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(2006) Rural and Remote Road Safety Research Project - Five Year crash and area profile of North Queensland - Monograph 3. CARRS-Q Monograph Series, Monograph. CARRS-Q, QUT, Carseldine, Queensland.
Number of full-text downloads 313

Aubusson, Peter J., Harrison, Allan G., & Ritchie, Stephen M. (Eds.) (2006) Metaphor and analogy in science education. Science & Technology Education Library, 30. Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

Bennett, Belinda (Ed.) (2006) Health, Rights and Globalisation. The International Library of Medicine, Ethics and Law. Ashgate, Aldershot.

Bennett, Belinda & Tomossy, George F. (Eds.) (2006) Globalisation and Health : Challenges for Health Law and Bioethics. International Library of Ethics, Law, and the New Medicine, 27. Springer Publishing Company, The Netherlands.

Brown, Kerry A., Hampson, Keith D., & Brandon, Peter S. (Eds.) (2006) Clients driving construction innovation : moving ideas to practice. Icon.Net Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Qld.
Number of full-text downloads 863

Bruce, Christine S., Mohay, George M., Smith, Glenn P., Stoodley, Ian D., & Tweedale, Robyn (Eds.) (2006) Transforming IT Education: Promoting a Culture of Excellence. Informing Science Press, Santa Rosa, CA. USA.

Bruns, Axel & Jacobs, Joanne (Eds.) (2006) Uses of blogs. Peter Lang, New York.

Castleton, Geraldine, Gerber, Rod, & Pillay, Hitendra K. (Eds.) (2006) Improving Workplace Learning: Emerging International Perspectives. Nova Science Publishers, New York, USA.

Corke, Peter & Sukkarieh, Salah (Eds.) (2006) Field and Service Robotics Results of the 5th International Conference. Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics, 25. Springer.

Cunningham, Stuart & Turner, Graeme (Eds.) (2006) The Media and Communications in Australia. Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest, N.S.W..
Number of full-text downloads 432

Hamilton, Jillian G. (Ed.) (2006) Intimate transactions : art, exhibition and interaction within distributed network environments. ACID - Australasian CRC for Interaction Design, Brisbane, QLD..

Hayes, Sharon L., Lauchs, Mark A., & Stobbs, Nigel (Eds.) (2006) Social Ethics for Legal and Justice Professionals. Pearson Education Australia, Sydney.

Kapitzke, Cushla & Bruce, Bertram C. (Eds.) (2006) Libr@ries : changing information space and practice. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Mahwah, New Jersey.

Nayak, Richi & Zaki, Mohammad (Eds.) (2006) Knowledge Discovery from XML documents: PAKDD 2006 Workshop Proceedings First International Workshop, KDXD 2006, Singapore, April 9, 2006. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3915. Springer.

Russell-Bennett, Rebekah & Beatson, Amanda T. (Eds.) (2006) 2006 Faculty of Business Research Student's Colloquium - Research Across Boundaries: Enhancing Research. Faculty of Business, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Qld..
Number of full-text downloads 504

Taylor, Mark & Preston, Julieanna (Eds.) (2006) Intimus : interior design theory reader. Wiley-Academy (John Wiley and Sons), United Kingdom, Chichester.
Number of full-text downloads 304


Ang, Ien, Brand, Jeffrey E., Noble, Greg, & Sternberg, Jason (2006) Connecting Diversity : Paradoxes of Multicultural Australia. Special Broadcasting Service Corporation.


Bennett, John & Tayler, Collette P. (2006) Starting Strong II: Early Childhood Education and Care. OECD, Paris.

Burton, Kelley J. & Mackenzie, Geraldine Isabel (2006) Butterworths Questions and Answers : Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia. Butterworths Questions and Answers. LexisNexis, Australia.


Campbell, Marilyn A. (2006) Anthony the shy alien. Post Pressed, Flaxton, Qld..

Campbell, Marilyn A. (2006) Beulah the Anxious Bully. Post Pressed, Flaxton, Qld..

Campbell, Marilyn A. (2006) Carla the Terrified Koala. Post Pressed, Flaxton, Qld..

Campbell, Marilyn A. (2006) Cilla the Worried Gorilla. Post Pressed, Flaxton, Qld..

Campbell, Marilyn A. (2006) Danny the Frightened Dinosaur. Post Pressed, Flaxton, Qld..

Campbell, Marilyn A. (2006) Dig the Fearful Pig. Post Pressed, Flaxton, Qld..

Campbell, Marilyn A. (2006) Jali the Nervous New Boy. Post Pressed, Flaxton, Qld..

Carr, Mary Joanna & Pauwels, Anne (2006) Boys and Foreign Language Learning : Real Boys Don't Do Languages. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Cunningham, Stuart D. (2006) What price a creative economy? Platform Papers. Currency House, Strawberry Hills, N.S.W..


Dawson, Edward P., Duncan, William D., Christensen, Sharon A., Black, Peter J., Foo, Ernest, Du, Rong, et al. (2006) eTendering - Security and Legal Issues. Cooperative Research Centre for Construction Innovation, for Icon.Net Pty Ltd., Brisbane. (Unpublished)
Number of full-text downloads 1,201

DeKeseredy, W (2006) Advancing Critcal Criminology: Theory and Application. Lexington Books, Lanham, MD.

Dingsdag, Donald P., Biggs, Herbert C., Sheahan, Vaughn L., & Cipolla, Dean J. (2006) A Construction Safety Competency Framework : Improving OH&S Performance by Creating and Maintaining a Safety Culture. CRC for Construction Innovation, Brisbane, Qld.
Number of full-text downloads 5,746

Dixon, R.M.W, Moore, Bruce, Ramson, W.S, & Thomas, Mandy (2006) Australian Aboriginal words in English : their origin and meaning [Second edition]. Oxford University Press, South Mebourne, Australia.

DuBrin, Andrew, Dalglish, Carol L., & Miller, Peter (2006) Leadership [2nd Asia-Pacific ed.]. John Wiley and Sons, Milton, QLD.

Duffield, Lee R. & Cokley, John (2006) I, Journalist: Coping with and crafting media information in the 21st century. Pearson Education Australia, Frenchs Forest, N.S.W..
Number of full-text downloads 1,470


Edwards, Sylvia L. (2006) Panning for Gold: Information Literacy and the Net Lenses Model. Auslib Press, Adelaide, SA.

Efron, Nathan (2006) Optometry A-Z. Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford.


Fisher, Douglas E. (2006) Implementing The National Water Initiative: A generic set of arrangements for managing interests in water. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.
Number of full-text downloads 267

Fitzgerald, Brian F., Fitzgerald, Anne M., Perry, Mark, Kiel-Chisholm, Scott D., Driscoll, Erin P., Thampapillai, Dilan, et al. (2006) Open Access to Knowledge (OAK) Law Project Report No. 1: Creating a legal framework for copyright management of open access within the Australian academic and research sector. QUT Faculty of Law - The OAK Law Project, Brisbane, Qld..
Number of full-text downloads 3,255


Gattenhof, Sandra J. (2006) Drivers of change : contemporary Australian theatre for young people. Drama Australia, 5. Drama Australia, Australia, Queensland, Brisbane.

Guaralda, Mirko (2006) Le infrastrutture viarie dismesse o declassate ed il progetto di paesaggio. Libreria CLUP Soc. Coop., Segrate (MI) - Italy.


Hartley, John (2006) TV50. Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Australia, Victoria, Melbourne.

Haworth, Narelle L. & Rowden, Peter J. (2006) Investigation of fatigue related motorcycle crashes - literature review (RSD0261). Report to VicRoads. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.
Number of full-text downloads 1,091

Hills, Andrew P., Byrne, Nuala M., & King, Neil A. (2006) Physical activity and obesity. Smith-Gordon.

Hogg, Russell & Carrington, Kerry (2006) Policing the rural crisis. The Federation Press, NSW Australia.

Hutchinson, Terry C. (2006) Researching and writing in law (2nd ed.). Thomson Lawbook Co., Pyrmont, N.S.W.


Klaebe, Helen G. (2006) Sharing Stories: A Social History of the Kelvin Grove Urban Village. Focus Publishing, Sydney.
Number of full-text downloads 765


Lastowka, F. Gregory & Hunter, Dan (2006) Amateur-to-Amateur : The Rise of a New Creative Culture. Policy analysis, 567. Cato Institute, Washington, D.C..

Lidstone, John (2006) Cultural issues of our time. Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, Australia.

London, Kerry (2006) Adopting eBusiness in Building and Construction. CRC for Construction Innovation, Brisbane , Qld.
Number of full-text downloads 269


McGregor-Lowndes, Myles, O'Connell Hood, Margi C., Paxton-Hall, Paul M., Bennett, Steve, Creyton, Mark, Morgan, Diane, et al. (2006) Developing Your Organisation: For Queensland Incorporated Associations. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, QLD..
Number of full-text downloads 1,736

McKay, Penelope A. (2006) Assessing Young Language Learners. Cambridge University Press.

McKee, Alan (2006) Beautiful things in popular culture. Blackwell Publishing, Malden, MA.
Number of full-text downloads 401

McMahon, Mary L. & Patton, Wendy A. (2006) Career Counselling: Constructivist Approaches. Routledge, London ; New York.



Patton, Wendy A. & McMahon, Mary L. (2006) Career Development and Systems theory : Connecting Theory and Practice (2nd edition). Career Development Series, 1. Sense Publishers, Rotterdam.


Robinson, Timothy (2006) Work, Leisure and the Environment. Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, United Kingdom, England, Cheltenham.
Number of full-text downloads 49


Sampford, Charles (2006) Retrospectivity and the rule of law. Oxford University Press, United Kingdom, Oxford.

Sheehan, Mary C., Steinhardt, Dale A., & Schonfeld, Cynthia C. (2006) A content analysis of Australian motor vehicle advertising. ATSB Research and Analysis Report, CR228. Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Civic Square, ACT.
Number of full-text downloads 15

Shochet, Ian M. & Wurfl, Astrid (2006) Resourceful Adolescent Program for Teachers (RAP-T) : a program for teachers to promote school connectedness in teenagers. School of Psychology and Counselling, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, QLD.

Stephen, Ann (2006) On looking at looking : the art and politics of Ian Burn. Miegunyah Press series, 2 (70). Melbourne University Publishing, Clayton, Vic..

Stephen, Ann, McNamara, Andrew E., & Goad, Philip (2006) Modernism and Australia: Documents on art, design and architecture 1917-1967. The Miegunyah Press/Melbourne University Publishing, Australia, Victoria, Melbourne.

Styles, Tanya & Edmonston, Colin J. (2006) Australian Indigenous road safety: 2005 update. ATSB Research and Analysis Report, CR225. Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Civic Square, ACT.


Trocki, Carl A. (2006) Singapore: Wealth, power and the culture of control. Routledge, United States of America, New York.

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