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Book Chapter

Bross, Donald C. & Mathews, Benjamin P. (2013) The battered child syndrome : changes in the law and child advocacy. In Krugman , Richard D. & Korbin , Jill E. (Eds.) C. Henry Kempe: A 50 Year Legacy to the Field of Child Abuse and Neglect. Springer Science and Business Media, Dordrecht, pp. 39-50.

Kendall, Gavin P. (2011) Ritual, reason and animals. In Taylor, N. & Signal, T. (Eds.) Theorizing Animals : Rethinking Humanimal Relationships. Brill, pp. 129-146.

Knight, Linda M. (2016) Persistence is fertile: Pushing methodological potentialities in education research. In Cole, David R. & Woodrow, Christine (Eds.) Super Dimensions in Globalisation and Education. Springer, Berlin, pp. 173-188.

Parra Agudelo, Leonardo, Choi, Jaz Hee-jeong, & Foth, Marcus (2017) The city as canvas for change: Grassroots organisations’ creative playing with Bogota. In Nijholt, Anton (Ed.) Playable Cities: The City as a Digital Playground. Springer, Singapore, pp. 189-210.

Rodgers, Jess (2013) Queer, student, activism. In Willett, Graham & Smaal, Yorick (Eds.) Intimacy, Violence and Activism : Gay and Lesbian Perspectives on Australasian History and Society. Monash Univeristy Publishing, Clayton, VIC, pp. 193-208.

Journal Article

Bird, Jessica Nancy, Brough, Mark, & Cox, Leonie (2016) Transnationalism and the Karen wrist-tying ceremony: An ethnographic account of Karen settlement practice in Brisbane. The Australian Journal of Anthropology, 27(1), pp. 104-120.
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Number of citations in Web of Science® 1

Buys, Laurie, Boulton-Lewis, Gillian M., Tedman-Jones, Jan S., Edwards, Helen E., Knox, Marie F., & Bigby, Christine (2008) Issues of active ageing : perceptions of older people with lifelong intellectual disability. Australasian Journal On Ageing, 27(2), pp. 67-71.
Number of full-text downloads 789
Number of citations in Scopus 24
Number of citations in Web of Science® 21

Buys, Laurie & Knight, Stephen (2003) The involvement and influence of adult children in their parents’ decision to move to a retirement village. Australasian Journal on Ageing, 22(2), pp. 91-93.
Number of full-text downloads 221
Number of citations in Scopus 7
Number of citations in Web of Science® 7

Choi, Jaz Hee-jeong, Foth, Marcus, & Hearn, Gregory N. (2009) Site specific mobility and connection in Korea : bangs (rooms) between public and private spaces. Technology in Society, 31(2), pp. 133-138.
Number of full-text downloads 1,119
Number of citations in Scopus 2

Fredericks, Bronwyn L. (2009) Bronwyn Fredericks. Capricorn Citizen Advocacy : Ordinary People, Doing Ordinary Things of Extraordinary Importance 1999-2009, pp. 8-9.
Number of full-text downloads 168

Godber, Allison M., Barnett, Karen R., Buys, Laurie, & Tedman-Jones, Jan S. (2006) Urban Villages and older residents in South-East Queensland. Queensland Planner, 46(1), pp. 15-17.

Hart, Victor G., Thompson, Lester J., & Stedman, Terry (2008) The Indigenous Experience of Australian Civil Society: Making Sense of Historic and Contemporary Institutions. Social Alternatives, 27(1), pp. 52-57.
Number of full-text downloads 809

Holmes, Christina, Carlson, Siobhan M., McDonald, Fiona, Jones, Mavis, & Graham, Janice (2016) Exploring the post-genomic world: Differing explanatory and manipulatory functions of post-genomic sciences. New Genetics and Society, 35(1), pp. 49-68.
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Number of citations in Scopus 2
Number of citations in Web of Science® 2

Kayani, Ahsan Ul Haq, Fleiter, Judy J., & King, Mark J. (2017) Superstitious beliefs and practices in Pakistan: Implications for road safety. Journal of the Australasian College of Road Safety. (In Press)

Miller, Wendy F. (2015) What does built environment research have to do with risk mitigation, resilience and disaster recovery? Sustainable Cities and Society, 19, pp. 91-97.
Number of citations in Scopus 7
Number of citations in Web of Science® 6

Morris, Peter, Buys, Laurie, & Vine, Desley (2014) Moving from outsider to insider : peer status and partnerships between electricity utilities and residential consumers. PLoS One, 9(6), pp. 1-8.
Number of full-text downloads 78
Number of citations in Scopus 3
Number of citations in Web of Science® 1

Nunn, Caitlin, McMichael, Celia, Gifford, Sandra M., & Correa-Velez, Ignacio (2014) ‘I came to this country for a better life’ : factors mediating employment trajectories among young people who migrated to Australia as refugees during adolescence. Journal of Youth Studies, 17(9), pp. 1205-1220.
Number of full-text downloads 70
Number of citations in Scopus 4
Number of citations in Web of Science® 5

Page, James S. (2007) Teaching peace to the military. Peace Review: a journal of social justice, 19(4), pp. 571-577.
Number of full-text downloads 501
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Rawas, Hawazen O., Yates, Patsy, Windsor, Carol A., & Clark, Robyn (2012) Cultural challenges to secondary prevention: Implications for Saudi women. Collegian : Journal of the Royal College of Nursing Australia, 19(1), pp. 51-57.
Number of full-text downloads 446
Number of citations in Scopus 3
Number of citations in Web of Science® 2

Sommerfeld, Jeff & Buys, Laurie (2014) Australian consumer attitudes and decision making on renewable energy technology and its impact on the transformation of the energy sector. Open Journal of Energy Efficiency, 3(3), pp. 85-91.
Number of full-text downloads 136

Thompson, Lester J. & Hil, Richard (2008) From Indigenous cultural recognition to economic mainstreaming : a case study of Indigenous Australian communities. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 3(2), pp. 131-138.
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Thompson, Lester J. & Hill, Richard (2009) Disrupting the new orthodoxy : emergency intervention and Indigenous social policy. New Community Quarterly, 7(1), pp. 49-55.
Number of full-text downloads 544

Thompson, Lester James & West, Deborah (2013) Professional development in the contemporary educational context : encouraging practice wisdom. Social Work Education, 31(1), pp. 118-133.
Number of citations in Scopus 8

Conference Paper

Baker, Douglas & Donehue, Paul (2005) Measuring policy effectiveness : first nations' participation in environmental assessment in Northern British Columbia, Canada. In Star, Cassandra (Ed.) Proceeding of Ecopolitics XVI : Transforming Environmental Governance for the 21st Century Conference, 4-6 July 2005, Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland.
Number of full-text downloads 184

Boulton-Lewis, Gillian M., Buys, Laurie, & Tedman-Jones, Jan S. (2007) Conceptions of aging and engagement in learning for a sample of lifelong intellectually disabled adults. In Bissland, V. & McKenzie, B. (Eds.) A Legacy of Learning : Sharing Global Experiences of Learning in Later Life, 9-11 May 2007, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.
Number of full-text downloads 559

Chan, Frances L. (2003) When witches came out of the closet. In Bradley, Rebecca, Lyddon, Jeff, & Buys, Laurie (Eds.) Social Change in the 21st Century, 21 November 2003, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.
Number of full-text downloads 4,470

Freeman, James E., Schonfeld, Cynthia C., & Sheehan, Mary C. (2003) Report on the Queensland alcohol ignition interlock program. In Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference, September 2003, Sydney.
Number of full-text downloads 461

Hansen, Robert & Bates, Lyndel J. (2004) Mechanisms of Change: The Role of Parliamentary Committees in Road Safety. In Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference 2004, 14-16 November 2004, Perth.
Number of full-text downloads 37

Humphreys, Sal M. (2007) Online social softwares: policy and regulation in a converged medium. In Communication and Policy Research Forum, 24-25 September, UTS Sydney.
Number of full-text downloads 639

Kendall, Gavin P. & Wickham, Gary (2006) Problems with the Critical Posture? Foucault and Critical Discourse Analysis. In Hall, Carly & Hopkinson, Chanel (Eds.) Social Change in the 21st Century 2006, 27th October 2006, Carseldine QUT, Brisbane.
Number of full-text downloads 3,739

Parra Agudelo, Leonardo & Choi, Jaz Hee-jeong (2015) Identifying opportunity spaces for design research in South America: Working with grassroots and community groups. In Proceedings of the XIX Congresso da Sociedade Ibero-Americana de Grafica Digital 2015 [Blucher Design Proceedings, Volume 2, Number 3], Editora Blucher, Florianopolis, Brazil, pp. 724-730.
Number of full-text downloads 27

Parra Agudelo, Leonardo, Choi, Jaz Hee-jeong, & Foth, Marcus (2016) Designing with urban grassroots organisations in South America: Pilot study in Argentina. In Ting: Making Publics Through Provocation, Conflict and Appropriation – A Workshop at the Participatory Design Conference (PDC), 15 August 2016, Aarhus, Denmark. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 26

Partridge, Helen L. (2007) Redefining the digital divide in the 'smart state'. In Ellis, A (Ed.) Proceedings of the Thirteenth Australasian World Wide Web Conference, The Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Number of full-text downloads 515
Number of citations in Scopus 3

Woodbridge, Sandra (2003) Coping With Change: Comparing The Retirement Housing decisions Of Older People. In Bradley, Rebecca, Lyddon, Jeff, & Buys, Laurie (Eds.) Social Change in the 21st Century, 21 November 2003, QUT, Brisbane.
Number of full-text downloads 8,100

Conference Item

Dee, Mike (2012) Towards the ‘gaying’ of public space: Putting the politics into the public and the sexual into space. In After Homosexual: The Legacies of Gay Liberation, 2-4 February 2012, Melbourne, Vic. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 3

Dee, Mike (2009) Young people designing their own survey instrument-a consideration of approaches, processes and pitfalls. In ISCI Conference 2009, 3-5 November 2009, UWS Campus Parramata, N.S.W. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 4

King, Mark J. (2016) Applying traffic psychology in low and middle income countries: A critique. In Sixth International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology (ICTTP2016), 2-5 August 2016, Brisbane, Qld. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 31

McPhail-Bell, Karen (2014) Deadly Choices or deadly choices? An ethnography of health promotion practice with Indigenous Australians. In (Ed.) IUIH/Lowitja Symposium - Innovations in Urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health : Closing the Gap, 20 June 2014, University of Queensland, St Lucia. (Unpublished)


Haukka, Sandra (2011) Older Australians and the Internet. ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, Brisbane , Qld.
Number of full-text downloads 152

Summerville, Jennifer A., Buys, Laurie, & Germann, Roseanne E. (2004) Implementing social impact assessment in local government.
Number of full-text downloads 169

Working Paper

Gagnon, Jean-Paul (2010) The Equality of Sub-Surface Minerals. [Working Paper] (Submitted (not yet accepted for publication))
Number of full-text downloads 355

Smyllie, Susan & Scaife, Wendy A. (2010) Philanthropy for Indigenous causes : more than a 'cup of tea'? Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland. [Working Paper]
Number of full-text downloads 569


QUT Business School, Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, School of Accountancy, Centre for Social Impact Swinburne Factsheet: Giving Australia 2016, Individuals volunteering. Department of Social Services.

Fredericks, Bronwyn L. (1996) Power of smell. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 51

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