brisbane.
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Hogan, James & Thomas, Richard (2005) Developing the Software Engineering Team. In Young, A & Tolhurst, D (Eds.) Australasian Computing Education: Proceedings of ACE2005, January 2005, Australia, New South Wales, Newcastle.
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Hudson, Sue M. (2006) Exploring first-year preservice teachers' confidence to teach art education. In Jeffrey, P (Ed.) AARE 2005 Education Research, 27 November - 1 December 2005, Parramatta, N. S. W.
Number of full-text downloads 215

Jewels, Tony J. & Bruce, Christine S. (2003) Using a case method approach in an IT project management curriculum : a long look over the shoulder of a practitioner at work. In Informing Science + IT Education Conference Proceedings, Informing Science Institute, Pori, Finland, pp. 649-661.
Number of full-text downloads 349

Kapitzke, Cushla (2007) Critical copyright literacy: Reading copyright as governmentality. In Australian School Library Association XX Biennial Conference, Hearts on Fire: Sharing the Passion, 2-5 October, 2-5 October 2007, Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide.

Kelegai, Limbie K. & Middleton, Michael R. (2001) Conquering the frontier: developing human resources for ICTs in Papua New Guinea. In Regional Initiative For Information and Communication Technology Strategies (RIFICTS) conference, July 24-26, 2001, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 1,117

Kift, Sally M., Butler, Desmond A., Field, Rachael M., McNamara, Judith, Brown, Catherine, & Gamble, Natalie (2010) Conceptualising a capstone experience for law students. In Australasian Law Teachers Association 65th Annual Conference 2010, 4-7 July 2010, University of Auckland, Auckland. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 140

Kift, Sally M. & Moody, Kim E. (2009) Harnessing assessment and feedback in the first year to support learning success, engagement and retention. In ATN Assessment Conference 2009 Proceedings, RMIT University, Melbourne.
Number of full-text downloads 913

Larkin, Ingrid K. & Beatson, Amanda T. (2010) Assessing and learning in internships: Reflecting on pedagogy and progress. In International Conference on Work Related Learning : "University-Industry Collaboration for Real Life Education" 2010 World Association of Collaborative Education (WACE) Conference, 3 - 5 February, 2010, Hong Kong.
Number of full-text downloads 199

Lloyd, Margaret M. (2001) Reinvention of childhood in a networked world. In McDougall, Anne, Murnane, John S., & Chambers, Dianne (Eds.) 7th World Conference on Computers in Education, 29 July - 3 August 2001, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Number of full-text downloads 94

McArthur, Robert, Broom, Bradley, Middleton, Michael R., & Willie, Sylvia (1995) Experiences with Internet client software in a university IT Faculty. In AusWeb95 The First Australian WorldWideWeb Conference, April 1995, Ballina, New South Wales.
Number of full-text downloads 370

McAuliffe, Marisha B. & Martin, Penelope (2015) Transforming pedagogy: Building the new ‘old school’. In MOOCS E-Learning and Beyond, The Bartlett, University College London, London.

McCowan, Colin R. & Finn, Fran A. (2008) Using the Student E-portfolio as a Learning Tool to Assist in the Transition to Employment. In Australian Association of Career Counsellors 17th National Career Conference, 26 – 28 March, Hobart, Australia.

Middleton, Michael R. (1994) Differences in implementation of programs for the education of information professionals with reference to models developed by professional associations. In 47th FID Conference and Congress, FID/ET Seminar, October, 1994, Omiya, Japan. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 423

Middleton, Michael R., Hallam, Gillian C., & Partridge, Helen L. (2003) Innovative Support for instruction in information and library studies at QUT. In Library and Information Science Education in Asia (LISEA) Seminar, December 11th, 2003, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Number of full-text downloads 444

Nykvist, Shaun S., Daly, Craig B., & Ring, Jared W. (2010) Everyone wants Web 2.0. In Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Computers in Education, Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education (APSCE), Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Number of citations in Scopus 1

O'Connor, Erin L. & Hansen, Julie A. (2008) Why Psychology? Clarifying the expectations of first-year students. In 3rd International Conference on Teaching of Psychology, 12-16 July 2008, St Petersburg, Russia. (Unpublished)

Stickley, Amanda P. (2010) Providing a law degree for the real world : perspective of an Australian law school. In 45th Annual Law Teachers Association Conference : Legal Education Making a Difference, 29-31 March 2010, University of Cambridge, Cambridge. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 212

Thomson, Sheona (2009) Towards a literacy of attention. In HERDSA 2009 The Student Experience, 6-9 July 2009, Darwin, Australia.

Conference Item

Bennett, Joanna & Medew, Karin (2012) Start Smart : QUT’s trial support program for commencing undergraduate students who have not completed year 12 in the past two years. In 15th International FYHE Conference 2012, 26-29 June 2012, Sofitel, Brisbane, QLD.
Number of full-text downloads 80

Crosswell, Leanne, Beutel, Denise A., & Henderson, Deborah J. (2011) A way forward to managing the transition to professional practice for beginning teachers. In 3rd International Conference on Teaching and Learning (ICTL 2011), 14-16 November 2011, Parkroyal Hotel, Penang, Malaysia.

Evans, Richard & Matthew, Anne F. (2012) Should we still lecture? Reconsidering pedagogical approaches to promote student engagement, challenging the traditional lecture. In INTED 2010 Conference : International Technology, Education and Development Conference, 8-10 March 2010, Hotel SH Valencia Palace, Valencia, Spain. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 77

McNamara, Judith, Brown, Catherine, Kift, Sally M., Butler, Desmond A., & Field, Rachael M. (2011) The capstone experience in law. In ALTA 2011 – My Lawyer Rules : Assuring Legal and Education Standards, 3 - 6 July 2011, Stamford Plaza, Brisbane, QLD. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 20

McNamara, Judith, Campbell, Catherine, & Darling, Emily (2013) Moving beyond traditional clinics : creating a new legal clinics through community partnerships. In Common Ground : Sharing across Models of Experiential Legal Education Conference, 16 - 18 July 2013, Griffith University, Brisbane, QLD. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 44

Menzies, Victoria Jane & Nelson, Karen J. (2012) Enhancing student success and retention : an institution-wide strategy for peer programs. In 15th International First Year in Higher Education Conference : New Horizons, 26-29 June 2012, Sofitel Brisbane Central, Brisbane, QLD. (In Press)
Number of full-text downloads 515

Peach, Deborah & Patrick, Carol-joy (2009) Using WIL curriculum to support JCU's learning and teaching goals : a workshop presented at JCU, Townsville and Cairns campuses, Queensland. In A Workshop Presented at JCU, Townsville and Cairns, Qld, Townsville and Cairns, QLD. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 92

Quinn, Carole & Smith, Judith E. (2010) The development of an on-line module for students on “Working in Inter-cultural Teams”. In 13th Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference, 27-30 June 2010, Intercontinental Hotel, Adelaide, SA. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 137

Sendall, Marguerite C., Fleming, MaryLou, & Lidstone, John (2010) Green health promotion in schools : practice, partnerships and policy. In 20th IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion : Health, Equity and Sustainable Development , 11-15 July 2010, Geneva, Switzerland.
Number of full-text downloads 32


Kift, Sally M., Butler, Desmond A., Field, Rachael M., McNamara, Judith, & Brown, Catherine (2013) Curriculum renewal in legal education. Office for Learning and Teaching, Australian Government, Sydney NSW.
Number of full-text downloads 116

Luke, Allan, Cazden, Courtney, Coopes, Rhonda, , , , , , , et al. (2013) A Summative Evaluation of the Stronger Smarter Learning Communities Project : Vol 1 and Vol 2. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, QLD. (Submitted (not yet accepted for publication))
Number of full-text downloads 2,600

McAuliffe, Marisha B. (2004) 'The Shed': Kyabra Community Design Project. Kyabra Community Association. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 8

Narayan, Bhuva & Edwards, Sylvia L. (2011) Good Practice Report : Curriculum Renewal. Australian Learning and Teaching Council Limited, Sydney.
Number of full-text downloads 188

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