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Book Chapter

Graham, Philip W. (2002) Space and Cyberspace: on the enclosure of consciousness. In Armitage, John & Roberts, Joanne (Eds.) Living with cyberspace: technology & society in the 21st century. Continuum International Publishing Group, London, pp. 156-164.
Number of full-text downloads 437

Graham, Philip W. & Goodrum, Abby (2007) New media literacies : at the intersection of technical, cultural, and discursive knowledges. In Mansell, Robyn & Avgerou, Crisanthi (Eds.) The Oxford handbook of information and communication technologies. Oxford University Press, United Kingdom, Oxford, pp. 473-493.

Journal Article

Anderson, Dianne P., Harvey, A. Simon, Saling, Michael M., Anderson, Vicki, Kean, Michael, Abbott, David F., et al. (2006) FMRI lateralization of expressive language in children with cerebral lesions. Epilepsia, 47(6), pp. 998-1008.
Number of citations in Scopus 49
Number of citations in Web of Science® 43

Ashton-Hay, S. & Brookes, D. (2011) Here’s a story : using student podcasts to raise awareness of language. EA Journal, 26(2), pp. 15-27.
Number of full-text downloads 376

Cowley, Peter & Hanna, Barbara E. (2004) Cross-cultural skills – crossing the disciplinary divide. Language and Communication, 25(1), pp. 1-17.
Number of full-text downloads 759
Number of citations in Scopus 1
Number of citations in Web of Science® 2

Dillon, Lisette (2010) Listening to voices of self : digital journaling among gifted young adolescents. Qualitative Research Journal, 10(1), pp. 13-27.
Number of full-text downloads 261
Number of citations in Scopus 6

Gao, Jun (2013) Basic cognitive experiences and definitions in the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. International Journal of Lexicography, 26(1), pp. 58-89.
Number of citations in Web of Science® 2

Gislason, Kari (2006) Reading for saga authorship: a character-based approach. Gripla, 2006(XVII), pp. 125-152.

Graham, Philip W. & Luke, Allan (2005) The language of neofeudal corporatism and the war on Iraq. Journal of Language and Politics, 4(1), pp. 11-39.

Graham, Philip W. & Paulsen, Neil (2002) Third-sector discourses and the future of (un)employment : skilled labor, new technologies, and the meaning of work. Text and Talk, 22(3), pp. 443-467.
Number of full-text downloads 107
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Hanna, Barbara E. & de Nooy, Juliana (2004) Negotiating cross-cultural difference in electronic discussion. Multilingua - Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication, 23(3), pp. 257-281.
Number of full-text downloads 3,432
Number of citations in Scopus 7

Iyer, Radha (2009) Entrepreneurial Identities and the Problematic of Subjectivity in Media Mediated Discources. Discourse and Society, 20(2), pp. 241-263.
Number of citations in Scopus 12
Number of citations in Web of Science® 6

Luke, Allan (2003) Literacy and the Other : a sociological approach to literacy research and policy in multilingual societies. Reading Research Quarterly, 38(1), pp. 122-128.
Number of citations in Scopus 83
Number of citations in Web of Science® 57

Luke, Allan (2004) On the material consequences of literacy. Language and Education, 18(4), pp. 331-335.

Maganti, Hari Krishna, Gatica-Perez, Daniel, & McCowan, Iain A. (2007) Speech enhancement and recognition in meetings with an audio–visual sensor array. IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 15(8), 2257 -2269.
Number of full-text downloads 408
Number of citations in Scopus 29
Number of citations in Web of Science® 23

McCowan, Iain, Lincoln, Mike, & Himawan, Ivan (2008) Microphone array shape calibration in diffuse noise fields. IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, 16(3), pp. 666-670.
Number of citations in Scopus 41
Number of citations in Web of Science® 31

McKay, Penelope A. (2005) Research into the assessment of school-age language learners. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 25, pp. 243-263.
Number of full-text downloads 1,093
Number of citations in Scopus 8

McKay, Penelope A. & Brindley, Geoff (2007) Educational reform and ESL assessment in Australia: New roles and new tensions. Language Assessment Quarterly, 4(1), pp. 69-84.

Meuter, Renata, Humphreys, Glyn, & Rumiati, Raffaella (2002) Bilingual language switching and the frontal lobes: Modulatory control in language selection. International Journal of Bilingualism, 6(2), pp. 109-124.

Mills, Kathy A. (2005) Deconstructing binary oppositions in literacy discourse and pedagogy. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 28(1), pp. 67-82.
Number of full-text downloads 2,746

Mills, Kathy A. (2009) Multiliteracies: Interrogating competing discourses. Language and Education, 23(2), pp. 103-116.
Number of full-text downloads 1,741
Number of citations in Scopus 29
Number of citations in Web of Science® 17

Singh, Parlo & Doherty, Catherine A. (2004) Global cultural flows and pedagogic dilemmas: Teaching in the global university contact zone. TESOL Quarterly, 38(1), pp. 9-42.
Number of full-text downloads 1,525
Number of citations in Scopus 55
Number of citations in Web of Science® 39

Thompson, William F., Graham, Philip W., & Russo, Frank A. (2005) Seeing music performance : visual influences on perception and experience. Semiotica: Journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies, 2005(156), pp. 203-227.
Number of full-text downloads 319
Number of citations in Scopus 77
Number of citations in Web of Science® 49

Walsh, Kerryann M. & Brandon, Leisa (2012) Their children's first educators : parents' views about child sexual abuse prevention education. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 21(5), pp. 734-746.
Number of citations in Scopus 5
Number of citations in Web of Science® 5

Conference Paper

Amaral, Carla, Taboada, Manuela B., & Chamorro-Koc, Marianella (2014) Design democratisation and its understandings through the meaning of the word “design” in Portuguese colonised countries. In Design with the other 90% : Cumulus Johannesburg Conference Proceedings, Greenside Design Centre and University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, pp. 162-168.
Number of full-text downloads 66

Graham, Philip W. (1999) Widening the context for interdisciplinary social research : SFL as a method for sociology, anthropology, and communication research. In ASFLA '99. Proceedings of the Conference., University of Queensland, Brisbane, Qld.
Number of full-text downloads 150

Conference Item

Mills, Kathy A. (2008) The kineikonic mode : a multimodal analysis of students’ claymation movies. In 35th International Systemic Functional Linguistics Association Conference: Voices Around the World, 21-25 July 2008, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.


Graham, Philip W. (2001) Review : Why study the media ? Information, Communication and Society, 4(1), pp. 137-138.
Number of full-text downloads 3,581

Working Paper

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