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Ashton-Hay, Sally & McKay, Penelope A. (1997) Patterns of Participation in Classroom Learning. In McKay, Penelope A. (Ed.) Four Queensland ESL Cast Studies. Language Australia Child/ESL Literacy Research Network-Queensland Node, pp. 4-53.
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Crane, Philip R. (1997) Whose views? Whose interests? The absence of young people's voices in mainstream media reports. In J, Bessant & R, Hil (Eds.) Youth, Crime and the Media: Media representation of and reaction to young people in relation to law and order. National Clearinghouse for Youth Studies, Hobart, pp. 93-104.
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Jetnikoff, Anita & King, David (1997) Before our very eyes: intersecting images of gender, race and culture in pop media. In Alloway, Nola & Gilbert, Pam (Eds.) Boys and Literacy: Teaching Units. Curriculum Corporation, Carlton , Vic., pp. 255-273.
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King, David & Jetnikoff, Anita (1997) Legal (w)rites: constructions of race and masculinity in texts with courtroom scenes. In Alloway, Nola & Gilbert, Pam (Eds.) Boys and Literacy: Teaching Units. Curriculum Corporation, Carlton, Vic., pp. 219-235.
Number of full-text downloads 549

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Singh, Parlo (1997) Reading The Silences Within Critical Feminist Theory. In Muspratt, Sandy, Luke, Alan, & Freebody, Peter (Eds.) Constructing Critical Literacies: Teaching and Learning Textual Practices. Hampton Press, Cresskill. N.J., pp. 77-94.
Number of full-text downloads 2,832

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Number of full-text downloads 688

Sztriha, Laszlo, Al-Suhaili, Abdul Rahim, Towsey, Michael W., Alpsan, Dogan, Bener, Abdulbari, Berjawi, Y.M., et al. (1997) Comparison of cerebral perfusion and quantitative EEG in children with supratentorial brain lesions. In De Deyn, Peter P. (Ed.) A Textbook of SPECT in Neurology and Psychiatry. John Libbey Eurotext Ltd, Montrouge, France, pp. 287-295.


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Thomas, Mandy (1997) "Beautiful woman dies" : Diana in Vietnam and the Vietnamese diaspora. In Ang, Ien (Ed.) Planet Diana: Cultural Studies and Global Mourning. Research Centre in Intercommunal Studies, University of Western Sydney, Nepean., Sydney, Australia.

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Watters, James J. & Diezmann, Carmel M. (1997) Optimising activities to meet the needs of young children gifted in mathematics and science. In Rillero, Peter & Allison, Jeanette (Eds.) Creative Childhood Experiences in Mathematics and Science. Projects, Activity Series, and Centers for Early Childhood. ERIC Clearinghouse for Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education, Columbus, Ohio, pp. 143-170.
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