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Bellamy, Alex J., Davies, Sara E., & Glanville, Luke (Eds.) (2010) The Responsibility to Protect and International Law. Martinus Nijhoff, Leiden.

Carr, Eloise, Layzell, Mandy, & Christensen, Martin (Eds.) (2010) Advancing Nursing Practice in Pain Management. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, United Kingdom.

Davies, Sara E. & Glanville, Luke (Eds.) (2010) Protecting the Displaced : Deepening the Responsibility to Protect. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers/Brill, Leiden.
Number of citations in Scopus 1

Davis, Julie M. (Ed.) (2010) Young Children and the Environment : Early Learning for Sustainability. Cambridge University Press, Melbourne.

Dolinšek, Slavko & Lyons, Terry (Eds.) (2010) Socio-Cultural and Human Values in Science and Technology Education : Proceedings of the XIV Symposium of the International Organisation for Science and Technology Education. Institute for Innovation and Development of University of Ljubjana, Slovenia.

Duffield, Lee R. & Ianziti, Gary J. (Eds.) (2010) Europe and the Media: Building a new kind of Europe; is mass media the key? VDM Verlag Dr Muller, Saarbrucken, Germany.
Number of full-text downloads 349

Fitzgerald, Brian F. (Ed.) (2010) Access to public sector information : law, technology and policy. Sydney University Press, Sydney.
Number of full-text downloads 15,426

Graham, Linda J. (Ed.) (2010) (De)Constructing ADHD : Critical Guidance for Teachers and Teacher Educators. Disability Studies in Education, 9. Peter Lang Publishing, New York.

Ling, Robin S.M., Lee, A.J. Clive, Gie, Graham A., Timperley, A. John, Hubble, Matthew J.W., Howell, Jonathan R., et al. (Eds.) (2010) The Exeter Hip. 40 Years of Innovation in Total Hip Arthroplasty. Exeter Hip Publishing, Exeter, UK, pp. 195-200.

McGregor-Lowndes, Myles & O'Halloran, Kerry (Eds.) (2010) Modernising charity law : recent developments and future directions. Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, United Kingdom.

Moran, Albert & Keane, Michael A. (Eds.) (2010) Cultural adaptation. Routledge, London.

Pendergast, Donna & Bahr, Nan (Eds.) (2010) Teaching middle years : rethinking curriculum, pedagogy and assessment [2nd. ed.]. Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest, N.S.W.

Romano, Angela R. (Ed.) (2010) International journalism and democracy : civic engagement models from around the world. Routledge, New York and London.
Number of full-text downloads 355

Strachan, Glenda, French, Erica L., & Burgess, John (Eds.) (2010) Managing Diversity in Australia : Theory and Practice. McGraw-Hill, Sydney, Australia.

White, Benjamin P., McDonald, Fiona, & Willmott, Lindy (Eds.) (2010) Health law in Australia. Thomson Reuters Australia, Sydney.

Yigitcanlar, Tan (Ed.) (2010) Sustainable urban and regional infrastructure development : technologies, applications and management. Premier Reference Source. IGI Global, Hershey, Pa.
Number of full-text downloads 498

Yigitcanlar, Tan, Yates, Peter, & Kunzmann, Klaus (Eds.) (2010) The 3rd Knowledge Cities World Summit Proceedings. Knowledge Cities World Summit Proceedings, 3rd. World Capital Institute, City of Melbourne & Office of Knowledge Capital, Melbourne, VIC.
Number of full-text downloads 34


Baker, Andrew (2010) Questions of Science : a Book for Everyone Who Wonders about the World [Revised Edition]. Pearson Australia, Frenchs Forest, N.S.W..

Barnett, Adrian G. & Dobson, Annette J. (2010) Analysing Seasonal Health Data. Statistics for Biology and Health. Springer, New York.

Brader, Andy (2010) Youth identities : time, space and social exclusion : exploring youth policy and practice in Sheffield, 1999-2003. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, Germany.

Bredillet, Christophe, Turner, Rodney, Huemann, Martina, & Anbari, Frank (2010) Perspectives on Projects. Routledge, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY.

Briggs, Maxwell (2010) Big project ventures: facilitating a collaborative planning and implementation process. Lambert Academic Publishing AG & Co., Germany.


Carson, Susan J. (2010) Seeking a life in the literary position : the writing of Charmian Clift. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, Saarbrucken, Germany.

Coffey, Vaughan (2010) Understanding Organisational Culture in the Construction Industry. Spon Research. Spon Press/ Taylor & Francis, Abingdon, Oxon.

Coleman, Cynthia, Krever, Richard, Hanegbi, Rami, McLaren, John, Hart, Geoffrey, Jogorgan, Sunita, et al. (2010) Principles of taxation law (4th Edition). Lawbook Company / Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia , Pyrmont, NSW, Australia .

Crane, Philip & O'Regan, Maureen (2010) On PAR : Using Participatory Action Research to Improve Early Intervention. Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Australian Government, Canberra.
Number of full-text downloads 951

Crane, Philip R. (2010) Participatory action research workbook. Social Work and Human Services, Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Qld.
Number of full-text downloads 1,478


Dalglish, Carol L. & Miller, Peter (2010) Leadership : Understanding its Global Impact. Tilde University Press, Prahran.

Davidson, J (2010) Online groomers: Profiling, policing and prevention. Russell House, Lyme Regis.

Dean, Geoff, Fahsing, Ivar A., & Gottschalk, Petter (2010) Organized crime : policing illegal business entrepreneurialism. Oxford University Press, Oxford.
Number of full-text downloads 77

Durrant, Nicola (2010) Legal responses to climate change. Federation Press, Sydney, New South Wales.


Efron, Nathan (2010) Contact Lens Practice, 2nd Edition. Butterworth Heinemann Elsevier, China.

Evans, Peter & Hargreaves, Douglas (2010) Values-driven leadership. Tilde University Press, Prahran, VIC..


Gardner, Glenn E., Gardner, Anne, Middleton, Sandy, & Della, Phillip (2010) AUSPRAC : The Nurse Practitioner Research Toolkit. Australian College of Nurse Practitioners, AUSPRAC.
Number of full-text downloads 19

Goldsmith, Ben & Lealand, Geoff (2010) Directory of World Cinema : Australia and New Zealand. Directory of World Cinema, 3. Intellect Books, Bristol, UK.

Goldsmith, Ben, Ward, Susan, & O'Regan, Tom (2010) Local Hollywood: global film production and the Gold Coast. University Of Queensland Press, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Grieshaber, S. & McArdle, F. (2010) The trouble with play. Open University Press, Maidenhead.


Hanusch, Folker (2010) Representing Death in the News : Journalism, Media and Mortality. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.

Hazelwood, Zoe & Shakespeare-Finch, Jane E. (2010) Let's talk (listen feel think act) : communication for health professionals. Pearson Education Australia, French's Forest, N.S.W.

Heim, Caroline L. (2010) Theatre audience contribution : facilitating a new text through the post-performance discussion. Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany.

Hill, Charles, Wickramasekera, Rumintha, & Cronk, Thomas (2010) Global Business Today 2nd edition. McGraw-Hill Australia, North Ryde, N.S.W..

Huang, Marvin, McDonnell, John, & Beatson, Amanda T. (2010) Establishing a quality franchise relationship in Taiwan : Investigating relationships between relationship quality, loyalty and cooperation. VDM Verlag Dr Muller Aktiengesellschaft and Co. KG, Germany.

Hudson, Brian (2010) Whe' yu' from? Garliford Publishing, Brisbane.

Hutchinson, Terry C. (2010) Researching and writing in law (3rd ed.). Lawbook Co./Thomson Reuters, Sydney.


Irons, Calvin J., Burnett, James, & Turton, Allan (2010) Stepping Stones A world-Class Mathematics program for the Australian Curriculum Year 1 (Student Journal). ORIGO, Australia.

Irons, Calvin J., Burnett, James, & Turton, Allan (2010) Stepping stones : student journal : year 2. ORIGO Education, Narangba, QLD.

Irons, Calvin J., Burnett, James, & Turton, Allan (2010) Stepping stones : teacher lesson plans : year 1. Stepping Stones. ORIGO Education, Narangba, Qld.

Irons, Calvin J., Burnett, James, & Turton, Allan (2010) Stepping stones : teacher lesson plans : year 2. ORIGO Education, Narangba, QLD.

Irons, Calvin J., Turton, Allan, Turton, Allan, & Stowasser, Peter (2010) Stepping stones : student guide : year 3. ORIGO Education, Narangba, QLD.

Irons, Rosemary R. (2010) Stepping stones : teacher lesson plans : year K. ORIGO Education, Narangba, QLD.

Irons, Rosemary R. & Burnett, James (2010) Stepping stones : student journal : year K. ORIGO Education, Narangba, QLD.


Karim, Saiful (2010) A Compilation of Securities and Exchange Laws. Shams Publications, Dhaka.

Keane, Michael A. (2010) The QUT creative industries experience. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Qld.
Number of full-text downloads 389


Luke, Belinda G. (2010) Strategic entrepreneurship in New Zealand's state-owned enterprises : underlying elements and financial implications. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany.


Managi, Shunsuke & Kaneko, Shinji (2010) Chinese economic development and the environment. New Horizons in Environmental Economics. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham .

McIlwraith, Janine & Madden, Bill (2010) Health Care and the Law [Fifth Edition]. Lawbook Company, Thomson Reuters, Rozelle, N.S.W..

McNair, Brian (2010) Journalists in film : heroes & villains. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Metaxiotis, Kostas, Carrillo, Francisco Javier, & Yigitcanlar, Tan (2010) Knowledge-based development for cities and societies : integrated multi-level approaches. Premier Reference Source. IGI Global, United States of America.
Number of full-text downloads 568

Muncie, John, Talbot, Deborah, & Walters, Reece (2010) Crime: local and global. Willan Publishing, United Kingdom.


O'Connor, Justin (2010) Arts and creative industries. Australia Council for the Arts, Sydney NSW.
Number of full-text downloads 189

O'Connor, Justin (2010) The cultural and creative industries : a literature review [2nd ed.]. Creativity, Culture and Education Series. Creativity, Culture and Eduction, London.
Number of full-text downloads 1,061

O'Halloran, Kerry (2010) Adoption Law and Practice [2nd ed.]. Round Hall, Dublin.

Olin-Scheller, Christina & Wikstrom, Patrik (2010) Fan writers [Författande fans]. Studentlitteratur, Lund, Sweden.


Park, Ji Yong (2010) Reverse immigration. YoungJin.com, Seoul, South Korea.

Pike, Steven D. (2010) Marketing Turistikog Odredista. M Plus, Zagreb, Croatia.

Poynting, S (2010) Contemporary State Terrorism: Theory and Practice. Routledge, Abingdon.


Ransome, William & Sampford, Charles (2010) Ethics and Socially Responsible Investment : A Philosophical Approach. Law Ethics and Governance. Ashgate Publishing, Aldershot, UK.


Smith, Michael H., Hargroves, Karlson 'Charlie', & Desha, Cheryl (2010) Cents and sustainability : securing our common future by decoupling economic growth from environmental pressures. Earthscan/Routledge, London.

Sriraman, Bharath & English, Lyn (2010) Theories of Mathematics Education : Seeking New Frontiers. Advances in Mathematics Education. Springer.


Tait, Gordon (2010) Philosophy, behaviour disorders, and the school. Studies in Inclusive Education, 6. Sense Publishers.

Taylor, Mark, Lee, Gini, & Lindquist, Marissa (2010) Proceedings of the Interior Space in Other Places : An IDEA [Interior Design/Interior Architecture Educators Association] Symposium [Edited Volume of Proceedings]. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia..


Washington, Simon, Karlaftis, Matthew, & Mannering, Fred (2010) Statistical and Econometric Methods for Transportation Data Analysis, 2nd edition. CRC Press / Routledge, United States of America, pp. 1-600.

Wrigley, Cara & Gomez, Rafael E. (2010) Design horizons : provoking thoughts. Queensland University of Technology Press, Brisbane, QLD.
Number of full-text downloads 146

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