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Choi, Jaz Hee-jeong, Foth, Marcus, & Hearn, Gregory N. (Eds.) (2014) Eat Cook Grow : Mixing Human-Computer Interactions with Human-Food Interactions. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.
Number of full-text downloads 1,163

Foth, Marcus (Ed.) (2009) Handbook of Research on Urban Informatics: The Practice and Promise of the Real-Time City. Information Science Reference, IGI Global, Hershey, Pa.
Number of full-text downloads 7,043

McNamara, Andrew E. & Krapp, Peter (Eds.) (2002) Medium Cool. Duke University Press / South Atlantic Quarterly (SAQ), Duke University, Durham, NC, USA.
Number of full-text downloads 2,182

Cunningham, Stuart D. (2006) What price a creative economy? Platform Papers. Currency House, Strawberry Hills, N.S.W..

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O'Farrell, Clare D. (2005) Michel Foucault. Core Cultural Theorists. SAGE Publications, London.

Book Chapter

Brott, Simone (2015) The iconic and the critical. In Hartoonian, Gevork (Ed.) Global Perspectives on Critical Architecture. Ashgate, London & Burlington, pp. 121-134.
Number of full-text downloads 1

Cunningham, Stuart D. (2006) Australia - a creative economy? In Probyn, Elspeth, Muecke, Stephen, & Shoemaker, Adam (Eds.) Creating Value : The Humanities and Their Publics. Australian Academy of the Humanities, Canberra, pp. 33-41.

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Number of full-text downloads 50

Hartley, John (2006) 'Read thy self' : text, audience and method in cultural studies. In White, Mimi & Schwoch, James (Eds.) Questions of method in cultural studies. Blackwell Publishing, United States of America, Massachusetts, Malden, pp. 71-103.

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McKee, Alan (2007) The fans of cultural theory. In Gray, Jonathan, Sandvoss, Cornel, & Harrington, C. Lee (Eds.) Fandom : identities and communities in a mediated world. New York University Press, New York, pp. 88-97.

McNamara, Andrew E. (2008) The Promise of Modernity—Ken G. Hall's "Dad and Dave Come to Town" (1938-39). In Stephen, Ann, Goad, Philip, & McNamara, Andrew (Eds.) Modern Times: The Untold Story of Modernism in Australia. The Miegunyah Press/Powerhouse Publishing, Melbourne and Sydney, xxv-xxviii.
Number of full-text downloads 377

McNamara, Andrew E. (2007) Wondrous objectivity : art history, Freud, and detection. In Liu, Catherine, Mowitt, John, Pepper, Thomas, & Spicer, Jakki (Eds.) Dreams of Interpretation : A Century down the Royal Road. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, pp. 283-299.

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Tait, Gordon (1994) Foucault, sex and youth policy. In Bessant, J, Cook, S, Coventry, G, Maunders, D, & Wyn, J (Eds.) Rethinking policies for young people : conference proceedings, National Conference, 14th-16th April 1993. Youth Research Centre, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria, pp. 97-105.

Tait, Gordon (1999) Youth cultures, style and education. In Meadmore, Daphne, Burnett, Bruce, & O'Brien, Peter (Eds.) Understanding Education : contexts and agendas for the new millennium. Prentice Hall, Sydney, New South Wales, pp. 75-81.

Journal Article

Armitage, John & Graham, Philip W. (2001) Dromoeconomics: Towards a Political Economy of Speed. Parallax, 7(1), pp. 111-123.
Number of full-text downloads 827
Number of citations in Scopus 17

Bennett, Tony, Miller, Toby, Swanson, Gillian, & Tait, Gordon (1991) Youth cultures and arts policies. Culture and Policy, 3(1), pp. 136-179.

Bruns, Axel (2008) Reconfiguring Television for a Networked, Produsage Context. Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy: quarterly journal of media research and resources.
Number of full-text downloads 2,733
Number of citations in Scopus 10
Number of citations in Web of Science® 4

Burgess, Jean E. (2005) Sounds in Social Space: Topology and Their Audience as a Subculture. Sounds Australian Journal, 65.

Coyne, Joseph J. & Woods, Wally (2002) Constructing subjects and making experts : reading the politics of the psychotherapy novel. Social Semiotics, 12(3), pp. 315-330.

Diaz-Bone, Rainer, Buhrmann, Andrea, Gutierrez-Rodriguez, Encarnacion, Schneider, Werner, Kendall, Gavin, & Tirado, Francisco (2008) The field of Foucaultian discourse analysis: structures, developments and perspectives. Historical Social Research, 33(1), pp. 7-28.
Number of citations in Scopus 2
Number of citations in Web of Science® 3

Fairclough, Norman & Graham, Philip W. (2002) Marx as critical discourse analyst : the genesis of a critical method and its relevance to the critique of global capital. Estudios de Sociolinguistica, 3(1), pp. 185-229.
Number of full-text downloads 2,367

Flew, Terry (2015) Foucault, Weber, neoliberalism and the politics of governmentality. Theory, Culture and Society. (In Press)

Flew, Terry (2012) Michel Foucault's 'the birth of biopolitics' and contemporary neo-liberalism debates. Thesis Eleven, 108(1), pp. 44-65.
Number of full-text downloads 706
Number of citations in Scopus 8

Flew, Terry (2014) Six theories of neoliberalism. Thesis Eleven, 122(1), pp. 49-71.
Number of full-text downloads 146
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Foth, Marcus (2007) Willson, Michele A., Technically Together : Rethinking Community within Techno-Society. Media International Australia, 123.
Number of full-text downloads 392

Free, Anna (2008) The real lies: The simulacrum in Catherine Fisher's The Oracle. Papers: Explorations into Children's Literature, 18(2), pp. 54-57.

Graham, Philip W. & McKenna, Bernard (2000) A Theoretical and Analytical Synthesis of Autopoiesis and Sociolinguistics for the Study of Organisational Communication. Social Semiotics, 10(1), pp. 41-59.
Number of full-text downloads 768
Number of citations in Scopus 6

Gu, Xin (2010) Social network and aesthetic reflexivity in the creative industries. Journal of International Communication, 16(2), pp. 55-66.

Hadley, Bree J. & Caines, Rebecca (2009) Negotiating selves: exploring cultures of disclosure. MC Journal, 12(5).

Hartley, John (2009) Digital scholarship and pedagogy, the next step : cultural science. Cinema Journal, 48(2), pp. 138-145.
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Kendall, Gavin P., Collins, Alan, & Michael, Mike (1997) Constructing risk: Psychology, medicine and child welfare. Journal of Applied Social Behaviour, 4(1), pp. 15-25.
Number of full-text downloads 1,188

Mallan, Kerry M. (2000) Witches, bitches and femmes fatales: viewing the female grotesque in children’s film. Papers: explorations into children's literature, 10(1), pp. 26-35.
Number of full-text downloads 3,408

McKee, Alan (2008) Looking for fun in cultural science. Cultural Science, 1(2).
Number of full-text downloads 347

McNamara, Andrew E. (2006) The Myth of New Media. Media-N: Journal of the New Media Caucus, 2(3), online.
Number of full-text downloads 304

McNamara, Andrew E. & Butler, Rex (1995) All About Yve: An Interview with Yve-Alain Bois. Eyeline, Autumn(27), pp. 16-21.
Number of full-text downloads 3,651

Muller, Vivienne (2006) Constituting Christopher : disability theory and Mark Haddon's 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time'. Papers: Explorations into Children's Literature, 16(2), pp. 118-125.

O'Farrell, Clare D. (2006) Foucault and Post Modernism. The Sydney Papers, 18(3-4), pp. 182-194.
Number of full-text downloads 2,819

Page, James S. (2008) Deconstructing the enduring appeal of the Third Reich. Journal of Intercultural Studies, 29(2), pp. 189-196.
Number of full-text downloads 640

Pennings, Mark W. (2005) The Kingpins. un Magazine, pp. 50-51.
Number of full-text downloads 386

Tait, Gordon (1993) 'Anorexia Nervosa' : asceticism, differentiation, government. Journal of Sociology, 29(2), pp. 194-208.
Number of full-text downloads 387
Number of citations in Web of Science® 4

Tait, Gordon (1998) Identity, relationships and culture. Journal of the Home Economics Institute of Australia, 5(1), pp. 15-18.

Tait, Gordon (1993) Re-assessing streetkids : a critique of subculture theory. Child and Youth Care Forum, 22(2), pp. 234-240.
Number of citations in Scopus 2

Tait, Gordon (1999) Rethinking youth cultures : the case of the 'Gothics'. Social Alternatives, 18(2), pp. 15-21.
Number of full-text downloads 1,094

Tait, Gordon (1993) Youth, personhood and 'practices of the self'. Journal of Sociology, 29(1), pp. 40-54.
Number of full-text downloads 301
Number of citations in Web of Science® 8

Conference Paper

Burgess, Jean E., Foth, Marcus, & Klaebe, Helen G. (2006) Everyday Creativity as Civic Engagement: A Cultural Citizenship View of New Media. In Communications Policy & Research Forum, Sep 25-26, Sydney.
Number of full-text downloads 4,063

Flew, Terry (2012) Six theories of Neoliberalism. In Emerging and Enduring Inequalities : the Annual Conference of the Australian Sociological Association 2012, 26-29 November 2012, University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 361

Graham, Linda J. (2005) Discourse Analysis and the Critical Use of Foucault. In The Australian Association of Research in Education Annual Conference, 27th November - 1st December 2005, Parramatta, Sydney. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 47,636

Hanna, Barbara (2002) Plus ca Change ... : Social Change and New Social Practices, the Case of French Internet Fora. In Hanna, B, Woodley, E, Buys, E, & Summerville, J (Eds.) Social Change in the 21st Century Conference Proceedings: Refereed Conference Papers, 22 November 2002, Brisbane, Queensland.

Tait, Gordon (1992) Education research and youth subculture theory. In Proceedings of AARE 1992 International Education Conference, AARE, Deakin University, South Australia.
Number of full-text downloads 1,024



Gaffney, Kiley (2015) Cosmopolitan tendencies in recent intersubjective art. PhD thesis, University of Queensland.
Number of full-text downloads 3

Rimmer, Matthew (2001) The Pirate Bazaar: The Social Life of Copyright Law. PhD thesis, The Faculty of Law, The University of New South Wales.
Number of full-text downloads 11

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